Monday, July 14, 2008

I can't work

How come there aren't 9 million blog posts for me to read from all my favorite bloggers? I don't want to do any work but I'm running out of distractions! I guess I'll have to do another post myself.

So something I briefly mentioned was that hubby wanted to buy a suit. The suits he has don't fit any more. He doesn't wear them often, just weddings right? But of course he can just wear a shirt and tie to cousin weddings and stuff. But his sister is getting married this fall and we heard a sale advertised on the radio so we thought we'd get it now. So we went to the expensive suit store and it wasn't good. Still too expensive (for my taste) and it didn't look right on him anyway so they obviously wanted to do a lot of alterations too. So we went to the mall and actually found a really nice one in Sears of all places. Plus it came in short so it looks good right now. I'll have to hem the pants. Anyway, I don't know anything about suits, like what the number means. But when we were buying shorts (unrelated, another store another sale) his size was like the 3rd biggest one. I'd compare it to about a size 14 in a women's store.

Anyway, at one point I mentioned to him that the wedding was 3 months away, and in that time he could probably lose 30 lbs if he really tried (it's easier for a guy, plus it's easier when you have more to lose right?). I think he didn't expect that. He basically thought that it would be like 2 lbs a month or something like the rate I was losing. So the suit we ended up getting was perfect in the coat, but the pants were a bit snug, like they'd do fine, as men's pants aren't skin tight or anything. But he got a muffin top right? So the plan is to now lose 2 inches from his waist in the next 3 months so that his pants fit fine. If he loses lots of weight, then maybe his old suits will still work. If not, then this suit. If he loses nothing, he'll just be uncomfortable. He's the MC for the wedding so I know he'd love to be able to look good in the suit, not chubby. Especially because he was MC at his other sister's wedding back when he was in good shape.

Anyway, so after we got the suit he started asking me questions about losing weight and everything. Saying things like "well I don't need to lose weight [because he's short his weight is always lower than all his friends so he doesn't see that as the problem] I just need to lose this belly, so what like 50 crunches a day?" which is obviously not the right answer. (no point having a 6 pack in the middle of the keg right?)

So I told him that there are basic rules, like eat mostly veggies and fruits, then unprocessed meats, then carby things. Sugars are basically bad. Don't eat candy at work all day, don't drink pop all day. Do those 2 things, lose like 3 lbs. Don't eat crackers and chips while watching tv, eat some fruit or veggies. Lose 5 lbs. Only drink beer once a week, lose 5 lbs. (though I didn't explain it to him in the do this, lose this way, I might try tonight). But I think I overwhelmed him. It's funny how much stuff you know about "dieting" and what foods are good and bad and when to eat them and what's more important. Sort of scary actually, where did I learn all this? What did I push out of my head in order to remember that?

I told him about fibre, and how you should eat breakfast. And how if you don't have time for a whole bunch of exercise your food has to be that much better. I told him about a cheat day. This was in the food court in the mall. While he was eating his chinese food. He went up and made what he thought was a good choice, mixed veggies, the skinny noodles instead of the fatter greasier ones, and then he had to have some meat dish, the ginger beef. And it was funny, he's doing what I USED to do.

Back before I lost any weight, I was always on a diet. I'd always think about chosing a healthier food. Like the chinese veggies over the rice. Or a clubhouse sandwich with a salad instead of fries. I used light dressings and low fat peanut butter. But I'd still eat like 1/2 a cup per day. I'd still eat burgers and fries, if we went out. But no ice cream.

What I've learned since is what works for me. Don't eat any chinese food. If you're gonna eat chinese food, know that there is no saving the meal. It's a cheat meal (which is fine, but don't justify it to yourself and convince yourself you did the healthy thing). Know that there is nothing you can do to be able to eat peanut butter with a spoon and not feel guilty. Things like that.

So I told hubby all my "rules" or just a huge list of things that if he does just 2 of them should make a huge difference. We go home and lounge in front of the tv, and it goes good for awhile, but then he gets a snack. A popsicle, not so bad, only 50 calories. But he always eats 4 of them. Ok. Then it was some gummy candies (which I had a few, oops). Then some tortilla chips. Ok. Enough. I did make little comments, teasing him about it, in case he'd just forgotten his new plan. He said something like starting tomorrow or something. mm-hmm...

