Friday, July 18, 2008

comment about fibre

I forgot to mention this. Just because your tummy is upset or you get all gassy or bloated or whatever, does not mean that you're having too much fibre. It just means you did too much too soon. If you ate nothing but freezies for a week and then ate and apple you'd get gassy and an upset tummy, even though that's only 5 g of fibre and you're supposed to have like 30. I think it's worth it to (slowly) increase your fibre intake, it's got so many health benefits. Take a look at how much you're getting because they say that women don't get near enough (think 20-30g/day I think). If you're nowhere near that, increase it gradually over a few weeks. Really helps you feel full which is totally key when you're trying to "diet".


MizFit said...

Im just about to run out and frolic at the POOL but had to give you a HELL YEAH.

youve nailed it in your post.
it's a public service announcement!


Anonymous said...

i totally agree.

Sagan Morrow said...

What confuses me is that I eat roughly the same amount of fiber all the time but I still get bloated randomly- I think it might just be too much all at the same meal rather than spaced out across the day? Its strange.