Wednesday, July 23, 2008

you guys should feel how awesome I feel

I feel so good right now. My arms are so tired. I have to rest my arms when I type, they just feel tired when I lift them or move them. I had a great workout last night. It was like 1.5 hours of muscle wrecking (followed with 8 hours of muscle building while I slept last night, that's how it works right).

So I did a full body thing. And since I had to do so many exercises, if a machine I was going to use was full, or the weights I wanted were gone, I'd just do a different body part. Worked really really well. (I need a ton of different weights for every exercise, 5 sets right?)

I came to a conclusion afterward too. I don't know if I really changed my body in 1 day (though seriously, my muscle memory works like that so I wouldn't be suprised), but my body image changes after a hard weight day. I was all checking out my shoulders and saw little dents and muscle striations (is that a thing?) when I moved. Scared the crap out of myself when I saw my amazing 2 pack in the mirror (getting out of the shower, bent over leaning for a towel, seriously HUGE dents and bumps in my upper abs! 6 pack here I come!). After weights I feel so much more positive about my body. I do think it helps that everything is sort of tight right after for awhile. But that's my thing right? I won't ever be a long lean toned body type. I'm muscley, I should stick to what works. Cause I can seriously work this!

Today is an interval day. Though it's supposed to rain all day. We'll see, if it's not raining, Daisy and I will run to hubby's ball. if it is, I'll try some body weight circuit thing (not heavy weights, but just to get heart rate up, a TT workout thing) or maybe jump rope or something. Just me for supper, I'm cooking a chicken stir fry with lots of cabbage (since I have a lot, no other reason).

Anybody have opinions on wireless routers? SaskTEL (my internet provider) says they will rent a wireless router to me for $3/month, or I can buy one from Future Shop or something for $30 for a G router, or $60 for an N (N is supposed to be much faster I guess, but that's what I want to know from you tech geeks! opinions?)

But more laptop playing and house cleaning tonight. That same SIL and her family that were here last weekend are back again friday night for a wedding. Ugh, I'm tired of them. that's funny.

I want to say I'll go back to the gym and do another full body workout thursday, but I need to book a pedicure (not for friday night, since we've got company right) before the wedding saturday, so unless saturday morning, thursday night will likely be when I'm doing that. I'm so excited. I've never had a pedicure before (and trust me, my feet definately look like it too).

Anyway, lunch is calling since I didn't have a snack (just too busy and not hungry enough). Spinach salad with 2 hard boiled eggs (without most of yolk, given to my dog). lots of fruit and yogurt and cheese for the rest of the day.


Jen said...

You definitely can't fight your body type hey!! My mom always wants to be tall and stick thin...even though she is short and curvy...I say make the best body you can and WORK IT!!! Sounds like an amazing workout as well!!!

ENJOY your pedicure!!! I love them!!! I usually only get one a year though (and everytime I say I will keep it up at home...and I don't)

CaRoLyN said...

You kick ass!!!

I love how into working out you are! I seem to have lost my exercise mojo the last 2 weeks but hopefully it's back this week. Tomorrow is only gym day #3 for the week but with each visit I feel a little more motivated. But you, YOU are kicking some serious butt. We need to see pics of your buffness!

I e-mailed your router question to my hubby as he is the geek in our relationship. Here's what I got:
"Is she buys a router, tell her to go with Linksys and not a NetGear (NetGear gave me lots of trouble and I had to take it back and get a Linksys, other people I know did the same). Linksys hasn’t given me any trouble at all. We have a wireless G (support 802.11b and g) router, which works fine for us. But a Wireless-N router can be up to 9 times faster and the rage is also about 3 times better. But if cost is a factor, if the router supports 802.11b and g (which is what we have) it would be fine."

tash said...

I love the way I feel after working out. Even though I am the same, I just feel thinner!

Dawn said...

Glad you enjoyed your workout. Sounds like you pushed yourself hard. You will LOVE THE PEDICURE!!!