Thursday, July 31, 2008


I should stop eating now, I'm sorta full. I just ate about 4 cups of watermelon and 2 cucumber bunwiches. I did not eat any significant protein yet though. But all I want to eat are cherries...

We'll type and see how I feel when I'm done.

first thing - somebody asked me about protein powder. I don't have a brand I stick to, I just buy cheap generic stuff. I don't like the chocolate one I've got right now which isn't just chocolate flavoured, it's chocolate milk flavoured, so it doesn't have a very strong taste. Feels like you should add more all the time (because it's got like a milk flavour). I just try and not buy the most expensive one in the store, and one that's got low calories and high protein.

Man am I productive. Yesterday I had all these plans and I ended up having to stay late at work. A coworker (not even superior) asked if I could do these edits in a report for him by tomorrow. I didn't clarify if that meant done by first thing tomorrow or end of day tomorrow. So I stayed an extra 1.5 hours (even though he had left...) to finish it. Finally get out of here, hubby needs me to go to Walmart for camping stuff. (we needed new chairs, some munchies and drinks). While I'm at it I buy all this stuff for my work trip (I have no idea how the eating will be, but I know there will be no snacks). I bought all these things I normally don't let myself get, 100 calorie snack packs, all kinds of granola, curves, fibre bars. Just tons of it. Since the fresh stuff won't be so accessible, I'll have to stick to this stuff. Might need to be eating it basically for the next 3 weeks (camping this weekend, then work trip, then camping with hubby). A little nervous because I usually fill up on tons of fruit so I'm not sure if these bars will satisfy me. oh well. an experiment.

Ok, so after walmart yesterday, go home. Eat late 7:30. I had cucumber bunwiches (these are so summer to me!), and a peanut butter banana. Plus I ate half of hubby's hotdog. mmm. random. Then 8:00 went for my interval run. It was only alright. I think running interval just aren't as effective as they used to be for me. I'm a too efficient runner. I all out sprint for my fastest minute, but I'm totally fine shortly after. I think when I get back I'm gonna switch to biking (to get ready for the MS bike tour in September.)

Anyway, after running (I did an extra set too) I cooled down in the garden in the breeze. I think the dog ate all my peppers. I know I had some awesome ones out there but they're gone. Tons of tomatoes though so that's good. and onions. salsa here I come!

Then I hit the scrapbook room. I only managed to make 3 pages last night. Pitiful compared to tuesday where I made 7 in the same time frame. But after talking to SIL, she said that I could just consider myself done now and she's do whatever was left (since I already made 16 or so pages, and we're probably only doing around 25 pages total).

So then even though it was bed time, I cleaned up the kitchen a bit (since I knew hubby wouldn't do it, even though he promised, he has a hard time estimating time to complete things, he said he'd cut the grass too. He never got passed his first task of the night, cleaning out the SUV)

So today, at work, while our computers were being updated, I took off to run errands. Finish sister's present. Bought her all this stuff for her trip to Europe (plug in adaptors, umbrella, first aid kit etc etc). $100 worth of stuff (split between my brother's as well) Trips are expensive since you don't really consider this as part of the cost but it's all necessary.

then after work today I have to go to SIL's and drop off the scrapbook and the rest of the pictures to do. Then to sister's and give her her present. then home to pack and get ready for ALL my trips. No workout today. I may try and do some squats and pushups and stuff if I find time.

Then tomorrow it's out for lunch with my girl friend's for their birthdays then we're leaving right after work! SO BUSY!

Thank goodness this is when I function the best. I've got a lot of functioning to do.


tash said...

Is there anyway you can still eat fruit on your trips? Hopefully your work trip won't be in the middle of nowhere like camping is, so there should be a convenience store you could hit up and grab some fresh fruit at. Same for the camping - bring a cooler of apples, oranges and bananas.

Sagan Morrow said...

Thanks for talking about the protein powder!

Cucumber bunwiches are so good. Have a great time with your camping and preparations.

Anonymous said...

sucks about your intervals... I know you are all prairies and shiz, but can you find hills somewhere to kick it up?
thats where to go when you are maxxed speed-wise. Not that biking isn't good