Tuesday, January 8, 2008

catch up

So since I guess I never explained it and I've been asked a couple times so here goes:
I'm getting the book free because I'm freakin' awesome and rule the world. YES!

Also, because the producer lady found my blog (just cause I wrote the whole name of the book out and it showed up in her updates) and read how I wanted it but Amazon was annoying and so she offered to send me one. AKA I'm freakin' awesome! Sweet!

I'm having an impossible time working this afternoon. I'm just waiting on this stupid model and I'm so sick of my thesis (doing edits for weeks, so close to being done now though). Plus I'm listening to Never Not Funny (podcast) and it makes me not want to use my brain, just listen. Hmmm...

Oh, my muscles are starting to feel a little sore. Nothing like can't walk, but just a nice sore when I stretch or whatever. particularly hamstrings. Weird one (my legs were just shaking through the whole deadlift track. Though I couldn't feel any muscles being tired or anything.)

Somebody post on their blog so I have something to do this afternoon?


Anonymous said...

thats so cool about the book. lucky girl.

CaRoLyN said...

I want a free book! :(
Get to work on your thesis! You'll feel better when you get it done!!

Vanessa aka Wheebs said...

That's awesome about the book! Lucky :)

eurydice said...

that's neat about the book - i hope it's a good one!