Monday, January 21, 2008


So I had a pretty good weekend. Why the heck my inlaws haven't gotten rid of their Christmas baking yet is beyond me but I did my best to help them. I ate probably 8 treats over the weekend but really for a weekend and for me, it's not terrible. I was right, supper was healthy-ish on friday, though I had a croissant I didn't need. Curling was good on saturday. SIL played with a sprained ankle, but even so we ended up losing the A side final so we did pretty good. I was of course a super star. I had perfect draw weight first throw and I kept it all day. If you don't curl you won't get this part: the ice was nice and keen, but it was full of runs and falls. Just about every take-out we played needed negative ice. Sort of funny.

I did a rockstar amount of sweeping. My upper back and triceps were sore from it on Sunday, love bonus exercise! I actually felt really lean yesterday. Sometimes when you do an activity you're not used to I think it helps work fat out quicker. Or maybe it was just TOM was over. the scale didn't say anything different. I just felt good. Sunday was just a bit of visiting and hanging out. We got back home in time that I managed to clean my room and put all the stuff away from the weekend already. I hate when it just sticks around forever (bags or curling brooms out etc).

I'm reading The Glass Castle and it's sorta creeping me out. I couldn't fall asleep very well last night (hubby was at hockey). It's not a scary book, it just scares me, the way that the movie Tommy scared me (drugs scare me too). It's a true story of this girl growing up and her parents are all drifter like and irresponsible, the mom has a baby and they run out of the hospital so they don't have to pay bills, and the mom gives the new born to the 4 year old girl to take care of, while the kids ride in the back of a U-haul for 14 hours. The mom's an "artist" which also scares me. My cousin is an artist and she's got schizophrenia and my other artist great aunt is bi-polar. I know some people think I've got it wrong and I do know that I'm biased, but I just don't like "art" or "artists". Get a real job and some responsibilities. (I have another aunt who is an artist who is kinda normal, farm wife, raises kids etc, but her house is completely disguisting all the time. She never does dishes, or cooks full meals, and never cleans up at all, I dont' even know if she's got a vaccuum. Salamanders get in the basement all the time and their dog eats them. so another "artist" who's kinda creepy) The book is pretty good, and I just can't put it down, but it's bothering me on some kind of level that doesn't really make sense.

This morning I packed a great lunch, lettuce salad with tomatoes and tuna and light italian dressing, a couple mini yogurts, apple and cheese string. Also restocking the almonds. I'm eating less at work than I used to be. snacks now are an apple and cheese string or yogurt and almonds. Lunch itself is just the "meal" thing and maybe a yogurt. The "dessert" part is much reduced. which is good. suppers are still kinda big but I'm working on it. I'm trying to spread my food out more evenly between snacks and meals etc. 5 snacks/meals at 300-500 calories is the goal. of course I don't actually believe in counting...

Anyway, it's a busy week here at work so I might be skimpy with the comments. however I obviously expect you all to do twice the commenting to me to make up for it. ;)


CaRoLyN said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Curling sounds like so much fun, I can't even believe I've never tried it!

Don't sweat the sweets It was only a couple and you probably worked them off during Curling!

Angie All The Way said...

The one thing I can't seem to master is a lighter supper. It's always always my biggest meal. I would love to get used to 5 meals that are 250 - 500 cals each. That's apparently an ideal way to feed your metabolism. I should give that a serious go, even if it's for just one week while getting tons of exercise in.

Ashley said...

I'm right there with you on the dinner part of the day. No matter how healthy they are, mine always end up being HUGE!