Monday, July 7, 2008

back on the wagon

So I'm feel pretty good starting now. I had a few too many treats on the weekend. I should have sat down with a big tub of ice cream and chocolate or something then I would have felt satisfied, instead I had a little bite here and a lick there and ate fast food just because we were there, instead of building it up and looking forward to it. But everything was mostly little tastes and stuff. For example, we had our neighbours over on saturday for a fire, I ate a hotdog and a salad. then for dessert we made smores and I had 2 smores and about 4 other pieces of chocolate. So less than a chocolate bar, but still more than I needed.

Earlier saturday I went out and met with my newly pregnant friend from out of town and we sat on a patio and enjoyed our virgin drinks and lunch. I ordered a spinach, almond and cranberry salad with this mango dressing. It was awesome and felt so healthy. No sneaky cheese or croutons to up the cals. I don't know about the dressing though, but it wasn't horrible. My friend also had a salad with a side of sweet potato fries. I know sweet potato fries are better than regular fries, but in a restaurant, where they deep fry it and everything, there's really no justification right? I only had a couple anyway.

Yesterday I slept in until noon. I NEVER DO THAT! but it was cloudy and rainy so the sun didn't wake me up and the dog was happy sleeping too. We went to Costco and hubby wanted A&W, I had just eaten breakfast and wasn't really gonna get anything, just a "snack" but they don't have many options there (no fruit and yogurt parfaits or "healthy" options). So I decided the one burger looked good and ordered it, hubby had gotten a deal that came with fries, but he wanted onion rings, so we had both. I was only nibbling on fries and I look and they're half gone. Boo me! I know fries are like the worst things ever (not just calorie and fat wise, but deep fried in old oil and nasty). But I can't help it. They weren't that good either. BOO!

Supper I did right though, I had a big spinach salad with strawberries and cucumbers, and a marinated chicken breast cooked on the barbeque. Yummy, and healthy. And of course I felt better about myself also.

At Costco, hubby was buying what I consider frivolties (a new wetsuit, only $38 or something, but we don't have a boat and we've never gone to a lake ourselves, and guitar hero Aerosmith, his favorite band, but we never play rockband and we have it...) So I decided to do some retaliation shopping. Dumbest thing ever, because if we can't afford hubby shopping like that, me doing it as well is just going to worsen the problem, not fix it. (though we can afford it, I just have different priorites for money) So I bought a new bright pink fake lulu coat. It's my 5th one (blue, green, black, white and now pink). I wear them basically every day and now I can wear a different one to work each day for a week. Plus I bought the Abs Oxygen magazine. Just for motivational pictures and stuff. I'm not going to do the workouts, I've got my TT for that. PLUS I bought the Champions Body for Life book. Basically it's an updated Body for Life with lots and lots of success stories and hints and advice from successful BFLers. It's good so far. just interesting stories, so far nothing I haven't heard before (eat 6 times a day, workout for just 4 hours a week, but intensely). they haven't even given me the food and workout guidelines yet and I'm in like chapter 4, so far just how to deal with restaurants and holidays and find your motivation and whatever. There are some amazing before and afters in there though (I think you can see a lot at too, it made me feel like I was still a before picture, nowhere near the after, which is motivating). And these people did all this in 12 weeks. I have 12 weeks! That would be right before SILs wedding. totally perfect. So when I'm done the book I'll let you know if I'm gonna go that route or not. As I don't really know what it is yet I don't wanna say. (I don't think it's crazy like Atkins or anything, but who knows)

So yesterday hubby watched a couple movies and I read my book then did my strength workout. I was gonna go for a run, but he decided he wanted to come so we just walked instead. It was really nice. I knew he was trying for me.

That didn't mean we didn't have a big blowup at bedtime though. I asked if there was any time we could go on a trip this summer since it was filling up so fast. Plus since hopefully by next summer I'll either be really pregnant or have a baby so this is sort of our last year to do the things you have to do before kids (like a trip to europe, though this isn't happening. I'm trying to come to terms with the fact I will likely never go...) Anyway, I proposed just a trip to the mountains, for us that's like a 10 hour drive one way. So yes, far, and yes expensive with gas now. But it's not europe expensive. And I've been wanting to go for like 5 years. Hubby doesn't think he'll like it, he thinks he'll get bored. He's not one for just going for a hike or reading a book. If we're camping he's gonna want to have a boat and a lake and enough people for beach volleyball. And since hubby hasn't been taking his anti-depressants (which aren't so much for depression, rather his OCD and mood swings) he blew up at me and we were yelling and I was crying. I hate fights like that, we haven't really had one since hubby's been on his pills. But he doesn't fight "properly" and I had no idea what we were fighting about and it was just taking jabs at each other. Hate it. But once he blows up he feels better and we had a rational discussion afterwards. He felt like I was being too demanding, because he was super good and spent time with me, and watched movies with me and went for a walk with me, (which is what my previous requests had been) and then since I got that he expected me to be happy, but instead I came off like, "well I got that, now I need to complain about something else so let's go on a trip". Anyway, it all got worked out that I don't really care where we go, I just want to have a holiday, just him and I (which we haven't done since our honeymoon 4 years ago, and yes he complained about it just being the 2 of us, how he'd get bored and couldn't we go with other people or go somewhere closer and cheaper than mexico...) So he agreed to take a week off in August if his boss will let him and we can go for a holiday somewhere for half of it. with at least 3 days at home to get some stuff done, like the basement and yard and stuff. So I think I'm still gonna push for the mountains, because I really want to go to the waterfalls and stuff there, and I know he'd love all the elk and deer everywhere. But maybe make a big loop out of it, including edmonton for a day so we can visit friends and then calgary on the way home for the zoo or something. But that makes the gas even more money so we'll see. It may just be camping at a lake nearby. Gotta remember we've got the dog... (any advice on taking a dog to Banff or Jasper or just camping is welcome! or we could leave her at home in a kennel...thoughts?)

