Monday, July 21, 2008

dumb dumb dumb

So remember last weekend when I didn't eat any CHEESECAKE at the wedding, and I was just about perfect all weekend on that road trip? Yeah those were the days. Because this flipping weekend, nothing was going on, just stayed home, did some visiting and stuff, and had a carbathon. Big fat boo.

By carbathon I mean eating nearly a full batch (24) of cranberry mini-muffins, every time I passed the dish I'd pop 2 in my mouth. Ugh. I didn't sit down with chips or anything. But I had toast and bowls of cereal (the chocolate kind...) for snacks. bags of peanuts trying to at least cheat in the protein way.

And I didn't do my arm workout sunday. It was just too hot and I was too lazy. (Plus I bought a new laptop and was having fun playing with it instead!)

speaking of which, where can I go (online?) to get a really cute but not super expensive laptop bag? I didn't get the green laptop I initially wanted so I want to make up for it with a cute bag.

PLUS I finally got my Christmas bonus at work (long story), $3000! Yay! so I'm gonna treat myself with that laptop, a nice bag, a pedicure and a wax this week. Fun fun. The rest will be put to our trip in August to Banff and then whatever's left, hits the savings.

Right, so I'm bitching about how bad I am at eating. I feel like the first week I was awesome, then this last week I sucked, but I didn't gain I don't think, just didn't lose any more. So this week (with TOM) I'm hoping for a loss, and for it to be not just on the scale, but in the belly. I've got a wedding this weekend again and I'm gonna wear that same dress (different people there) and I want to be comfortable (again) that there will be no need to suck the gut in.

Anyway, that's the plan. and I know it all comes down to eating. I was listening to an interview with Valerie Waters who trains celebrities and she was talking about people who put on muscle fast (aka me) and that if our eating isn't perfect, but our training is still good, we're going to put on muscle, but not take off fat as quickly, so it'll look like we're bulking up. I'm not getting any bigger right now, but my legs are not getting any smaller (yes they're toned and blah blah, but they're still big). Anyway, she just keyed in to me that it's all the eating. Which I know. Hence I'm going to be PERFECT for the rest of this week. Watch me.

Even if we're eating out at a mexican place today for supper. Doh! Hubby and I never have dates and he has the day off today and has to run errands in the city anyway, so we agreed we'd use one of the coupons I've got for a buy one get one free supper at Cactus Joe's tex mex grill. I guess fajitas with no cheese or sour cream or guacamole are a good bet right? Plus still delicious. Never been there before so maybe they have just like steaks and stuff too. we'll see, but I'll be perfect. I promise.

And I'll get a run in today when we get home. Then tomorrow I'll do arms and legs in one workout to make up for sunday.

food today:
omlet with leftover veggies and egg whites
snack, 90 calories worth of source yogurt
lunch, spinach salad with 2 hard boiled eggs and fat free dressing, a pear and cherries
snack, canned tuna, grapes
supper, fajitas?

Plus I've been chugging the fibre juice today, so yummy and keeps me from snacking. That's a good back on track day huh?


tash said...

Yay for your Christmas bonus!

Kate said...

Ah Christmas Bonus, especially those that finally come in July are great!

Sagan Morrow said...

Wow thats a sweet bonus! And you're going to do great with your eating this week:)

SeaBreeze said...

Try - I got mine from there and they have tons of colors to choose from. Also, you can search by brand "Belkin" on Best Buy or FutureShop and they have some colors there you cant get anywhere else.

Jen said...

OOps, boo to a crappy food weekend!

That is so exciting to have "Christmas in July"!!! Sounds like a fantastic way to spend it as well!!

Fajitas sound good tonight!!!

eurydice said...

how is the fibre juice? i got juice with added calcium and it tastes good...

MizFit said...

curious. was your run GREAT though? powered by all those carbs?

Im thinking it may have been! forget about the 'thon and mooooove forward.

just my .02 ;)


CaRoLyN said...

VERY good back on track day. Mine was great too! Friggin weekends! How skinny minnie would we be without them???

Hope you had a good date with hubby last night! Can't wait to hear about how perfect your order was! :)

Angie All The Way said...

You're not dumb, you're like everyone else in the summertime! But there in lies the problem, right?! lol You strive to be better than everyone else, so that you should be.

Everyone always thinks that summer is "easy" because fresh fruits & veggies etc., but frig, it's just not the case because there's always weddings and fun parties! No one wants to miss out on that, especially at our age. So when we do refrain at those functions, it seems like we subconsciously make up for it by gong down hill after. Then we're left with:

a)having missed out on the fun time we could have had at the wedding/party;
b)feeling guilty over the unjustified bad eating later to "make up for it";
c)trying to come back from the guilt-fest which is hard on the head.

Clean your slate, forget the crap that you ate over the weekend and get on board with what you need to acheive your super toned and lean body! Not everyone can do it, but you can.