Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tres cool

I read Alwyn Cosgrove's blog today (like I do all the time) and I really really liked it today. Anybody else read this? I didn't make any real goals that I can measure like that though. Maybe I should have. I liked his idea about setting a number or workouts for the year. I suppose I could do that starting now. And perhaps I will. Starting today, until December 31st, I want to get in (mental math....ok paper math, I suck at mental math...) 170 workouts. That seems like such a cop out considering his goal is 270 but hey, it's an average of 3.5 workouts a week for the next 49 weeks. I'll be happy if I do more than 3/week, that's a bit of a stretch. However in the summer I know I can do a million workouts no problem, but at the same time, I'll take holidays off. I think it will balance out. So that's my goal. I'm gonna get a ticker or something.

5% of 2008 is gone already? I'm barely getting over the holidays, time to get cracking!

I'll just throw my regular post on this one as well. Why not?

So yesterday I had an issue with almonds. I probably ate 1 cup. 3 times as much as I was supposed to have. But at the same time, they're very good for you. But at the other same time, they're high in calories. At the same time I don't think they'll get stored as fat. But at the same time my body will consume those before they consume other fat.

a lot going on at once there. at least I didn't use on the other hand, I'd have 6 hands!

So I went to class yesterday. It was great. For some reason it was super full, ran out of weights. I used 10 lb weights instead of 8 lb weights. I always grab, 2x8lbs, 2x5 lbs and 2x3 lbs. There's only 1 shoulder exercise I need the 3s for, unless I fatigue too much in the other stuff. But I usually use the 8's the whole time except maybe the last set of an exercise where I use 5s. Most people don't use the 8s already so I was already awesome. But this time I grabbed the 10s. I was super nervous about it because my forearms were getting tired just holding those things. (I have bad grip strength). But it was awesome. I actually got tired in the exercises! Particularly felt it in the rows and the bicept curls. Feeling pretty tough today. (though not too sore...)

Guess what's for lunch today? Soup again. It was the last container left in the freezer and since hubby took the leftovers already that's what I grabbed. At least I had a weekend to get un-sick of it.

I was going to go to the clinic this morning to get some blood work done (cholesterol ya know) but you have to fast and I had a post workout shake and didn't finish it until 10:30, so that means I couldn't go until 8:30 and I'd be late for work and starving then. So tomorrow. Good thing not today, I was late for work anyway because it's storming out. Lots of snow.

tomorrow is going to be pretty cool. i'll go in early to get my bloodwork done, and then maybe grab a treat for breakfast like at Tim Hortons. (I like doing this, and it's a once a year thing that makes up for the fasting which sucks.) Then I'm taking the afternoon off to go SUV shopping with hubby. Then we're going out for supper at a friend of mine's restaurant (chinese food) and he's buying as a thank you for helping him with some construction stuff (hubby that is). Sort of like a holiday right in the middle of the week. Sweet. But then I've got step class afterwards. So I can't eat crazy or that would suck.

Ok well, I think I'm out of topics for now. Have a good one!


Cara said...

I died last week with 5lbs in what I think is a similar class. Hahah. I will work up to that though. You kick ass!

Jenn said...

You are a champ! I've been doing the Tae Bo amped video series, and it only uses a 3 pound bar. I can't imagine using 8 or 10 pounds. You are doing great!!
And I love the idea of having a workout goal, I'm going to set one for myself.

Jenn said...

Thanks for the comment, Randi. You are right, I definately need to add the blogging to my plan, it definately is something that I'm doing to kick myself into gear!