Friday, January 18, 2008

I am sick of soup

But I am greatful for what is does for me. Today was the 4th lunch this week of my yummy soup from Sunday. This is also the last day I want to eat it. (yesterday at lunch I had left over moo shoo chicken from the Clean Eating magazine which was really good and easy. And of course healthy!). But I just finished eating it. And I can't just have soup for lunch so I followed with a 35 calorie Source yogurt. I am stuffed. I don't really feel satisfied yet as everything was liquid and sometimes I just like to chew, but I know that in a few minutes that will pass and I'll be just be nice and full.

Oh and guess what. there are cookies outside my office. But i'm not going to eat any. They were there since yesterday morning and I didn't have any. I think it's easier if I don't look at them. So when I go to the bathroom etc I just avert my eyes. Only today did I actually see what they look like (by accident). And when I heard other people eating them, I ate a cheese string. awesome.

Which is super good because I'm not sure how my eating will be this weekend. This event is called the Chicken and Wine (because it's a curling bonspiel so that makes sense?). So they serve Chicken (which basically is KFC and I don't like breaded chicken, or boned chicken, just chicken breast, so I don't eat a lot, salads here I come!) and wine. I don't like wine at all (lucky me!) plus I don't drink booze any more. (feels weird saying. I sorta like it. I might tell people other than hubby and not make up a weird excuse for it.) So I think Sat supper will be ok. Just some salads and potatoes.

But the whole thing is at a rink (duh) and so they serve fries and burgers. If you've ever had rink fries or a rink burger you'll know these are not gourmet by any means. But something about the rink makes them taste kinda good. But then you feel super gross after. So I think I'm going to pack snacks. If that's the only choice for food besides candy of course I'll get a cheese burger. But I think I'd much rather have some tuna and an apple. (how freakin' weird is that).

I love that I thought of that and didn't just take for granted that's what I have to eat since it's all that's available. I rock! Any good suggestions for snacks to bring. So far I'm thinking almonds, apples, cheese strings, some of those tuna and cracker things. I'd like more "treat" healthy food. Maybe some Craisins or dried apricots, but I don't have any. I'll buy 'em though! any other yummy ideas?

Supper tonight is at SILs (Martha one for those paying attention). She's joined curves so is on a big weight loss thing. She makes unhealthy treats and says none for her. Which I guess if it works fine, but I think it's better to not have the temptation. I sorta feel terrible, and I swear I'm not trying to sabatoge, but I made a crab dip to bring home. She always feeds us and brings food when she visits us so I thought I should bring something home and hubby just bought a bunch of crab at Costco. I don't like crab so I made it knowing that I wouldn't be tempted. But I didn't even stop and think that maybe she doesn't want to be tempted. Oops.

Here's some honesty: i'm fine with her losing weight, she really needed to and I'm sure she'll feel better (healthy and confidence). I just don't want her getting skinnier than me. I won't start the sabatoge yet...mwahaha!

(I should have said, won't start it ever because I'll be losing weight too and will be my skinny awesome self soon, oops)

anyway, my point originally was that SIL will probably be making a mediocre healthy supper tonight. so I think I have a good plan for the weekend. And in the bar it's free unlimited diet coke so that always is a treat. ;)

Hope all your weekends are great!


Amber said...

Good luck with this weekend it sounds like you havve a great plan for it all!

Mel said...

I hope your weekend went well for you. As for the burger and fries I agree...somehow they put a little magic in them and they suck you in with the aroma. lol I actually think we are drawn to them because they remind you of the good ole times hanging out at the rink with friends and checking out the boys. At least that was how was for me. haha

I hope you have a good week...I just stopped by to say Hello.

Candace said...

Good luck to your sil in Curves. I tried that on my way up the scale, thinking that some exercise would do the trick. 2 years of dues and several pounds later I quit. It may have had more of an impact had I actually gone more often. Hopefully it will help someone.

Did you subscribe to the Clean Eating magazine or just pick one up? I think I'll grab a copy to check it out.