Wednesday, July 9, 2008

yay, she picked me!

It's been awhile since I've felt the love in one of those tag things going around and I was starting to get depressed. Well not really. But I do love to feel the love and the lovely Jen has loved me lately.
So I never know who to pick in these sort of things, so I'm gonna pick the blogs in the order that I MUST read them every day (or at least check if they've posted yet). Though the actual order varies sometimes, these are the top however many it works out to:
Jen herself! She seems very similar to me (yet so different in someways too). It helps that she's only in the next province so understands things about weather and farming and whatever else us westerners concern ourselves with. ;) Seriously, her post are always a delight to read and she's always a very sweet commenter on blog. Something that I really appreciate.
We've also got Angie, who I'm sure has been tagged a dozen times already with this. Yes she's a super sweet girl, yes she's had an amazing weight loss already and is fighting for more, yes she's overcome a lot to get where she is. but I don't care about that. I love that she takes my know-it-all attitude and very sweetly tells me I'm wrong. Or just points out that other people might think I'm wrong. She does her homework, reads the books, and interviews, listens to the same podcasts as me, doesn't just jump on bandwagons, but carefully picks what she's going to do next and then does it.
Then of course there's my girl Carolyn. She too has made some awesome strides in her personal journey, but hit a wall sort of the same as I did. Lately she's been picking up some steam and is really inspiring me to do the same. Her influence on me is sort of crazy, if she's doing well then I feel like I can and should do well. If she struggles with something, it makes me question how I'm doing. Plus I think you took each of our best features and put them together, you'd have one perfect body and one...not so perfect (her waist, my legs etc etc)
Shannon is also on my must read list. She is like the pretty popular cool girl who you can't believe hangs out with you. She has really, I mean REALLY stuck it to the old body fat in the last few months which I need to see being stuck for the same amount of time. Sort of gives a girl hope ya know? I've been staying the same and she's just blown by me in her bikini!
Also gotta check Tash, though I think she's on a holiday right now so not posting much. She's new to the weight loss game as she's always been smoking hot (still is!). It has been so fun reading about all the exciting things going on in her life right now, finishing school, moving to the big city, making friends, going on trips, starting a career. Plus, even though she's got all this stuff going on, she's always cool calm and collected.
Finally rounding out my must reads is Charlotte at the great fitness experiment. She's so open with her life and her past it's fascinating. Plus her writing is so perfect, very informative (she reads like serious articles ya know?) but so entertaining and funny. Plus I'm so jealous of her actual "fitness experiement" and "gym buddies" that I just have to live vicariously through her. (in case you don't know, she really has a group of friends who go to the gym together and try the crazy classes and programs with her! Aren't YOU jealous now too?) Every post is my favorite one.
Not to say that I don't love the other blogs I read because I do, but these are the girls I gotta read before you! ;) (frankly these girls also post just about every day and comment on just about everyone of my posts, well not Charlotte but she's like a big time successful star blogger ya know? So if you want to be a must read, then post all the time, be funny, love me, and you'll move up. Plus I you have to "get" me and not be offended by this...)


Shannon said...

omg i love you. you are SO SWEET. especially since I know if i get a compliment from you it is sincere. YOU ROCK.

Jen said...

i think the EXACT same thing about Shannon...the first time she commented on my blog I was giddy - I think I was the same about you too though, cause I thought (still do think) you were a rockstar!!!

CaRoLyN said...

Aww You love me. It's true, if we did combine our bodies, we would have one smoking hot bod! Never thought of that before. And it's so true that when you're doing good, it's almost like I have to push myself that much harder because if you can do it, so can I. Must be our competitive sides.

Thanks for the shout out!