Friday, July 11, 2008

WI - I saw the 5!

So wanna hear a possible reason my self body perception could be off? I weighed in this morning at 135.8 (YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!) and then all morning was thinking 158. Only 20 some pounds more than I actually weigh. Interesting.

But did you see that guys! 135.8! and you know you do not see your personal low (around Christmas time I also saw the 5) by eating desserts at a place called calories do you? I had water. And THAT'S ALL! The place was actually very nice. They're sort of a trendy little boutique restaurant kinda thing, lots of wine and foreign beer with funny names and fancy lattes and stuff. My friend had a beer mixed with lemonaid (called something funny) that she said was really good. It was to celebrate my girlfriend's engagement. I realized her wedding next summer is going to be SOOO different than mine (though I'm sure most of your weddings were or will be different than mine.) First, I was the first one married, so when I got engaged there was a whole lot more squealing and ring oogling and excitement. After going through a wedding, I've realized what a silly thing a wedding is. (not to upset those in that stage of their life...)

I even sort of realized this when planning my wedding. I got a cheap dress ($300), and the only altering we did was hem it even though they wanted to do more. I thought it looked fine. We had it in my small town (which just makes weddings more fun, but less pretty). Looking back it was very similar to an 80's grad or wedding. Like with plastic colored table cloths, (green and yellow and white, it was Daisy themed). I bought a bunch of flowers from Safeway and my MIL made the bouquets (by tying them together, nothing fancy). We got the cake from Costco. I wore shoes from payless for half the night, the other half I wore white fuzzy slippers. The only other decorations were candles and mini lights. My uncle made the wine. The food was buffet style, even I walked through the buffet line. My mom's church choir did the music at church, my aunt took pictures, my cousin did video. Favours were candy hearts tied together in tulle with ribbon (We've always given each other a pack of love hearts just as a little I love you, or I'm sorry or whatever, and hubby proposed with a pack that he arranged for every candy to say "marry me". sweet huh?) So my wedding was the first one, and it was the "ugliest". But it was ridiculously fun. I wasn't uptight about anything. Oh, even the car we drove around in was my mom's green van that the groomsmen decorated with a bunch of plastic goose decoys for hunting. I'll try and find pictures sometime.

Then my girlfriends get married and their weddings are all beautiful and in hotels and they got chocolate bars as favours with their names in this custom designed artwork stuff. With the trendy flowers and bridesmaid dresses and everything was crazy beautiful. But it was boring. Drinks were expensive, everyone was being very civilized, there was no garter toss. But their pictures were amazing. I'm sure they had fun. But I KNOW everyone had fun at my wedding.

Anyway, not sure what my point was there. Just my thoughts on weddings. Got one this weekend to go to. It'll be alright. My cousins and uncles are fun to hang out with. They're down and dirty farmers who'll drink until the bar's dry and just hang out and tell stories all night. (funny how the booze is on my radar for good or bad weddings when everywhere else I'm not a fan of drinking...). So even though I believe the other half of the family is more "civilized" at least our half will have some fun.

So yesterday did the BFL strength thing in the gym. Dudes, I was so excited about it, all this time to spend in the gym, and I forgot my SHOES! DUMB DUMB DUMB! But I didn't let that stop me, I drove to my sister's house, borrowed her shoes and went back to the gym (she's 10 minutes away). I figured for just strength stuff it didn't really matter that they didn't fit right. 3 bonus points for that!

The gym was busier than I expected. So I had to adjust my plan a little bit. First I did things in the wrong order, based on what weights and machines were available. That's probably wrong to tire out your bicepts before doing the back and stuff but I did what I could. I even got down right off the incline chest press machine and did pushups in like the hallway since the other machine was busy. 1 bonus point. I really had a hard time picking which weights to use for things since you have to do 4 different weights. I went too light on several but now I know for next time. I then did leg presses even though they weren't on my list, because I just wanted to see how heavy I could go. I gotta say I love the leg press machine with heavy weight (140 lbs) because I can actually feel it in my butt! Then I did a glute program on the elliptical while I caught up on celebrity magazines (30 minutes bonus workout - 2 points). Today I don't feel sore anywhere.
:( 3 penalty points. I suppose if I move around and stretch a bit I can feel a few things. But not like I wanted to be. I guess I do know I need heavier weights next time.

