Friday, July 18, 2008

WI - deceiving

So my WI this morning said 136.6 or something (I never remember the decimal number). However I am not really condsidering it a gain. I know I was retaining water (my ring is a perfect indicator of this, normally it spins around very easily, almost like I should get it resized, but not if I'm bloated or whatever). And my muscles were sore from my leg workout yesterday. And from what I've read (I believe from Phit-n-phat) you definately want your muscles to hold water after a workout, so you definately want the scale to be up the next day. So I guess that's good right? Does feel a little disappointing, but no big deal. Should show up tomorrow or shortly after.

Anyway, yesterday I was tres busy after work. First hit the gym. Yay! for my leg exercises I did
- warm up of squats with 25 lb barbell
- hamstring curls on machine/deadlift (these hurt since my hammies were still kinda sore from my workout on SUNDAY)
- leg presses on machine (though I don't know how this is a Quad exercise, not a full leg one)/leg extensions
- calf raises/calf raises with legs turned out
- various ab exercises including crunches, reverse crunches, spidermans, and plank. I hate working my abs since I'm one of the people who used to let her abs pop out on exercises (like when I flex my abs, I get fatter) and it's really hard for me to remember to suck in. Plus this morning I'm SURE my waist was thicker because my ab muscles were popped out.

I also did some pullups, just for fun. Realized how much I've lost in my strength for these. Plus realized I've never done these quite properly, I some how use my chest instead of my back. I made the switch in one set and it was quite different.

Anyway, after that hit the grocery store (because I had one of those coupons from gas and I didn't want to lose it, I definately didn't need anything). I did buy more cherries and eggs in case my company decides to eat my staples.

Then I went home, cooked up some fajitas, which were only ok. It was a packaged old el paso thing. So the sauce felt very sweet and thick and fake. I like from scratch ones better, but just didn't have time. Hubby loved them. It's funny how you get un-used to the fake food thing (me) when you used to not notice (hubby).

So then I scrubbed the house top to bottom! not quite. I cleaned my spare room (which was overrun with scrap paper, and all kinds of craft things), vacuumed everywhere, cleaned all the kitchen cupboards and tables and surfaces, did dishes, swept and mopped. Then did the same in the bathroom and entryway. Then I scrubbed the tub and sink in the bathroom. While I was scrubbing the sink I remember thinking "thank God it's not an arm day!" I was seriously sweating (I also thought "you have got to do this more often Randi" so I will be). But everything sparkles and shines now so I'm happy again. Funny, I'm always DISGUSTED when I go in SILs bathroom, it smells bad (I think they have a leak or something so it just smells damp all the time). And her bathroom is so cluttered with toys and lotions and bubble baths and perfumes and every kind of annoying junk you can have but never end up using (I eventually throw it away, who wants to dust their bubble bath collection?). And she sure doesn't dust. Plus I think they're planning on re-doing it soon, but meanwhile the taps are rusting and the sink is chipped, it's just so gross. So really, my bathroom before a cleaning would be WAY nicer than theirs.

All that's left for tonight (after an interval run, which I'm going to try and do much more extreme) is finish putting away laundry and clean my bedroom (not that they come in, but their kids do, and you don't want them to comment on anything...) Hubby even did the outside, so the deck is finished and the lawn is cut. We're probably gonna have a fire tonight (maybe smores, I will resist).

Anyway, I think I've been tagged by the beautiful Jen so here you are:

5 things found in your bag:
1) Wallet
2) Coupon book filled with tons of buy one get one free meal coupons, and I NEVER eat out like that
3) Hand sanitizer I never use
4) cute little mini make-up stuff, (eye shadow, eye liner, even mini mascara!)
5) Tide-to-go pen

5 favorite things in your room
1) My stack of fitness, oxygen, women's health, self, clean eating magazines beside my bed
2) ME!
3) My pictures on the wall (mostly of hubby)
4) A sexy little box full of fun under the bed
5) My mini library book shelf, if a book is my FAVORITE, I like to own it

5 things I have always wanted to do:
1) Be better than everyone else (honest huh?)
2) Wear a fricken bikini on the beach!
3) Go to the mountains with my hubby (coming this August!)
4) Go to Europe
5) Have a big brick house with white pillars, I'm sort of over this one, but growing up, I ALWAYS wanted one

5 things I am currently into:
1) Exercising nearly every day!
2) Blogging nearly every day!
3) Eating cherries every day!
4) Avoiding thinking of my thesis or work!
5) Planning my holiday to Banff!

I do think most of the people I would have tagged have already done it, but I really can't remember who has (I feel late to the game here). So if the following people haven't done it please do so (these are the most recent commentors I've had):
Angie All The Way , Sagan Morrow, CaRoLyN , thenewsarahsundae, Sara, ashley, Vanessa, MizFit, Tiffa, Bi0nicw0man, Dawn, eurydice.

fun fun.

ok, better do some work, i'm sure I'll post again later, very slow here today. (dudes, even my forearms are sore! crazy!)


Sara said...

I'm really swollen today too - I feel like a pregnant woman!!

Sounds like a great and hard workout - pull ups - wow I'm jealous!!

Jen said...

WOw, I got to this really late!!!

I could never ever ever do pull ups...well, that's how I feel at least...those things are insane!

I am the same way with cleaning...I go through "spurts" and when I am in a spurt, I say "I will never let it get this bad again!!" and then I do!

The tag was totally for you! I forgot to link all the names!!! I love that you want to be better than everyone else!!!