Wednesday, January 16, 2008

all or nothing?

So I may have fallen into a bit of "all or nothing" thinking. I am usually never like this so it's a bit concerning. However having noticed it, I believe I can rectify the situation.

It comes with my gyming, or lack thereof. I haven't been going to the gym like my good little self. I think i'm protesting for warmer summer weather. Not working so far. I'm just finding excuses to not go. Disappointing since I'm even remembering my mp3 player! It just seems like every single day after work (I leave 4:30-5:00) I have to stop somewhere and do something. For example it might be groceries, it might be Walmart or Costco (doing returns lately, but sometimes it's kleenex etc or whatever.) Yesterday it was because I wanted to buy my new shoes (I'll take pics later, so cool). Today is groceries, I also want to get home and make supper sometimes! So all of this makes me not want to go to the gym. I just want to be at home when I'm done work! In the summer I could do this and then run from home. Even when it's nicer out here I can do that, but it's dark out by 5:00 so I'd be running in the dark which I'd rather not do, on top of the cold.

Why is that all or nothing? Because I feel like i'm doing nothing because i'm not doing it all. I'm not exercising 4 days a week which used to be my minimum, I'm still doing 2 or 3 but not giving myself credit for that. My classes are 1.5 hours so that's a MINIMUM of 3 hours of fairly intense workout per week so that's not really bad at all is it? My gym only adds maybe another 1 or 1.5 hours of cardio. So i'm not at nothing. I'm only at 75% or so. That's alright.

I need my eating to reflect that however. My eating needs to be more on target to make up for it. And it is during the day and all my meals. My problem lately has been supper. Either before or after. I'm having a hard time keeping supper to a defined meal. I either eat before hand while making it (need to up the afternoon snack!) or eat too much "dessert" afterward. Last night was terrible. I had a big bowl of brownie triffle thing (brownie and whipped cream concoction from SIL) and then a banana with PB. WTH? I was also gonna make a smoothie afterward but stuck to some green tea instead. I think tonight I gotta go straight for the green tea. That's a good enough yummy dessert. I also need to remember that if I workout I can eat more. Like after my class I'll be having a smoothie so I don't need to eat like it's my last meal for 13 hours. But yesterday, where I did not workout, I shouldn't have had any dessert. I need to tie my food in with my activity level more closely.

But like I said, now that I've identified it, hopefully I can fix it!

Yeah so I bought shoes yesterday. They're Brooks I think. I'll take a picture I swear. (I never get around to this do I?) Regular $150 but because of the sale (-30%) I got them for $110 tax included. Super expensive but I haven't bought shoes outside walmart for like 5 years (I'm talking dress shoes, running shoes, every day shoes. If they're more than $40 there's no way I'll get them. The shoes I wear every day for the past 2 years cost me $5, I think I had some shoe money left in the budget)

Anyway. Gotta go warm up my soup! Getting good mileage out of that pot!


Shannon said...

Yay to new shoes.

Angie All The Way said...

two 1.5 hr workouts are awesome! Don't sell yourself short there!

I'm the worst for wanting to snack while I'm cooking supper, I hate that so much! And I always have the biggest appetite for supper no matter what I ate in the day.

I was like you with the shoe spending UNTIL I bought my first pair from Town Shoes. Now I have a new appreciate and love for's awful :-P

RYC: You were right about the oil & full fat yogurt - I mixed up two different smoothies he was talking about. If you add the oil, not a good idea to add the full fat yogurt too! Good catch my friend.

Amanda said...

Maybe you can start figuring out how to squeeze in small things at home when you don't hit the gym, then you won't feel like you haven't done anything.

Melanie said...

I'm with ya girl. I've been having a tough time getting to the gym too...something always comes up before I actually get there.

Christy said...

I get stuck in the "all or nothing" rut too.

Green tea is my saviour at night! I find not too many snacks taste good with green tea so I tend not to snack.

eurydice said...

it's annoying to be a good eater all day and then snack too much at night. i feel your pain. maybe brush your teeth right after dinner?

CaRoLyN said...

I think we have the same problem. Especially since I live about 25 mins from my gym (I think you do to?) I have to go right after work or not at all basically or else it's just a big waste of gas. So I always make excuses why I can't go right after work. Like I need to grab soem groceries, etc. Now, I'm trying to get those things done on my lunch (today i'm going to the produce market to pick up all my veggies) and as far as dinner goes. I've been trying to make the labor intensive part of the meals the night before (tonight I'm making Meat loaf from ESBM for tomorrow night's supper) Make sense? Anyway it really cuts down ont he excuses for not going to the gym!

katieo said...

Winter sucks. I'm wishing for warmer weather too (and by warmer I mean above 40! lol!)

I think you're right though. Write it out, get it down, and it'll be easier to stick to the right stuff.

Ashley said...

I am in the same boat as you.. the less exercising and the (way) more eating around dinner time!

But awesome job on still actually exercising so much.As long as we don't give up, we'll get back into things. Don't give up!