Wednesday, January 9, 2008

back to the crappy crap part of work

So I'm back to doing things I don't know how to do and nobody else does either but they just say "well just keep messing around with it". Boo. It's worth this summer student did that we now don't know how he did it to reproduce it. He didn't take good notes, isn't responding to email but probably doesn't remember anyway. Plus I'm pretty sure I've already tried everything and there's just a small problem with this macro but when I try and debug it it's in some weird stuff I can't figure out. So I want to email the guy who made it, but I don't know just how cool that is. whether we pay him, he just did us a favour, whether he's a nice guy or a crabby guy who doesn't want to tell us a million times etc. Because why else wouldn't the boss have just recommended asking the programmer? And all this disaster made me work (unproductively) through lunch and forget to post. boo.

Well the potluck was pretty fun. Nice to visit with the cousins. Since my grandma died we haven't all gotten together at Christmas anymore so this was good. We joked about how much our family must like carbs. We had: pasta salad, scalloped potatoes, lasagna, buns, plus caesar salad, my appetizers, spring rolls, and a truffle dessert. Of course I was stuffed, even just taking small portions of everything my plate was packed. Also I was starving after the gym (note to self: increase afternoon snacks) so I ate some of my appetizers before going (just a spanokopita but still, they're filling). Didn't get out of there and home until 11:00. Too late for this broad.

The gym was alright. So packed with resolutioners but that's alright. I think I started that way years ago. So I only got a stepper for 15 minutes and treadmill for 20. Killed myself on the treadmill. Sad how quick you can lose your conditioning. Oh well. I'll get it back. I'm gonna blame part of it on my legs getting progressively sorer from class monday. today my hamstrings are so tight I can barely stand straight! I hope they're ready for another beating tonight! (step class starts!)

I've got to do some returns at Walmart and make supper and get ready for class. But after today I'm hoping I can just rest! I'm sooo tired still from the previous weekend! I haven't done the slept-in-to-compensate-for-5-hours-of-sleep-2-nights-in-a-row yet. In fact i've been getting less sleep than normal all week! Yuck!

That nasty (delicious) big meal yesterday, combined with obvious fluid retention from both my class and sore mucles as well as TOM combined to give me a big fat nasty WI this morning. Let's hope that a couple days on plan will make that go away.

Anyway, work time, unproductive as it might be, it's can be billed so that's the main thing I guess...


Kate said...

My family (and me!) are serious carb lovers, who needs meat when you can have bread, potatoes and pasta salad?

Also, it never ceases to amaze me how long it takes to get into shape, although I seem to fall out of it so quick!

Vanessa aka Wheebs said...

Have fun at step tonight!