Tuesday, January 29, 2008

here I am back at work

So my snow day yesterday ended up alright. I helped hubby in the basement (who couldn't have picked a better week to take off. He works outside and this week is supposed to be less than -30C all week! right now it's -35 but -49 with the wind chill. When I left for work it was -50. For those of you who don't get cold temps like this (and who does really, unless you're maybe in winnipeg). After it's -30, there's not much that feels different if it's -40 or -50. You don't go out much and when you do you're bundled to the 9s. I guess the time until exposed skin freezes is shorter but really, who'd leave exposed skin?)

Right so made it to work with my cinnamon buns. Thank god they're out of my house now. I just have to resist the rest of today while I'm at work. Everyone here loves them and I'm sure they'll be gone soon.

I'm having a nice skinny day. I'm wearing my only flattering jeans (the only ones that fit properly) and a white zip up exercise coat thing, I've got a black, green, blue and white one, from Costco. Tuff athletic is the brand name. They also make pants and tops that are very similar to lululemon (I heard that the designer used to be the lulu guy but quit to start his own or something). Best thing, they're only like $18 each. The pants same thing. The tops like $15. I buy a new outfit every time I see a new design at costco. I'm obsessed. But for like $50 you can get a 3 piece exercise outfit that's super good quality? Or you could buy one pair of lulu pants for $80.

I had class yesterday. It was good. I was late (for no reason, just dumb) and ran the whole way there (it was also freezing) and then the door to the school was locked (it's in an elementary school gym) so I banged for like 3 minutes until somebody heard me and opened the door. I made it all the way down there I wasn't turning around. Luckily I was already warmed up from running there. Slightly embarrassed though because I had to hurry and put my shoes on and the only place open was front and center (which I usually go near anyway but I'm not usually late). I couldn't get the 10 lb weigts, only 8s left but that's alright. My back is hurt (don't know why, it's chronic, I thought losing weight and getting in shape would fix it but it still happens sometimes). and I didn't want to hurt it more.

so today I'm planning on going to the gym. But I'm not sure if that's smart. What if my car won't start since I can't plug it in there? Plus I'm pissed off that I forgot my MP3 player. I brought my new shoes and was excited to run the track but I can't do that without tunes. Boo me.

Oh guess what. Sunday I went to walmart and bought myself a new sports bra (I've always had a hard time with these because my boobs were so big, but when I lost weight, I lost most of it in the boobs, so just normal sports bras work for me. yay!) and new running socks. The chick at the shoe store told me a lot of blisters were caused by the socks not the shoes, cotton was bad as it held the moisture next to your foot, so the wicking polyester types really are worth it. I was excited to try that out.

Anyway, if you all have nothing better to do would you mind commenting and persuading me to go to the gym. I have a feeling I'm just looking for excuses here, (though it is minus a million). A little ass kicking please?


Vanessa aka Wheebs said...

Go to the gym!

Winnipeg and northern MB get those lovely temperatures every winter. Unfortunately those are the only places I've ever lived, so I feel your pain :P.

Hooray for skinny days!

Cara said...

You should go if only to tell us if the socks really do cause less blisters! hahah :-)

That is very interesting. If you let me know they really work I might just have to invest in them myself.

Jen said...

Sadly I skipped the gym yesterday due to cold and the lack of a parking space (I am in Fort McMurray, AB...we are pretty much in the same weather boat right now!)

By the way, I'm Jen! I am delurking as of this moment (i have read for a bit and started to feel creepy, so here I am!)

Those "special" gym socks actually helped my feet QUITE a bit...sometime my feet would hurt for days after a good gym session!

Angie All The Way said...

I'm having that late afternoon fatigue cop out frame of mind....if you go, I'll go, how's that?

tash said...

Good to know about the socks. Let us know if they work or not okay?

Jenn said...

Scroll down to your post on Muscles. Look at those guns! The only way to maintain the awesome muscles that you have is to keep working them! Get over to the gym!!! I don't know anything about plugging in cars when it gets that cold (I'm in PA), but you won't know unless you get there if there is a spot for your car.
Or work out at home. I know you have some videos or something that you can do! Come on, you inspire the rest of us, go show us how awesome you are!!! :)

And I want to know about the socks too!

Candace said...

But it's DRY cold. You oughtn't wine so.
Oh, get thee to the gym.

Lex.D said...

*Drill Seargent Voice*

You: Gym. Now!

Hehheeh... yea... I really dont' make a good drill seargent!


Jennifer said...

Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that I have changed my Blogger address. It is now http://jennifers--journey.blogspot.com. Thanks! :0)

Lindsay said...

you have to go to the gym to try out the new socks!!

Candace said...

Oh, I think I made a Freudian slip in my comment. Don't WHINE about the dry cold. WINE away - it'll warm you up.

Jennifer said...

Randi, go to the gym! You will feel sooo much better when you get to come home after, take a shower, and relax.

And if you don't go, I will personally come over there and boot you in the rear! :P