Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I forgot to tell you how dumb I was

Or am. But the proof was out there on Sunday.

We went to Canadian Tire. Hubby could spend hours in here so I usually hang out for a bit and then wander off to the kitchen section or the fitness stuff or gardening. So this happens. I'm wandering around buying some plant stuff that's on clearance. They've got seeds out already so I put my stuff down to look at them then when I pick it back up I realize I don't have my purse. Oh no. Where did I leave my purse? I quickly ran back to the areas where I was looking and couldn't see it so I asked one of the workers if anyone had brought one in. And he ran around with me looking and asking people if they'd seen a brown purse. I was really freaking out. Not just because I lost my purse, but because this is so like me and hubby was gonna freak. (a lot of our fights are how I'm so dumb with stuff like this, and leaving candles burning and losing my mitts and my wallet and my purse - it's happened before but I always got it back). So I'm almost crying running around the store, I come across hubby and say I lost my purse and we go back over the areas where i'd been and then he decides to run out to the car to make sure I actually brought it in, meanwhile the helper guy has gotten a manager and they're looking at the security tape to see if I had it when I came in and then find where I lost it (genious). Then hubby comes back in. Guess what, I didn't have it to begin with. It was in the car the whole time. Duh. I was so relieved I almost starting crying or laughing from that. But I knew I was still in sorta trouble with hubby so I acted all humble and meek. (just me though? I'm over it as soon as it's over. kwim? moving on).

So that's how dumb I was.

And here's how dumb I am:

I didn't go to the gym. I know I know. I'm sorry. BUT I did still workout at home. I knew the workout wouldn't have been great at the gym since I wouldn't have run on the track without the tunes and the ellipticals etc bore me too much. So it would have been 30 minutes (if I'm lucky) of lame cardio. Plus I'm not sure just how safe it would be to stay in the city with my car unplugged for much longer. I went home and ate and hung out. Then hubby went to play poker at a friend's, SIL and her bf went into the city. So I cranked the tunes and danced with Daisy. Yes I looked like a complete fool. and YES it was a good workout! I mostly jumped around a whole bunch. Some kicks. I threw in some burpees and pushups and mountain climbers and squats and lunges now and then. I jumped around so much (in my barefeet) I gave myself blisters. It was a solid 45 minutes of cardio. Got a good sweat on, and entertained the dog. I didn't really feel out of breath or anything by the end (like after a run) but I was having a hard time doing the "moves" I had done at the beginning so I knew I'd tired myself out. It was fun and silly. And effective.

So I listened to an interview with the authors of my women's new rules of lifting book. It was good. Made me think though. I have got to figure out how I can reduce my carbs. Not go low carb. But not be high carb. Be more medium carb. Right now I eat almost exclusively carbs for snacks and breakfast and lunch. I get a bit of protein and fat when I have yogurt and cheese and milk on cereal. But not much. Supper time I'll have my meat but also a ton of carbs. So I'm trying to eat more proteiny breakfasts (smoothies or eggs) but lunches are tough without leftovers (I'm a big sandwich girl). I think I gotta make up a batch of chili again this weekend. Maybe chili and soup so I don't get sick of either. Basically the nutrition author said that the book isn't low carb because that doesn't work for everyone but what she recommends will (which is basically equal everything). But if you carry your fat around your belly, if you've got cholesterol or blood sugar issues then low carb can really work and is healthier for you. Since that is me I think I need to try it a little better. Anybody have good snack or lunch ideas that are high protein?

Things are a little slow at work. I finished an awesome genius thing this morning so I feel like just revelling in that for awhile. But it's also lunch time so sandwich here I come! (it's actually a homemade bun with turkey slices and mustard. i'm trying)


tash said...

Your story remind me of a popular story that my parents like to tell about me regarding Canadian Tire. It's too long to comment on but I'll do a blog entry about it soon :)

Jen said...

Oh dear...I am like that too!!! I always freak about losing things (I hate to lose things!!) and then find them and realize there was no reason to fret (I think I secretly like worrying or something!!!)

(in response to your comment) I RARELY shop at Safeway because I find is so expensive...I think it would easily be double what I spend at Extra foods. It's my "gourmet" place to shop for the things I can't find at EF (such as kashi) and for things like cheeses and stuff from the deli I can't get elsewhere (but it usually costs me $50 every time I go there...which is more than half of one trip to Extra foods...and WAY less food...)

Cara said...

About 6 months ago I prob ate about 10-15 grams of protein, now I sneak them in a lot. I add Trader Joe's turkey meatballs to my pasta a lot. Also whole wheat pita wraps are supposed to be good (good carbs, etc). Or perhaps just like beans, cheese and some sort of veggie together in a bowl can be great. Or stir fry with veggies and some sort of meat.

I can't eat wheat or chicken, so my options are slightly limited.

Oh check out the blog for some good ideas. I am in love with the blog now. Almost as much as yours ;-)

And I have definitely done that purse thing before!

katieo said...

oh yeah, I've done the purse thing too!

Low-fat Cottage cheese is my go-to protein. Hardboiled egss are super easy to grab if you make them in advance. Also, maybe consider ways to work in more veggies? You may find yourself naturally easing off the carbs if you're focusing on ways to get more vegetables. (I say that not because you're NOT getting enough, just because this is what I'm trying to do right now, I think I'm probably a little carb heavy too. Most of them are totally whole grain. But I'm always thinking ok, protein/complex carb, and trying to shift a little more to include more veggies)