Wednesday, July 30, 2008

yesterday, a good day

it was a pretty good day yesterday. After work I hit the gym. Felt like it was over too quickly, but I did all the body parts I wanted to hit. I even did 160lbs on the leg press and it didn't even feel too bad. Could up that. (realized that is more than body weight! That's pretty cool huh?) Did my happy posture back exercises and did chest flies which just make me feel strong. Didn't do abs, but they're sore today, just goes to show you that you use them all the time!

Then I went to my sister's to pick up raspberries my mom had dropped off for me. Yummy. I can't wait for my raspberry bushes to grow in thick and start producing. (I ate like 4 berries from it so far). Visited with her about her trip (she's taking september and travelling around europe with her boyfriend. jealous!) she gave me birthday present ideas, so then I went to walmart and bought all these little travel things for her (sleep mask for on the plane, tiniest umbrella ever, airplane combo lock (that doesn't have to get broken by security, there's a special code thing), plug in adaptor, etc). Her birthday isnt' until middle of August, but since I'll be gone I'll probably give it all to her tomorrow. that way she won't buy it and have doubles too.

So after that, I finally went home. didn't get home until 20 to 8. ate my leftovers (I cooked supper the other day but didn't eat it because of ball, protein bars to the rescue). Then ignored the messy kitchen and hit the scrapbooking. Usually by 8:00 I feel like it's too late to get into it because I won't get much done and I'll have to clean up. But I was so wrong. I got done like 7 pages in 2 hours! Amazing! And I think they're nice too. Thank goodness, I was worried I'd never get done that stupid book. Get about 3 pages done tonight and I can relax I think. (SIL is supposed to be doing half the book as well).

Then thursday I can focus on laundry and packing for the weekend/next week. I feel so busy!

Tonight hubby wants me to grab a few things for him for the weekend (we need new lawn chairs, some spitz etc) then I'm gonna go home and do my intervals. Did I tell you that we found my Garmin? yay! It was in the SUV like I knew it was. Where else could it be? So I can do a heavy duty hard core, sprint intervals, get them done quick and then scrapbooking. If I had a 12" scanner I'd show you guys my pages. Maybe I'll just take a picture or something.

Anyway, the other thing that made yesterday good is that I lost some weight. I'm not quite sure where because I had some run ins with chocolate chips (I put them in my oatmeal for breakfast but left the bag on the cupboard and it was taunting me in the evening). But I guess when all your meals are pretty much fruits and veggies with a couple chicken breasts thrown in it doesn't hurt. I stepped on the scale this morning and it showed me 135.0. It flickered on the 134 for a minute, but it also showed 135.8 for a second. I'm hoping for good things by friday. (nothing motivates like the numbers in your favour huh?)

anyway, work to do.

(I just felt like signing it like a letter, so sue me. I also felt like using the phrase "so sue me" like it was still 1994)


Missicat said...

Ah, the taunting chocolate chips. I usually get nailed by their tiny cousins, the m&m's who call to me in their sweet sweet voices.
Congrats on the weight loss!

CaRoLyN said...

I like the signing, it's a nice personal touch to the post. I might steal it from you and sign my own posts.

Yes take pics of your scrapbooking pages! I love seeing how creative other people are. I always scrapbook with my best friend but my pages are always SO much better than hers so I can't get any cool creative ideas form her (How bitchy does THAT sound? haha. Bitchy but true)

Glad you had an awesome day yesterday and congrats on the nice scale reading! Woohooo!

PS My lawn gets pretty long after 2 weeks but surprisingly doesn't look too bad. Usually we mow it every week and a half. I say "we" like I actually mow the lawn regularly. HA I did it once. But I actually kind of liked it!

tash said...

I still hear "so sue me" all the time :)

I'd love to see some pis of your scrapbooking too!

Sara said...

Wow what a productive night. That is so amazing! I 3rd everyone - I'd love to see the pages!!

Congrats on the scale - one more day till official!