So even though we're both happier now that things are worked out, I still have dry eyes and a puffy face. Ugh. hydrate hydrate hydrate...

Anyway, today will be a good day. Nothing to do really a work, gonna do a bit more reading for my thesis and some body for life stuff online. And maybe trip planning! Then tonight, it's raining all day, so I kept Daisy inside, so even though it's gross out, better take her for a run or she'll be crazy. Maybe help hubby with some of his to do list so he can de-stress.


Jessica's Journey To Being One Hot Mom! said...

I often think in retaliation shopping too....
Of course, you are right, it only puts you in a worse situation in the end.

Jen said...

Aw, sucky to hear about the fight!!! I totally hear you though, you NEED a vacation!! EVERYBODY does, the mountains sound nice, I always find it tough to comment, because unfortunately I have the same personality as your husband, I get bored easily and I am OCD BUT I LOVE going away with my husband...and I LOVE the mountains...sometimes the quiet sucks, but then I realize that when I go back it WON'T be quiet...I wish it was easy to just tell your husband to suck it up!!! Life doesn't have to be a party ALL the time...and there are so many beautiful things to enjoy!!!!

ANYWAY, I do the retaliation shopping thing too...sometimes it can get REALLy bad (depending on what Danny bought)

Jenn said...

That salad sounds yummy. I'm just now learning that fruit in salads is actually pretty good.
Those coats sound cute, but you are right, retaliation shopping isn't the best thing to do.
But, its cool that you and hubby had a walk together. Very nice.
I'm sorry that you guys had to fight in order to talk. That stinks. But at least you were able to reach a happy place together...

Sara said...

I wish I could do some retaliation shopping but Justin is so damn cheap he hardly ever buys anything!

That sucks about the fight but I'm glad you guys came up with a compromise!!

Bi0nicw0man said...

Ah girl, we fight the same way. Seems to be the only way we ever get anything resolved...and I hate it because I always feel like I'm walking on pins and needles for the next few days trying not to start it all over again. We fight about the vacation thing too because I love to travel and have hardly ever gotten the chance to do so and he told me he would love to travel when we first started dating but it has failed to ever materialize. He has a son that lives in another province so whenever he does get holidays from work they are all used up going to visit the boy. I'm in a hard place because it's unfair to ask him to give up that very little time with his boy, but at the same time am I expected to just sit around and wait forever to get my holidays? Argh. Relationships are so much work!

Anywho, I'm happy that things seem to be working out for you...and you keep pushing for those mountains girl. If you can't get your Europe then you should definitely get your Alberta!

Genevieve said...

Sorry to hear about the fight - hubby and I have had a couple of those; few and far between thank goodness! As for a Vac-ay, a car trip like that sounds great (even if expensive) as I am a big fan of road trips with the hubby and the dog and we have done lots of them through BC (where we live). Taking the dog depends on the type of car you have....and do you have a crate (travel kennel, whatever, so many people call them different things) cause a crate is awesome!! We have a large dog (over 85lbs) and put him in the crate in the back of the tiny SUV (crate barely fits) and then fit the luggage around the sides and off we go! Typically we travel about 2 to 3 hours with him in the crate before we do a rest stop at which point we let him out to pee, play with a stick, have a sip of water, whatever for 10 mins before going again. Sometimes when we stop for gas we specifically look for stations that are on the outskirts of a town so that there is more likely to be an undeveloped bank or hillslope behind it that he can pee on and run around a bit. If you want any more doggy travel tips let me know! Hope you get your mountain vacation!!

MizFit said...

WAVES HAND and points to ZAPPOS.COM her retaliation *downfall*


Angie All The Way said...

Awwww, it's never fun to go through a fight like that, even if it's worked out after. When I get upset like that, it can take like a whole day for me to feel better again. Funny how they can just get over it once it's over eh.

Your want to get away with the hubby on a holiday is good planning because you are right, those things don't happen as easily when the family starts to grow. It's still possible, but with a whole other pair of glasses on.

My dear, you are far from a before picture, just so you know. I know those pictures might make you think otherwise, but you are totally an athletic chick with muscles. I can't wait to hear what you decide to do with the book etc.

Hey you just posted on mine at the time I'm writing this - every time I hear you talk about doing your TT at home, it makes me want to get equipped to do strength at home because there's no reason NOT to besides pure laziness if it's there at home. What sorts of stuff do you have to do your TT at home?