Thursday, July 10, 2008

so far so good

So I'm like 3 days into my 84 day challenge (that doesn't sound so bad at all!) and things are going good. Aside from having a hard time thinking of protein and eating the same things repeatedly, no problem at all. I've had eggs like 3 times in the last 2 days. Either hard boiled or scrambled or omlets. It's alright I like them, but I think i'm going to get sick of them if I keep that up. I did stock up on tuna and salmon, and I'll try and do that twice a week. The carb source for every meal so far has been fruit. I love it. If fruit didn't count as a carb I'm sure I'd be doing atkins or something. Well not true, I'm eating oatmeal with protein powder mixed in (with a banana mashed in too) a lot. I peaked at the scale this morning and it showed me at 136.0 so that's sort of a loss from last week. It's so tough to say because I peak at the scale every day, and this is the first day that's shown a loss. I have this gain loss wave thing that's going on weekly (monday is always high, gradual loss until friday, then gain on the weekend, but as long as a monday is less than last monday or friday less than last friday I think it's a loss, of course my official WI is on my lowest day of the week!)

A recap of my food for the day:
1: peach cut up with splenda, smoothie with cottage cheese, splenda, strawberries and another peach
2: finesse yogurt, 6 almonds
3: curry chickpeas (not sure on the protein in this thing...I've been counting it as a protein source...), cherries
4: carrots, hummus, grapes
5: energy bar (pre-workout designed thing), almonds for preworkout
6: oatmeal with protein powder, crispbread with laughing cow light wedges.

I might stick a peach with any one of those meals. Seems good for a day huh? the supper is random because I'm not going home until after a date with the girls. So I've got from 4:30 until 7:30 to kill at the gym (sweet!) and to fill myself up so I'm not tempted when we're going out for dessert (at a restaurant called Calories, seriously). I probably will have a diet coke. If I'm feeling super deprived or like I might cave maybe a protein bar, but that's 7 meals in 1 day. Crazy.

Today I'm going to do a body part split weight thing. Since I'm at the gym anyway and didn't bring my TT workouts (which are mostly pushups and planks which I can do at home) I thought I'd do the real BFL workout. So i'm gonna do:

Incline presses
(bench presses)
Cable rows
(pull ups)
Front raises
(upright barbell row)
Dumbell curls
(barbell curls)
Dumbell extension

The first exercise you're supposed to do 5 sets of with different weights, 12 with lighter, 10 with little heavier, 8 even heavier, 6 heaviest, and then 12 with a lighter again. Then immediately go to the exercise in () and do 12 reps. If that doesn't make your muscles sore, I don't know what will.

Sounds fun huh? I hope the gym isn't busy, I'm basically gonna be standing out in the dumbell section for like 40 minutes. Most people at the gym just use the stupid machines, or else are big macho tough guys doing bench presses. Oh well, hopefully I'll also stand out for looking so damn good right? Or at least for looking like I know what I'm doing.

Even though it is not prescribed, as I've got tons of time to kill, I'll do some cardio also. I did cardio intervals last night. Felt REALLY awesome. Did intervals like this (on the RPE scale):
2 minute warm up
1 min 6
1 min 7
1 min 8
1 min 9
repeated 5 times, the last one was more like a 10 than a 9 though which is what you want. It wasn't QUITE the BFL thing, cause the last set you're supposed to do 1 min at 9 then 1 min at 10. but you're also only supposed to do it 4 times, but I did it 5 times (I knew it was supposed to be 20 minutes, but I didn't know if the warm up counted, plus I wasn't home yet anyway). Anyway, I really really liked this workout. We'll see how I feel after weights at the gym, may do intervals, but may do some steady state lighter stuff and read a magazine (since it's a bonus workout). I can do whatever I want for it!

Didn't see hubby at all last night. I took off early from work and shopped with my sister, bought a dressy shirt, t-shirt and shorts for $20. score. Didn't get home until 7:30 (which is way too late to eat supper!) Did my workout, dishes, watched so you think you can dance. Hit the hay. Hubby went to take movies back and ran into his cousin so he went for a drink with him, then when I called and said I was in the city still he decided he didn't need to rush home and went to his house to look at cabin plans or something and didn't come home until midnight or something. I was asleep, didn't even wake up. Now tonight I'm going to be out with the girls until probably my bed time. Sheesh. Luckily he can't escape me this weekend, we're going to a wedding in Regina, booked a hotel for just the 2 of us. Maybe i'll take a picture of my cute new dress for it. (since there never seem to be any pictures of me taken at events, remember those hogfest pictures I promised? yeah.)

anyway, eating time.


marie said...

Are you following the authorized food list for BFL? I didn't think chickpeas were a protein source on there. There's only a few veggie protein sources listed and I don't remember that being there.

I remember LIVING off of cottage cheese and yogurt...although, I still do :)

eurydice said...

I can't believe that restaurant is called calories! I once refused to go to a restaurant called "Piggies" hahaha.

Sara said...

I love the BFL strength plan. I don't do it at home now b/c I just don't have the weights for it. But when I belonged to a gym I always did it. It is hard and challenging but with the way it is set up the time just flies!

Jen said...

Your meal plan sounds really good!!! I don't know if chickpeas are protein or not!!!

I am surprised that a restaurant with a name like that survives...crazy!!!

I can't wait to see pics of you in the dress!!!

Angie All The Way said...

That dish I made the other night was curry coconut chickpeas and it was delish! It's hard to eat so much at first. I know I had a hard time adjusting to an omlette in the morning on the low carb days but mine would be one whole egg plus addition whites which does lighten it up a bit. Still it was hard to adjust. So basically I only eat omlettes twice per week on those two days. It's a nice feeling not to be hungry at all though.

Jenn said...

I think that your meal plan sounds really good! shows 1 cup of chickpeas as having 22 grams of protein. That's pretty good, isn't it?

Wow - Calories is the name??? Good luck! I was going to suggest having a fruit cup, but at a place named Calories it would probably be drenched in chocolate or something.

I've never made a smoothie with cottage cheese before - how's the texture of the smoothie? I don't know about that....

Have fun at the wedding!! Take pictures for us!!!