Monday, July 14, 2008

weekend gets a 70%

I think that might be a bit low now that I'm recapping. Tell me what you think:

Friday, ate my chicken breast and veggies at home. Also got an interval run in. Everything was good there. Then we went in to see some friends who were having a mini party (8-ish people). I guess some people were there for a barbeque earlier but hubby had to work late so we didn't make it for that. However, there was food galore left out. I was AMAZING during this. There were chips and burgers and chocolate cake and tons of munchies. I had none of that. Instead I drank my diet coke like crazy. And then I'd sneak little bites from a protein bar stashed in my purse. Everyone else was getting drunk, but in a really funny silly way so it didn't bother me. We all went to the basement and played this game on the pool table called CRUD which we later changed to KRUMP and KRONK because we're a bunch of hip cool kids like that. (it's like HORSE or whatever in basketball so you can spell whatever you want) It was actually a quite physical game, and then when people got out they often would goof around on the treadmill or elliptical or with the stability ball or weights that were down there. I think that alone made me feel better. These are my very unathletic, out of shape friends who think they're still in high school so can still play sports (do you understand me if I just say they play slow pitch?).

if you want to hear more about the game I can tell you, if not skip over this part. You only need the cue ball and any other ball. You go in order and throw the ball (roll it, with your hand, no cue) and hit the colored ball. Then the next person goes and picks up the cue ball and has to hit the colored ball before it stops moving from the last throw. You can only throw from the narrow ends of the table, a double hit means it skips a player, if you sink the ball, the person after you gets a letter. If you sink the white ball, you get a letter. Whoever gets a letter, the player before them starts. It was hilarious. Everyone running around the table, getting confused when it was a skip a turn or somebody didn't know it was their turn. Much better than regular pool.

Anyway, so for that night I get 100%!

Saturday, slept in longer than I should have, but we didn't get home until 2:30. I got up, weeded the garden, took Daisy on a quick bike ride (I wanted to tire her out since she'd be in her dog run for 28 hours without exercise [though it's not cruel, she can run back and forth in there, it's just not that big]) then I had to shower and get dressed and packed and everything. I was gonna do a leg workout but no time. I had a breakfast and packed a bunch of protein bars, portioned out trailmix etc. Ate a big bowl of cherries on the way in. Then grabbed a 6" turkey breast sub with no cheese and mustard on the road. It was a 3 hour drive, so I also snacked on some beef jerky just before we got there. So far so good!

Just drank diet coke all night. points there. Even though I tried hubby's drink and it actually tasted really really good. Some kind of orange juice thing. (My whole family thinks I'm pregnant, so I tried his drink in front of a bunch of people to show that yes I CAN drink alcohol, I just don't like to). Anyway, at the buffet supper I had a bunch of white turkey meat with cranberry sauce not gravy. And I loaded my plate with veggies. I love mashy overcooked veggies at buffets. Did eat some mashed potatoes and some creamy coleslaw, but just a bit of each of these. They weren't that good. oh and I tried a cabbage roll, also not that good. No bun. No CHEESECAKE for dessert (though it was just a no-bake, gelatanous kind). Also no wedding cake when it came around. It was just a white cake with cream cheese middle and terrible rubber icing on top. (looked pretty though). but there was no midnight lunch! I can't believe it. I was getting HUNGRY so I had another protein bar. I get a 90% for saturday, because I did fill my plate a bit too full at supper, though it was healthy-ish.

So where did that 70% come from? Sunday Sunday Sunday! I woke up early to have breakfast with my cousin who was leaving or whatever. At the hotel we got coupons for Smitty's next door. Went with my grandpa, uncle, aunt, cousin and some person I don't know. Didn't really know what I was gonna get since the whole menu is a disaster. Thinking omlet or just scrambled eggs with fruit cup, then grandpa ordered eggs benedict with a fruit cup. That sounded good and I was next so I got it. Not quite realizing that the sauce on it would be basically gravy. Thick thick white gravy. Oops. They weren't even that great. too saucy. Just eggs with the ham and muffin would have been better. But I did just have it with a fruit cup and water. So I get a 30% for breakfast. on the drive home I had a fruit and yogurt parfait from mcD's.

Didn't eat again really until 4:00 when we were back home but suit shopping for hubby (there's a sale going on). I got a BBQ chicken panini from booster juice and a snack sized juice. It wasn't a lot of food, and it was as good as I could do in the food court really. (well the smoothie wasn't necessary, but it was very small and mostly made of fruit (I watched them make it). When we got home and collapsed on the couch to watch movies for the rest of the night (Vantage Point was pretty good if you're wondering) I was hungry. So I ate a bag of popcorn (no butter), strawberries, carrots and hummus. Not bad things, but I just kept eating for the whole movie. But considering that I only ate really 3 times all day before that, reasonable.

Today I'm back on track, omlete this morning (is eggs with cottage cheese and green onion really an omlet or just eggs?). Apple, apricot and yogurt for snack. leftover chicken, grapes, hummus and carrots, another yogurt, salmon, strawberries for the rest of the work day. Supper will probably be leftover chicken again since hubby's got ball.

Yesterday I fell asleep after the movie, but I woke up at 8:30 and did a leg workout. It wasn't as solid as my arm workout because I really don't have the proper weights at home. But my hamstrings are sore today so I did something right. I was just pleased I worked out when I was so tired.

I'll be back with pictures soon!


eurydice said...

your sunday doesn't sound so bad. i think you should get 100% all the time for not drinking. think about how many calories the rest of us consume in booze alone.

Jen said...

I think you did a fantastic job! Aside from breakfast it sounds pretty damn good!!! I always have troubles with breakfasts because I LOVE breakfast food!!!

I can't wait to see pictures from the weekend!!!