Friday, July 25, 2008

long hair

So awhile ago I decided that this would be my last long hair summer. (summer seems like long hair to me, frolicking on the beach with long blond hair right?) Even though I've had long hair now (longer than shoulder), for about 6 years, I still feel like it's not the norm for me. I had long hair when I was a kid, like less than 9, then when I got it cut, people were all over about how much older I looked. Then I got it cut even shorter at about 14 and it was more of the same.

However with long hair, I look like I'm in high school. I get ID'd all the time. This woman I met when walking Daisy asked what grade I was in. My hair dresser last time thought I was skipping school. Nobody believes that i've been married for 4 years. (yes I know, I'll appreciate this looking young thing one day right? Still waiting for that. It would be one thing if I looked 22 or something forever, but I look 16 apparently! And I still have wrinkles!)

You guys are right though, I can have long hair again later. I just feel like I'm too old for it now. But I'm clearly not (right? when does too old show up anyway?)

Long hair is a lot of work, but I don't really do any work to it anyway. I make sure to condition well so it's not a disaster, but I rarely get it trimmed, and usually either let it air dry or put in in a ponytail.

Plus my hair is long enough that I can cut it significantly and still have long hair. (It's currently below my boobs when I pull it to the front). I think I'm gonna keep my same bangs, they're finally manageable (I've got a crazy cowlick that leaves me few options)

I'm terribly nervous, but I think I'm gonna cut it around shoulder length now. Just need to think of some kind of style. (layers? angled?)



CaRoLyN said...

OF COURSE you are not too old for long hair. In fact....these are PRIME long hair ages for us darlin! We should be in our long hair glory and soaking up every minute of it!

You can alwasy cut it off short and then let it grow out again, just to mix things up a little!

Anonymous said...

do long layers for sure if you MUST cut it. hehe.

Dawn said...

It is just hair!! CUT IT!! Go with long layers and angled towards your face. I bet it will look great. Take before and after pics to share with us. OH how I love it when people get their haircut.

tash said...

Get some long layers and get some cool colours. I get super blond highlights (I'm blond to begion with) and than a few dark ones through my bangs and a bit down one side, than all underneath in the back. I get a lot of compliments on the colour - and it looks cool up and down.

Get it cut bit by bit - it may take more time and money to get to what you want - but you will end up getting exactly what you want.

Crystal said...

Your never to old for long hair but it is nice to get a cut and change things up now and then. I have longer hair, not quite as long as yours, and I have the standard pony tail too. I'd look at some pics and see if a style jumps out at you. Do you have a hairdresser you really like/trust?

Sagan Morrow said...

You're only as old as you feel! Ergo, you can have long hair for the rest of your life and never be too old for it:)

Missicat said...

If I am not too old for long hair, then you definitely are not! :-) Though I agree, change sometimes is good.