Thursday, January 31, 2008

blah blah and a pact.

So I'm going out for lunch today so I'm posting early. Also, I don't really have much to work on right now and don't mind the break from trying to look busy.

So yesterday I went to Safeway after work to check out the different foods they have there. Apparently it's different stuff from Extra Foods. Now just in case your an idiot who shops at Safeway all the time, you're dumb. It is sooooooooo much more money than Extra Foods. (they did a consumer reports type thing in my city a few years ago and extra foods was cheapest and safeway was most expensive. And there are a lot of grocery stores around here. And they were right based on my personal experience.) Even with the member prices and stuff. Still way more money. Stop wasting money. Especially on produce. Good lord.

However they do have some different stuff. They stock Kashi granola bars which I just found at Walmart anyway. But good to know. They're super expensive though. They also have "mediteranian" yogurt. which I bought and tried and was also super expensive, and I think they meant it was some kind of amazing cream cheese thing and not yogurt but I liked it and am sad because it's high cal and expensive and now i'm stuck. (I'm the sort of person who has never tried lobster because I don't WANT to like it and have to buy it.) I also really like the price tag things that tell you how much it is per 100 g or per bar or whatever. Handy. I ended up buying 3 different kinds of yogurts. Source yogurts were on sale and a good price. However, the price/100 g was higher than these other individual yogurt things that were bigger (so I wouldn't have to eat 2) and also Splendafied. So I got them too. Plus had to try this fancy creamcheese/yogurt stuff. Funny.

I also bought toilet paper, because we were out. How come nobody tells me when we're getting low. Only that we're completely out. And using kleenex. Honestly.

But I bought mega rolls, which are like 4 rolls on one thing so hopefully I'll know when we're on our last roll (which should still last awhile) and then get more. I hate buying toilet paper.

Step class was good last night. I was almost late again because I'm an idiot. aka no reason. I did the class with the step on the higher level (8 inches instead of 5? I was the only one in the whole class who did that). Plus then afterwards I used the 10 lb weights again. It's amazing how fast your body can become stronger. Granted it was only a difference of 2 lbs (per arm) more than it used to be, but I'm finding the 10's no problem now.

I also am pleased to report that i'm finally getting an ass muscle. Yay!

In other news, Jenn is also in on the monthly photo thing. so that's only 3 of us, Jenn, Cara and me. But that's alright. We'll be 3 chicks making big improvements while the rest of you watch and are jealous. Ha. (though it's not too late to join).

This is what I was thinking: first of all, I want to make monthly goals. New Year's resolutions are great, but they're so big scale that you lose track of where you should be. Weeks are sort of short for seeing changes. So I'm gonna make monthly goals. Then i'm going to take a before and after pictures (as in on the 1st and 29th of feb). The main pictures will be a head on and profile, but I think I'll also take a back shot and some flexing pictures. (I think a secret will be to take many many before pictures so you'll be guaranteed to see an improvement in at least one shot.)

If you only want to take pictures of your bicepts, that's fine too. If you want to join but don't want to post before pictures, that sort of ok, I'm sure you'll change your mind at month's end anyway.

And here's a fact of joining this little pact: I will be on your ass and I want you on mine. I'll push you to make your month goals and get on your back when you slack. However I'll also be your best cheerleader and will comment on your every post. I am sick of this thing dragging out and I'm tired of "trying to lose weight". I want to lose the weight and be done. Next challenge please.


Vanessa aka Wheebs said...

Ok, ok, I'll join in on your monthly photos. Geez. ;)

I took one at the beginning of January and I'll probably do one sometime next week and post them both.

I get my produce at Sobey's and everything else at Extra Foods. I don't care if Sobey's is more expensive, I find all the good stuff there and I find the produce to be of much higher quality. :P

Cara said...

Woo hoo! I think this is a great idea and am glad I copied you on my blog the first time. hahahhaa.

Good job on the 10lbs and the upper step. I want to take that class! I am only good with 8lbs right now, but 10lbs should be good in a few weeks I am sure.

And my only options for a regular grocery store are safeway really, but here it is called Vons. I generally just shop at trader joes and whole foods though and pick up a few basics at vons.

Jen said...

Hm, yes, is your photo challenge a "muscle" challenge, or just a general monthly weight loss challenge??? Cause if it's the latter I am SOOOOO in (need to lose the weight to see the muscles that I truly believe are in there...somewhere!!)

I need to check out Walmart to see what they carry as well...I definitely would like to NOT have to go to Safeway...also seriously considering a trip to the city to go to costco...(massive amounts of tp perhaps???)

Anonymous said...

your funny about saving money. safeway is convient and clean, and the produce looks good. that is worth the extra money for me.

Anonymous said...

i'm in on the photo pact! my last picture i took was in december but i haven't made any progress since then so ....i'm with you! i am so damn sick of "trying to lose weight" i wanna just do it and be done with it already. i wanna maintain. i am super good at maintaining. :)

eurydice said...

i thought about joining but would it really be worth it - i'm not trying to lose weight anymore... just get a bit more buff...

Angie All The Way said...

You are becoming so fit and trim! Keep it up, you looked so great in your pics you posted!

I think posting goals every month is fantastic. I was reluctant to do the "resolution" post because I don't beleive in "New Years Resolutions" because I think GOALS should be set all the time. Good for you.