Tuesday, July 15, 2008

TOM I can see you!

Yesterday my eating, again super healthy and most fruits and veggies or lean protein, was out of control! or should I say my appetite. I ate every single thing I brought. PLUS about 12 almonds, and a Kashi granola bar. I just couldn't get satisfied. Same thing this morning. Breakfast included 2 bananas. CRAZY!

I did just realize that TOM is next week which always leads me to go a bit nuts on the eating the week before. Not so much physical hunger, but just looking for the enjoyment in eating. Liking the flavours of things too much.

Recognized. Now I can address it. Say to myself, this is just hormones, have some gum.

So yesterday I went to the grocery store after work. Spent $190!!! I buy groceries WEEKLY! However I did stock up on MEAT this time. Plus tried to get hubby sort of foods that are healthy (fat free cheese slices, he eats tons of these, crystal lights to replace the pop, etc). I bought a warehouse pack of steaks which is awesome. Plus about 24 kabobs that were on for $1 each. Probably cook these up for a barbeque sometime.

I also bought "company" food. SIL and her family is coming up on Saturday and staying at our place (they've got plans saturday night so we're just the hotel). But BIL only drinks brand name Coca-Cola, so had to buy that. Bought a couple bags of chips since I try not to keep any (that I like at least) in the house. Plus hot dogs and hot dog buns. Seems funny to buy special food like that for company. They should be able to eat the same sort of snacks we do. But at the same time I'd sooner they all eat chips than any of my cherries. I'm kind of possesive about them. Might do some kind of baking for them too. Maybe a dip or something. She always brings something like that or has it when I visit her. However I know she's on a diet so it would be better for us both if neither of us did. However then we have the "bad guest/host" thing going on.

Brings me back to how awesome it would be if all the people you hung out with were into health and fitness. Like she could bring cut up watermelon and I could just pop popcorn, or better yet, we'd plan an activity instead of just watching a movie.

Not sure why my mind jumped here but change of subject:

Last night I expressed to hubby that he has to be eating better by the time I'm pregnant because I didn't want junk food in the house then since I might not have any self control and I really don't want to turn into a house (related to his other SIL who we were talking about earlier. They try and buy their thin in their house. They bought a weight gym station thing, never used it, sold it. Bought a treadmill, then joined LA weight loss, haven't used the treadmill since. She used to to WW, but now LAWL is the thing, just hoping that buy joining or buying it, it will do the work for her. Not working out for her suprisingly.) They just bought an expensive jogging stroller. SIL has never jogged a day in her life. She never was athletic EVER, so she'd be the type to start with walking, maybe take a few fitness classes or something right? Nope, needs to have the $500 jogging stroller. They both bought bikes they haven't ridden, rollerblades they used for 2 weeks. Really insane.

Granted I don't have a 3 month old baby. So I really shouldn't talk. But LITERALLY all SIL does (when not feeding or changing etc etc etc) is sit on the couch and watch tv. I asked her to email me some pictures the other day, she replied (through email) that she was too busy. Huh? She's obviously on the computer already...

Anyway, it another one of the examples of how I use her as my what not to do. It started with her wedding (she got married 1 year before me and got a really expensive dress, did her hair in a way that she's never had it and made her look like a different person, had 4 bridesmaids and MADE us wear certain ugly jewelry and shoes, had it on a long weekend and got a bad turnout etc etc), then when they bought a house (they got a condo brand new, picked out very 80's looking paint and cupboards etc, really bad carpet, then didn't take care of their place at all, it looks 15 years old inside, not 5). They buy a new car or truck or something about every year. Have what I consider a horrible mortgage plan (some sort of crazy thing where you just pay whatever you want each month, if you miss no big deal, it just extends the time, you can take money out of it as a loan for whatever you want.), and a horrible retirement plan (don't even remotely understand it, but there are no RRSPs involved). So while she is not really that different from me when you see us together, we can talk about the same stuff, into the same movies and stuff, we are living our lives COMPLETELY different. funny. So yeah, her pregnancy and child rearing I'm sure will be NOTHING like what I do.

(we heard last night that SIL is sleeping on the air mattress in the baby room every night, while BIL sleeps in his bed in the bedroom. been like this for the last 3 months. I guess so SIL can feed Sam when she wakes up or whatever. The point of the story was that they wouldn't sleep in the same room for one night so her sister could stay with them, neither would change their arrangment. So that's super dumb. But hubby and I were both like in SHOCK when we heard they were sleeping in separate beds. I was SOOO happy. HUBBY AND I AGREED ON SOMETHING! Sorta funny, we were both completely horrified by the situation and thought it was the dumbest idea ever, if the baby wakes up so often you want her near, then put the crib in your bedroom. If not, then sleep in your own stinking bed! Again, we don't have kids so our tune might change, but it's nice that we both felt the same way initially!)

Right so that's a tangent and a half.

Last night for supper I had a left over chicken breast and a big bowl of cherries. Hubby had ball so just me. Daisy and I did our intervals to the ball diamond and then watched the game, then went for beer (well not Daisy, she went home). I was kinda hungry (since that's not a lot of food for supper) and almost got a salad in the bar but didn't. But we didn't get home until 11:00 and I fell asleep like 1.5 hours later than I usually do, plus I'm still tired from my lack of sleep on the weekend. Tonight I was going to go to the gym but I didn't bring my stuff, so I'll do an upper body workout at home, then go to bed EARLY!

Anyway, this is a very random post. We'll wrap it up here.


Tiffa said...

I hear ya about the cost of groceries... INSANE. We go every week and it costs usually around 130-160 per trip. Then there is usually a quick trip or 2 in the week for things we have forgotten or ran out of... which adds another $50 per week or so to the grocery bill... $200/week... ugh... that's more $ per month than my student loan payment! lol

MizFit said...

love your term company food as Ive had guests here for weeks now....and also feel as you do: eh, eat the doritos you WANT rather than my arm & a leg costing raspberries you dont really want!

(ok I added the want part :))


Sagan Morrow said...

It certainly makes it easier to understand your appetite when you know the reasons why- and then you can do something about it!