Tuesday, January 8, 2008

breaking the rules

So I'm breaking my resolution about blogging during work time. But to be fair, I'm actually working at the same time. I'm running a model so I'll occasionally reach over and adjust something. I've got no other work to do really, except my thesis of course. Which is what I'm working on when I'm not blogging. So I think this is not really cheating.

Plus I've got to go get an oil change at noon so I won't be here.

Class yesterday wasn't too bad. I was debating back and forth like while I was writing the check just what I would sign up for. Full time mondays? Full time Wed? Punch card for just one day? for both days? screw this, just do my new exciting book when it comes? I ended up signing up for both full time because it was cheaper than punch cards. I'm glad I did because of my last post, being TOM and my crazy mind doing crazy things right now. Keep the status quo when in doubt.

Anyway, class was alright. It was a bit slow for the new people and the new choreography. But I have a feeling that the kickboxing part will be pretty intense eventually. The weights as well of course. I liked the new squat track, it's a bunch of mini squats either low, medium or high. I took it easy and used light weights or no weights for it. The rest of it wasn't that hard, again, it was slower because of the newbies. (welcome resolutioners...)

Anyway, it was good. A bit of sweating, get me back on track. Already this morning, I didn't weigh, but I noticed that my love handles that showed up over Christmas (something I never really had before...) seemed way smaller, almost back to normal. We'll see at WI on friday I guess right?

Food wasn't the greatest however. Lasagna. Not that it's bad. But just large. Also ate a pile of nuts and chocolate covered nuts while cooking supper. Boo that.

Today food is great though. I started with an egg white, feta and spinach omlete. So fast and yummy. Lunch of roast beef sandwich, yogurt, honeydew melon, carrots. Supper will be a disaster perhaps as it's cousin's potluck. Lots of food. Thankfully I'm getting rid of my leftovers from the party. I also made a spinach artichoke hot dip. But I'm getting rid of my spanokopita, surpise spread and veggie pizzas. (i was in charge of appetizers, convenient for me. But who the heck needs that much appetizers for a potluck?)

Right anyway. Not a lot to say. Back to work and oil change now I think.


Anonymous said...

your post just reminded me that i need an oil change too. thanks randi. :) have fun at your potluck.

Ashley said...

Blogging enhances your writing skills and strategic capacities (making you a more valuable worker)... so that makes it just fine to do at work! Blog away!

Tammy said...

Sounds like you will have an ok day today. I am starting Tae Kwon Do classes tonight. I'm excited because about twelve years ago I took Kung Fu and I was in pretty good shape. It kicked my butt so I'm looking forward to getting kicked again. I'm also starting a spin class tomorrow morning. I think the change-up in my routine will be good. Your class sounds like a good, all-around workout. Have fun with it!

eurydice said...

i've always wanted to try a class like that. have fun tonight! don't let the TOM beast get you!