Friday, July 11, 2008

forgot #1 - my food

Yesterday's food didn't go exactly as planned. I did eat the protein bar, but didn't eat the crackers and cheese. I love how I can adapt it like that. (you all know I'm not REALLY REALLY following a hard core plan right? I still just do my own thing, that way I get total credit and don't have to thank anybody/anything when I strut my stuff!)

So today:
1 - cottage cheese smoothie
2 - (lunch, I realized that I eat too frequently in the morning, and not enough in the afternoon when I'm hungry, I only finished my smoothie at like 8:45, so now I'm waiting until 12:00, instead of 10:00 and then 12:00, just seemed too much) polynasian satay - (slow cooked teriyaky beef basically), cherries, peach and plum (we'll see how many of those I eat)
3 - carrots, hummus, yogurt, whatever fruit I didn't eat yet.
4 - crispbread, laughing cow light and salmon salad
5 - chicken breast, steamed veggies, more fruit likely.
6 - maybe a protein bar, depends what we're doing. If we're visiting with friends (it is friday night) it might be nothing, protein bar, another smoothie, yogurt. I know the rules and will play by them

Will be tricky this weekend. I can make due on saturday at the wedding, grab a salad or sub (no cheese, only mustard) on the way down, stick to the meat and veggies at supper. no wedding cake. meat and bun midnight lunch. Breakfast the next morning might be tricky. I'll pack some protein bars, it's always tempting to go for donuts or out or something and there's nothing good to be had. Lunch on the way back, people won't want subs again so it'll probably be some place that serves fries. (we're going with my sister and her bf and my little brother) I will not eat fries. I guess you can get a salad anywhere right? Plus I think we're gonna try and come home early since our neighbour is feeding our dog for us saturday, and maybe walking her, but she's gonna be in her dog run the whole time we're gone.

Ok, lunch time.


MizFit said...

why did this post make me imagine yer weekend mantra to be:

I will not eat fries.
I will not eat fries.

have a fun one!


Anonymous said...

you are going to do great. you seem in a really good spot and seeing 135 has gotta help keep you motivated. :)

Sagan Morrow said...

You plan everything out so well with your food! Have a good weekend.

Angie All The Way said...

I haven't yet ventured to a cottage cheese smoothie. I think it's because I really don't like cottage cheese and fruit combos. I've tried and so far nadda. I'd rather eat them all separately.