Friday, July 4, 2008

136.4 awesome

Happy new WI to me! It's a loss from recently (but WIs have been sporatic and random etc), and I think it's close to my previous low. Super awesome. I knew I was rockin' it! and with nothing planned this weekend there are relatively few challenges to shake me up. Though it is supposed to be super hot, I may indulge in a couple freezies.

I needed some good news when I woke up this morning. I had a hard time falling asleep last night. My mind usually just randomly drifts over the day and then I'm out. But in doing so last night, I thought of my sister. No big deal. Except then I thought of how she's done her thesis and getting ready to go to Europe and starting a new job and all this awesome stuff. And then that made me think about my thesis and the recent news I got about it. I should be done my edits today or tomorrow (yay!!!) so I emailed my supervisor to ask him what the next thing was, and he said I had to send it back to him and to the other co-supervisor JERK, then once they approve of it, it can go to committee for 2-3 weeks, then if it's ok, to external for another 2-3 weeks. So that would basically take me to the VERY last day before the deadline. Yuck. And that's assuming that these supervisors get it back to me reasonably soon. And in his email, he said he's gone for the next 3 weeks, and then 3 more in August. So I don't even know if I'll hear back from him with approval before summer is over. So I really couldn't sleep and had a big cry and "it's not fair" and everything pout to hubby. Just sort of gets you down ya know? when you think you're being awesome and really pushing through it to get done ASAP, then realize you probably won't be able to convocate until next spring anyway. Hubby at least told me to not worry about the tuition, it's no big deal. It's just soooo frustrating and embarrassing for people to ask if you're done your thesis yet, and you tell them, "right away" for 2 years.

Anyway, it sucks, but at least after these edits it should be out of my hands again so I can forget about it for awhile.

Last night was good. I ended up making taco's for supper (had frozen meat). I ate 2 hard tacos and had a glass of milk and that was it. Go me and the non-dessert thing! Just did some cleaning and tv watching for a little while then remembered I was gonna work out. So I did the new TT workout which was great! (side note, my membership to the site expires monday, boo, so I'm trying to download all the free workouts now while I can). Anyway, it was bodyweight and dumbell together. Various pushups and squats and then some ab stuff. It was really great. Nothing in particular feels sore today, but while I was doing it all I know I was having a hard time finishing some sets. yay! Then I went for a run with Daisy. A non garmined run so I don't know the distance or even the time but it was just a run for fun so it didn't matter. My blister from the race still hurt so I guess that needs to heal up a bit more.

this weekend there are no plans. My pregnant girlfriend is supposed to be in town but she hasnt' gotten back to me about getting together. There's a comedy fest in town that hubby and I might take in, plus we've got all these restaurant coupons so we might try something there. He has to work saturday so I will be home alone, doing a solid house scrubbing and then hopefully some scrapbooking. Maybe a strength workout, but probably no run. Poor foot, plus it's gonna be hot.

We're going out for lunch with work today. To a mexican place, so I know that's probably trouble. I'll do the best I can with choices and just try and watch my portion size. Not gonna worry too hard about it. I've only got fruit packed for the rest of the day, then chicken breast marinating for supper so the rest of the day is good.

Anyway, to get those edits done I better get on them. (hopefully the last you have to hear about it!)


Angie All The Way said...

You are getting down to 135, you're so damn close!

Sometimes, we do just need to have a big cry and it really helps if it's to the mister who is being understanding and that's all that's needed. You are going to get your edits done, then it'll be out of your hands. If you don't get to convocate until the Spring, then that's that, but you WILL convocate and you're get your awesome accomplished degree :-)

thenewsarahsundae said...

You're so close to goal!!

MizFit said...

woo hoo!!

and an understanding ear here as well with the edits.

they suck (that's the technical term(