Thursday, July 3, 2008


So things are going good here in my neck of the boonies. Didn't work out yesterday, but I figure that's alright. I was sore from the run and the tubing still. Plus I hadnt' done any unpacking or cleaning since last friday. Yipes.

So I spent the night cleaning and doing yard work. I cut the grass, weeded the garden, picked rhubarb, watered everything. Came inside and tackled dishes and laundry. Hubby luckily had the day off and had cleaned the entire rest of the house (even the junk drawer!). I got home late though (getting groceries) so by the time that was all done, it was time for bed.

Supper yesterday was just me, since hubby goes for wings on wednesday. So I made a tuna sandwich and some stir fry veggies. No they don't go together, but they're both good. And a glass of milk, and NO DESSERT! wowsa! Didn't even really want it! I have no real explanation for it but I'll take it.

I think yesterday was a really great day foodwise. Today is shaping up to be as well. I had a pretty big breakfast, 2 toast with pb and a banana. It's hard to spread the chunky pb thin so I think I had a ton. I had no morning snack, just a tiny apricot. Lunch was leftover veggies and then 3 crispbreads with 2 light laughing cow cheese thingers. Then about half a pineapple! YUM! This afternoon, i've got hummus and carrots and grapes. Plus the yogurt from this morning that I didn't eat. It won't be all of that, but some of it will be consumed. Then supper tonight I have no plans. It might be hotdogs cooked on the firepit, hubby was talking about doing that. But I've been enjoying my unsuppers. Like open a can of soup, or just eat watermelon for 3 hours. We'll see. Since I've got it in my head that it's a good food day hopefully that will carry over to my supper decisions.

Plus I'm going to workout tonight. Do a good strength routine thing. So I feel sore tomorrow. Probably some kind of jogging with the dog since she's been extra hyper. Plus it's gonna be a hot weekend I think so I'll want to do my outdoor exercise when it's a little cooler (though it's 25 outside right now. but this weekend and next week are looking at 29ish.)

Anyway, not a lot to say. Back to thesis edits. Got none done this morning because again, stupid work got in the way.


Charlotte said...

I personally think tuna and stir fry are an excellent combination:) And anyone who is a "total muscle chick" is good in my book!

Thanks for your comment on my blog - your niece is very blessed to have you in her life!

Jen said...

I like weird food combinations! I like a lot of things that don't traditionally go well together!!!

I LOVE chunky pb!!! But I buy smooth so I can control it better!!!

I also love "unsuppers" every once in a while...but, mmm, firepit hotdogs sounds yum!

Apparently I love everything today! Good luck on getting the thesis edits done!!!!

Sagan Morrow said...

I love doing the whole unsupper thing too. Theres something great about munching your way through the evening:)

MizFit said...

I so love the odd food combos that it's typically me eating a concoction and my husband/daughter eating one or 2 PARTS of my mixture for their meal.

hang in there with the's all worth it though TEDIOUS.