Thursday, July 17, 2008

things are better

So I was over it about 3 minutes after I posted that last one. It really wasn't a big deal. Sorta hilarious that a computer just blows up.

Yesterday I hit up Walmart after work (man I shop a lot, at lame places) for a shower curtain and wet jet refills. Also stocked up on the Crystal Light Live Active drink mixes. They have like 3g of fibre in each. Saves me having to mix benefibre into my drinks. And can I recommend this to all of you. I've never seen anybody get too much fibre (though it must be possible...) it's got all kinds of health benefits, including keeping you fuller longer. And yummy yummy like kool-aid.

Yesterday I got an interval run in, did a bunch of house cleaning, watched some dancing, I don't know what else I was doing but I felt busy. Tonight i'm going to the gym after work, doing a leg workout, then home to scrub the house top to bottom for our company this weekend. At least hubby will be home to help.

Supper yesterday was an omlete and toast instead of the stir fry, thought I'd save the steak for a fajita tonight (I was alone yesterday for supper). Been awhile since I had bread. Enjoyed it very much. Though I think I'm back on the fruit for carbs train. It just made me feel too full and like I'd over eaten too much. that's a once in awhile thing I think.

This morning my breakfast was way too big, a chocolate protein smoothie with peanut butter and banana, PLUS an english muffin. So snack was only a source yogurt (like 40 calories). Then lunch I went to my SILs house and visited her baby for a bit, ate my salad with chicken and mandarin oranges (felt very good about my healthiness as she ate her french onion soup drowning in cheese). Also ate some watermelon, and a pear. Still have carrots and hummus, a yogurt, a cheese string, grapes, a peach and a plum. Might have 2 snacks as I'm probably gonna be hungry after the gym.

The rest of the day I think will be relaxed as I'm just doing mindless computer work (though I discovered that can be exciting huh?) and listening to my podcasts. Wish me luck in the gym, I forgot my MP3 player (but it's just weights, I should be ok)


thenewsarahsundae said...

Too much fiber upsets my tummy.

CaRoLyN said...

Me too! Fiber is good but too much of it makes me super bloated and crampy. I hate that!

Sounds like you had a great healthy/busy day. Mmm I want Omelettes now. Been a while since I've had one. Thanks for the idea!

Sagan Morrow said...

Hope you manage without the MP3 player! I could go for a fajita.

Angie All The Way said...

Interval? What are Intervals? Oh yeah those things I USED to do when I went to the friggin gym!

Next week is hard core exercise pour moi!