Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So first the most exciting - on top of feeling oh so skinny, I popped on the scale for it to show me 135.4! So even with the eating-a-thon that's been going down, looks like a loss this week! (I did a WI and did measurements this morning, and I'm down 2 lbs from a week ago today, plus an inch in my waist! (granted last week was some kind of bloated) but still! Woot!)

Second, yes there's been an eating-a-thon. Yesterday when I got home from work, I made myself a cottage cheese smoothie, then ate a banana with peanut butter, then half a protein bar, then an english muffin. And this was my "snack" before supper. Luckily it filled me up and I didn't eat anything for supper.

Then I helped hubby build the stairs for our deck for a couple hours. Then I managed to get my upper body workout in (though again, at home, so not with perfect weights). and THEN I walked my dog. And plopped in bed!

Tonight I was busy this morning so I didn't get a morning snack, but I did have a bigger breakfast (protein shake with strawberries and a banana). Lunch is a salad with a chicken breast and cherries. Afternoon we've got yogurt, cheese string (light) and carrots and hummus. Plus a plum, nectarine and an apple if I need it. (or want it). Supper will probably be a steak stir fry. I've got an interval run today, and instead of going to watch hubby's ball afterward, I'm probably gonna come home and scrapbook. Since we're getting company this weekend and I have to clean it all up. (Still working on a suprise scrapbook for SILs wedding. Lots of work)

Anyway, today i'm feeling good. Work is starting to get busy again. Doing new things always makes me think it's going bad, but it's really not. Just different, learning stuff. Getting ready for my site visit in August (ugh, mine in northern manitoba for 10 days, can you say mosquitos?)

Short and sweet one for a change! Catching up with you all now!


ashley said...

Well, that's why you're so hungry! You're burning so many calories! I bet that rest felt good after being so active! Congratulations on the loss and skinny-ness!

CaRoLyN said...

Wahoo! The scale is working in your favor...I woner what that feels like... :)
Congrats. All your hard work is paying off. and I certainly don't think you overdid it last night with the eating, especially if you didn't even eat supper!

Jen said...

That is AWESOME!!!!

BEFORE I used to eat take out after work before my husband got home and then I would still eat dinner...or if I was too full for supper I would eat like a bag of chips in the evening...kind of disgusting now to think about it...that is awesome that you made up for the big snack by not eating dinner (because you probably weren't hungry!)

Vanessa said...

Hooray for being awesome!

I freaking love bananas with peanut butter.

MizFit said...


there's a workout for you...I think Id have skipped the weights so pat yourself on the proverbial back for doing em anyway!


Angie All The Way said...

Isn't it a great feeling to know that you can eat all the time in a way that will work in your favour?! Another thing about the hunger might also be because of the high sugar in the bananas, perhaps?

You are doing so well, that's so awesome!!

Sagan Morrow said...

Food sounds great and wow about your exercising!

I feel sorry for you having to go to northern MB. Although the mosquitoes seem to be a bit better now (or maybe its just in Winnipeg because they've been spraying). Good luck with the bug spray!

Sara said...

Congrats on the weigh in!!! You are one hard working girl who deserves to see great results!!