Thursday, January 10, 2008

Step was good

It wasn't as hard as last time. But I think that will come as I get the routines, I'll be able to do the advanced bouncy options. My SIL came as well. Now she's thinking about doing both classes all the time. Which is good, but I sort of liked just having it be me time. I feel a little more embarrassed when she's there (and my sister too sometimes). I think it was part of the TOM stuff and normally I'm a rockstar and just kick it. Plus (here's the hater in me) I don't want her to get more in shape than me. She's already super skinny, even when she was "fat" and had this pudge and muffin top and double chin, she was still just a size 4. Just one of those tiny boned people ya know? She's only like 5'1 or something too. Even if I was completely anorexic I'd still never be smaller than a 4 probably (big boned, honestly, there was a link I had one time involving measuring your wrist and whatever and it told you "frame size" or something. I'm big boned.) She's just the kind of person who can make me feel fat even on my best days. We'd never be able to share clothes, hard to shop with, hard to relate to about food and exercise etc. I always felt good that she was just a "skinny" girl, not really in shape and couldn't lift more than 10 lbs or whatever. At least I was "tough". But now if she takes this class too, "what will I have". I know that's lame and stupid and I don't really feel this way. There's just something about inlaws isn't there? Gotta one-up them.

Right. Well anyway, class was awesome. Don't feel too sore about it yet. It'll come though I think.

Food's been alright. I think my book is showing up today (woohoo!) and it's got a big nutrition section. Anyway hopefully it'll help a bit. Plus I'm obsessed with buying magazines about fat loss or nutrition lately. Supper today is something with ground beef. I don't know how healthy that could be I guess to begin with. (even though it's lean, everything in magazines or whatever is ground chicken). At least yesterday before class, even though I had lasagna, I only had half a piece and that's all. Even though I would have eaten a lot more regularly. I just decided that I'd split supper up and eat something after class (like you're supposed to, post workout nutrition is a big deal I guess, I'll tell you more after I read my book). But then after class I was looking for something protein-ish. I had a little chunk of cheese and a banana with peanut butter. Yay! I felt really good about that too. I'm really trying to limit my peanut butter because I was getting a little crazy there.

The other awesome thing is my breakfast. I try and keep it to 1 piece of toast not 2. then I'll still be hungry for morning snack. Today and monday I had an egg white omelet with feta and spinach. SOO good! and quick and easy. Love it. Plus does it get healthier? I suppose low fat feta but you can't buy a giant tub of that at costco. Anyway. Where it's been bad has been work! Normally I have the 1 bad-ish thing monday at work for our meeting. I usually bring muffins on my turn, but this time we had croissants or whatever bakery things with apple filling stuff. Giant too. So that was bad. But then yesterday was somebody's birthday and we had this giant chocolate cake with tons of icing and a filling. Ridiculous. Not good for the ole calorie count. If it wasn't the big push to get back on the wagon I wouldn't care, I think I want to be able to do things like that. they're not every day things. Anyway.

Oh, and I'm eating cinnamon hearts like crazy. I thought they'd be ok because they're small and hot so you can't eat too many. But it turns out I like to chew them. And then when it gets too hot in the mouth, having another one makes it feel better. So I'm really going through them. I was gonna bring gum to work but I forgot. Tomorrow.

Right so that's my boring little life right now. Not much to say. WI tomorrow, I'm gonna try and get hubby to do so as well. I bet he gained. He needs to realize he's in gaining mode so has to make some bigger changes. (he had great ambitions or exercise and stuff but he's done nothing).


Shannon said...

you had to go and mention cinammon hearts. i love those. they are so bad for calories tho. i think, if i remember correctly from last year. bad weight watchers wise anyways.

Angie All The Way said...

One of the things that I like about you is your honesty that is for sure. I understand your feeling that you need to "one up" the SIL. Most people who feel that way wouldn't be confident enough to admit it!

Ashley said...

Ahh! I totally know what you mean about that one skinny girl who never has to work out but is always going to be smaller than you could ever be... (in my case, ya know..).. but I reassure myself that I am Me and she isn't, and that's it.

I found this on the frame size thing: Small
(fingers overlap when you place your thumb and middle finger around your wrist)
(fingers touch when you place your thumb and middle finger around your wrist)
(fingers do not touch when you place your thumb and middle finger around your wrist)

And what you said about eating a smaller breakfast in preparation for your morning snack.. I am going to try that by cutting back a little on my breakfast. No matter how much I eat for breakfast, I am starving a few hours later. We'll see..! I might have to try that Omelet idea =)

Lindsay said...

i agree with angie, at least you can admit your feelings with us!
It may help you just to get it out in the open!
I used to feel the same way with one of skinny friends, actually i still do sometimes... so i know how you feel, dont know how to fix it though :) so no advice there...

mm i love peanut butter!
and i hate work food that gets brought in, i HATE HATE HATE IT!