A couple comments from your comments:

cottage cheese smoothies are the shit! (in a good way). I got in the habit of doing vanilla protein powder smoothies because that's more convenient. But I love the cottage cheese ones more. The consistancy is fine. You notice chunks of strawberry before cheese chunks. My recipe from this morning was about 1/2 cup cottage cheese, a couple tablespoons splenda, handfull frozen strawberries, half a frozen banana, bunch of water to right consistancy. SOOOOO GOOD! Packs a mean protein punch too!

I am not at all un-used to eating this much food! It's actually probably less than normal, just more protein. I do notice that I'm hungry more than I used to be. Not all the time, but at meal time. I'm taking this to mean my metabolism is charging back up.

The BFL authorized food list online only said "this is just a sample of the food you can eat" or something. Like strawberries weren't on there. In fact a lot of fruit wasn't specifically listed. I'm not gonna assume this means they're not allowed. In fact i'm not REALLY going with the AUTHORIZED foods, rather just not eating the UNAUTHORIZED ones. I think that chickpeas have enough protein in them, that for me, I'll count them as a protein source.

When I say lack of waist, I think I mean lack of hips. If I had wider hips, I'd love my waist. I just mean, lack of hourglass figure. I'm not really unhappy at all with my waist, especially from the back. It's just the pudge I get out front that bugs me. Also that picture was first thing out of the shower, right away in the morning. So the pudge wasn't that visible I guess. You should see my belly right now as I'm sitting. THAT's what I want gone. Oh, and my hair was wet, not dyed darker. It is always interesting though, hearing somebody critique their own body. When I see somebody else, I look at the parts that I don't like on me, and they don't have the same problem so I think they look soo good, I don't even ever look at hips or outer thigh fat because I don't have that problem. So if you do have that problem you'll look at me and be so jealous and think I'm crazy. know what I mean?

Oh yeah, my boobs look good in that bikini because it's the most amazing triangle string bikini ever. It's like a freaking pushup supportive bra but looks like tiny scraps of fabric. Score.

So much more I know I wanted to talk about. Probably more later then.


eurydice said...

Yah for the 5!!!

I am the same as you with the no waist - I have a boyish figure - I'll be surprised if I can push out babies with these little hips... My mom had 3 c-sections... did yours? (sometimes this runs in the fam)

Jenn said...

YAY!!!! Congrats on the 5, you rock.
Interesting perspective on weddings. Now that mine is over I'm really glad I didn't spend more time worrying about it. Its amazing how much fussing goes into one freaking day.

Good job at the gym!
Thanks for the info on the cottage cheese smoothie. I'll have to get brave and try it.
Have fun this weekend!

Jen said...

*laughs* where do I even start commenting???

AWESOME job on the 5! That is amazing!!!

I hear you on the weddings...I think EVERY person is so "into" their wedding at the time and then afterwards it's like "huh"...I agree, my wedding was pretty "redneck" compared to my friends...but honestly, I was the only one able to relax...we did pictures at the same spot as a bunch of other weddings (Fort mac is small) and I was the only bride not freaking about her dress (in fact I was sitting in the grass!)

And that is a really sweet way for your husband to propose!!!!

Okay, now I forgot everything else I was going to say...I'm sure it had to do with you being awesome...

Angie All The Way said...

You are not letting anything stop you and I love it! NOthing was getting in the way of your workout! You are going to see 133 sooo fast you're not gonna know what to do! ;)

Angie All The Way said...

OH and you might find this site helpful for cottage cheese recipes: