Thursday, January 24, 2008


So I had a pretty good day yesterday. I learned things about myself that weren't exactly pretty and it was humbling to realize I really wasn't the perfect human being (I know! I couldn't believe it either! Just keep it between us, I don't wanna ruin my rep)

We went car shopping yesterday. Here's a fault of mine, I am crazy cautious and get stressed when spending money. Usually not a fault, saves us a lot of money. But we do need a vehicle so this was gonna happen. And I was making up excuses and dragging my feel and dragging the process out (not on purpose, I just felt like we weren't done all our research yet or whatever, even though we'd done a lot of research). So we talked to the bank, got a rate. I wanted to go to a couple dealerships before we went to the one hubby thought was the best (had the car we wanted at the best price listed). I felt like we couldn't just walk on the first lot and buy it. But I didn't know what I'd find on other lots. We knew from the net (where we'd done our research) what type of vehicle we wanted (trailblazer or envoy), where there were vehicles in our price range, which place had listed the cheapest etc. And it was this place hubby wanted to go. So I drove onto some other lots and was just driving around, looking at fords and other things we knew we either didn't want or couldn't afford or whatever. I felt like I had to redo all our internet research. Hubby wanted to know what I was looking for and I started crying and hyperventilating and told him it just felt like we had to do that but I knew it was a waste of time.

Anyway, we didn't buy it yesterday but we did pick it out, we just had to compare interest rates at the bank again. So by the end of the day I'm expecting us to be owners of an '05 fully loaded Envoy. Sweet.

I got my blood taken by my SIL (it's her job) yesterday for the cholesterol etc. Should have results next week.

Bought a red tank for $4 from a closing out sale, size small.

Had step class last night. This girl who I see all the time at it and we talk a little but I didn't know her name came up to me and told me that she really noticed in Monday's class that I was looking really good, and must have lost weight and just was looking great. She says she's behind me in class (since I'm a keener up at the front) and basically stares at my butt all class doing squats etc and that's how she noticed. I told her she made my day (my SIL overheard but thought I said she made me gay, which is funny because it also could make sense, as in, I do totally love her now, plus she made me happy).

Then I was talking to SIL after class and was saying how I hadn't lost weight in months, and hadn't really shrunk any, but I had noticed that my arms were a lot more ripped than before. And she said she totally noticed when I was stirring something at the stove or something that my arms were looking fierce. Be prepared for muscle progress pics coming shortly.

Overall, good day.


Cara said...

I am experiencing the same lack of weight loss but kick ass muscles. Frustrating yet completely awesome. Can't wait to see the muscle pictures. They help me stay motivated :-)

note: if this sounds creepy, I completely didnt mean it to.

Angie All The Way said...

hahaha I'm still laughing about her making you "gay" ahah too cute.

Well now, there's your "one up" coming straight from SIL's mouth too!

Car shopping IS stressful and you are a wise woman to make sure you're covering all your bases. It's a 4-5 year commitment and they are rip off artists in that business. Good girl.

CaRoLyN said...

That is SO sweet! Compliments like that are the best because people are actually noticing not that you lost weight but that your toning and that is even harder than losing weight! Nice!

Good luck on the car buying, I know it can be stressful!

Vanessa aka Wheebs said...

It's so nice when other people notice your hard work! I bet you look fierce :D

Kate said...

It's so nice when you see a change in body composition, losing weight isn't always about that number on the scale.

On big purchase...I totally freak out too. I'm like a super saver!

eurydice said...

Muscle pics - whoohoo! Can't wait to see your buffed up arms!

Lex.D said...

Good luck with your car purchase! It's very stressful, but when you're committing to something so big it's good to be a little stressed. It sounds like you were armed with knowledge from your research, so the next step is finalizing everything. Yay!

Still chuckling over the freudian slip!

Ashley said...

Saving money, giving blood, saving more money on clothes, buying clothes in Small, having ripped muscles.. Good day!

The buying-a-new-car-from-the-first-lot experience is something you definitely don't want. I did that one year ago, and I still regret it today!