BUT, I can see the desire really is there. And he always tells people that he's losing weight, (like 5 lbs over the last month, but because he weights randomly, after working a long hard hot day, so way dehydrated or whatever, or else when his clothes don't fit, so bloated and all, it's hard to say if that's water or anything). If we had to buy him bigger shorts, I'd say he isn't losing weight. But it is nice to say you're losing weight and have people be like "good for you" and stuff. It's funny how guys are. They all bug each other about their big beer bellies. Girls' weight is never discussed except to say to each other how much better they look than me and whatever. Dumb.

Anyway, hubby did mention cutting out bar food. And he has been cutting back the booze for a few weeks now. Things like this will add up. I told him he has to start eating healthier and taking better care of himself before we can get pregnant (it makes a difference in the mom but I'm not really sure if the little swimmers care about the dude's health, makes sense though doesn't it?). Plus could you imagine being pregnant and trying to not turn into a whale when your hubby eats the way mine does in front of you?

So those are the things going on with him and his waistline. It would be so helpful to ME if he decides to really do something. You know how much better you are when you're the "teacher"? Plus we could get rid of some of the junk in the house, and keep each other accountable, do the "are you sure you want to eat that?" instead of me cooking hotdogs for him and chicken breast for me.


Bi0nicw0man said...

Dude, I so wish my BF would get to that point. I know he's unhappy with himself but he does NOTHING to combat it. And if I say even a word...well, you can guess how that goes. Not good. One day I'm hoping something just snaps and he gets it.

Good luck with hubby! A team is so much better than alone!

Jen said...

SOunds like you MAY be in for a difficult road if his initial "gung ho" wears off...but right now it sounds like he WANTS to, just doesn't NEED to...I truly believe there is a difference!

It's weird to think back to our old eating habits hey?? I used to ALWAYS order salad at a meal trying to be healthy, when really whatever I was ordering it with was one of the worst things on the menu!!! Or I would say, I eat TOTALLY healthy, but like you said, slather my toast with pb, eat like 2 cups of cottage cheese, or eat a "lower cal/fat" snack mix but eat the whole bag instead of a serving...strange strange strange...

I also think your hubby would see a HUGE difference if he cut back on pop, candy and beer...usually the first couple of weeks after that change are a HUGE difference!!! And maybe if he tries eating what you eat??? My husband eats whatever I eat (SOMETIMES a bit more, but not so much anymore), and he definitely noticed a difference (though he is a small guy to start with and lost about 30 lbs 5 years ago and kept most of it off)...

Good luck though! He CAN do it!

MizFit said...

my husband FINALLY joined in a few months ago and youre so right.

it's nice to have him living a healthy lifestyle too and makes it THAT MUCH EASIER to be role modelS for our toddler.


Dawn said...

I am the same way and shocked at what all I know about eating the right food and exercisng. It is a good thing to know and I am proud that I know it too.

Good luck with your husband. I have the same battles with my husband, he is actually on the wagon and has eaten SOLID 8 days in a row. I am so proud of him. One day at a time, right? It sounds like your hubby is making great progress though. How good it would feel to him to have that suit be baggy on him. HE CAN DO IT!! Especially, with your support and knowledge.

Angie All The Way said...

I remember the days when I "thought" I was making healthy choices just like those ones. It goes to show you how much education is really involved in leading a healthy life because everything out there is so deceptive with the labelling etc. We all have certainly come such a long way with trial and error and educating ourselves! I often tell FH about how lucky he is to have a resource like me living with him and cooking and how he doesn't take advantage of it at all!

eurydice said...

the part about your husband is so interesting. you're right, if he just made a few changes that i'm sure wouldn't even feel like sacrifices, it would be easy for him to drop the weight. if he eats like you say (candy, chips) it's obvious he is burning a lot at his job.

my boyfriend is totally influenced by my healthy eating habits. the thought of being a "fat guy" terrifies him... so vain hahaha.

Sara said...

I'm lucky since Justin has always been very supportive and willing to learn my healthy ways (but we aren't perfect by any means). He likes to eat healthy too so I've never had to make 2 meals (or he has never). The worse thing though is I'll always weigh more than him - arghh!!