Friday, July 25, 2008

yogurt in the eye

I just opened my yogurt for snack and got spashed in the face. That ever happen to you? It's never anywhere else, always the face.

So today I'm having a strange, uncharacteristic feeding thing going on. It's 10:14 and I've eaten 3 different "granola" bars. A fibre 1, a kashi and an oatmeal to go bar. What the hell? Breakfast and snack when you have no time I guess. And even though I never eat these, it's because I never pack them. If I pack them, I'm definately going to eat them, even if it means leaving carrots or something else. Oh well, as a once in awhile thing I'm sure it's fine.

My back is also hurting. My posture right now and my work chair don't help. But I think it was from my workout yesterday. let me tell you about it:

Starts out so good. Did a great leg press set, I was already stronger than tuesday (I told you about my muscles right?) Same thing with bicepts and tricepts, my arms are barely tired today and I did the same weigths exactly. I was just finishing the shoulder exercises and who should walk up behind me but my supervisor at work! Awkward! I get along great with him really, but it's just weird to workout and put on your workout face (especially the one when you can barely lift the weight) in front of people like that. I didn't like it. So after the "what are you doing here?! have a good workout" thing I ran for the safety of the weight machines and cardio equiptment. Boo me. But your more hidden and private over there. I finished with some back stuff (the cable row machine was busy all evening so I didn't do that one, boo). Not realizing that I forgot chest completely. Then did some intervals on the treadmill. I did it in a show-off kinda way in case work dude saw me (he coaches university track). I did just 12 minutes of FAST intervals. I'm so speedy. But I think that's where I hurt my back. Something about the treadmill as opposed to outside, not sure what, but my body wasn't used to it. I think I run differently.

So my workout wasn't as awesome as it was supposed to be. But it was still very good. Just missing chest and calves, but I don't feel half as sore and tough as I did after tuesday. Oh well, that's how my body adapts, I guess I'll have to up the weights even more (and go incognito...)

Supper was omlet. quick and easy. And an english muffin that I forgot about before it went bad. Then I went for my pedicure.

It was so not worth $45 (including tip). All she did was sit me down with my feet in the same tub thing I've got at home (bubbles and heats and vibrates) for like 30 minutes, then give like seriously 3 swipes with the file thing on each foot. When I do it at home I spend like 10 minutes getting rid of all the gross calouses (well not gone, I don't want to kill my foot on my next run), but seriously, she didn't do anything, my foot looked exactly the same, only wrinkly from the water. She did rub some oils and whatever on them and paint my toes. For about 4 minutes (2 minutes/foot) she gave me a foot massage that was really nice, but not $45 nice. I think the most annoying part was that I didn't like the girl much. She was the dumb party girl type. Just annoying to talk to. The kind who talks about high school still even though she's been out for 8 years.

I went home and scrubbed some more of the callouses off. Then I was happy. The rest of the night was watching tv and dishes. Hubby got offered to go play hockey so was gone all night. SIL and family shows up tonight and the place is a mess. Annoying.

Anyway, the happy news for today is that the scale showed me a happy number 135.4. Tying the previous low I saw a couple weeks ago in a sneak peak. So now that TOM is moving on, my eating should be more under control and I can maybe see a new number next week!

After work today I've got a work barbeque to go to. Probably only stay an hour since we've got company coming. Hubby won't even be off work yet so he's not coming. It can get awkward when it's just me (and no booze, boss's wife is totally blunt and asked me if I was pregnant last time, boo). So if I don't eat a burger or whatever there, then it's hotdogs on the fire at home with SIL, so no great options. I think I'll make a big salad at home as well and try and fill up on that, maybe 1 hotdog. Try and stay good because saturday is a wedding. And what a great time to see that 135.4 huh? Wedding buffets I can eat good food, but I eat too much. And I think I might have a piece of wedding cake at this one. (the food should be good, the groom is a chef, and it's a city wedding, not a country one, so the catering is usually better).

I've got a hair cut booked for saturday morning. I'm sooo tempted to just hack it all off and dye it dark. I found a picture of me when I had short dark hair and I loved it. But I don't think I can handle that yet. This is my last long hair summer remember? (though I guess I can change my mind on that one later too). Anybody have any ideas? i'm really really thinking shoulder length. (but it's sort of an impulse decision then). I just want something different. I think I'll go early and read hair cut magazines. Anybody know any good websites to check that out at?

At the same time, I do get compliments on my hair right now. Maybe I could just semi-permanent dye it dark and leave it long. ideas?


Anonymous said...

oh i am the exact same way. if i have a granola bar at work (which is why i don't bring them)i have to eat it first.

Anonymous said...

you make it seem like you are so old when you say this is the last long hair summer. WHY? i don't get it. i love long hair.

CaRoLyN said...

Yes, why IS this the last summer of long hair?
I've been wanting to do something with mine too lately but can't decide. It's super long and needs to be cut. I think dark would look good on you and short, what about a bob? or highlights?

Crappy about the back pain. I hate that. Sometimes I feel like I have a kink in my back after running on the treadmill and I feel like I have to stretch to get it out. Hopefully it's gone now.

I hear ya on the granola bars. They are like little treats for me. I just tried the new All Bran chocolate chip one on my lunch. I haven't bought them in about 2 months because I can't have them in the house without scarfing them down!

tash said...

I'm the opposite - this is my last short hair summer (until I get old . . . I mean older, and can't pull it off anymore).

Jen said...

Aw, boo. You shouldn't have to pay for a pedicure that is crappy...and you shouldn't have to do anything could call and complain and get someone new to do it...I have done that before...that's bull!!!

I think I am the only one who understands what you are saying about the hair...I love long hair, but long hair looks good when you are young (I would say under 35) and I really don't think I could do long hair with a baby...I would want short-ish easy hair (I only like long hair when people do something with it). I think you would look gorgeous with shorter dark hair!!! And on the plus side, hair always grows, so if you decide you want it long again, grow it again for next summer!!!

Angie All The Way said...

My low back is killer today - it wasn't from "gym" exercising, but an entire day of not stopping around the house, cleaning, laundry (clothes line) etc. I'm definitely taking my heating pad and tens machine on my trip!

I totally konw what you mean about feeling like you want to hide when you see someone you're not comfortable making "the faces" around! lol