Thursday, December 6, 2007

Almonds, how could I forget

I like almonds. And they're good for you. And the best part is - they keep you full. Not right away, but eat 20 of them and wait half an hour (and call me in the morning....) and you'll be nicely satisfied. Warning - watch the portions! Also high in calories!

I'm taking the first holiday day since I started working tomorrow. (reread that and it looks like I start work tomorrow or something... the holiday's tomorrow). Our car is getting totalled of by the insurance company - woohoo! So for our junker car that somebody backed into that we would have got maybe $500 for selling on our own, the insurance company is giving us $1800! yay! Happy Christmas! Anyway, the appointment in at 3 tomorrow and I was gonna do all this stuff, like dentist and massage and shopping. But it's working out that i'm just getting a massage (my first REAL massage, I've had a hot stone massage but that's not a tissue thing - quick tell me what to expect!) and maybe buying some running shoes.

I'm feeling skinny today. not gonna jinx the scale thing (like I have for the past 3 weeks) but I'm hoping for a mini loss as opposed to a gain. BUt I guess I should be happy with a maintain too considering how bad the weekend was. Food since then has been alright. Nothing too great. Did have a few cookies. But today was a spinach salad with 2 eggs for lunch. If only I liked eggs more. But I can only stand them as a once in awhile thing. But nice way to get the protein in lunches.

So I went to visit my friend yesterday. I brought her a little onesy with a touque with a Christmas pattern. They weren't expecting their kid until after Christmas so they didn't have anything Christmasy yet. It was newborn size, but their baby was only like 6 lbs (which is ok for 3 weeks early I guess, plus tons of dark hair, I said they'd be able to braid it if she was on time) And no offense to mothers with hairy babies, but it was all smooth, like without the hair all over the face and stuff so really pretty. I guess it's even prettier too because it was a c-section and didn't get her head squished. I'm so nice.

But I only sorta realized how freakin' early I was and how that might be inappropriate. I was there at 5:00 and they're baby was only born at 7:30 the night before. Their parents were just leaving and nobody else had visited yet. They hadn't even sent an email out to everyone about that they had their baby, I heard from the best friend of the new mom! Oh well. The baby wasn't in their room (in NICU) so I didn't get to see her yet. But hubby and I might visit tomorrow after the car stuff to see her. and bring a lasagna. (how do you bring something like that to a hospital? I guess you save it until she's at home)

Class last night was alright. I pushed it pretty hard. The cardio part I realized that even though I was getting really tired, there was only 1 song left, or this song was almost over or there's a rest right away and then we don't do much for legs or whatever and I managed to push it a little harder. I usually save some of it in the tank I think, as if it were my first class and didn't know how much was left or something. But anyway, so I had a pretty good hard class. I did start getting this rash irritation thing on my upper arm flab, almost armpit. It was from my arm rubbing on my clothes or else my hairy pits. I dunno. Never happened before. I hated it. It was a fat feeling. Reminded me of inner thigh chafing. Only upper arm chaffing. I felt fat last night when that was going on let me tell you. Felt like I had Oprah arms. (you know what I'm mean right? I know she's gotten in shape and lost weight and is really strong, but the woman has really bad flabby arms!)

Gym tonight with my sister. It's gonna be 30 minutes cardio. Maybe elliptical not treadmill. I really need new shoes, I get such bad blisters and pain in my feet running for more that 20 minutes. Then some chin-ups. Probably all. Then friday or saturday I'm gonna try to get in another workout. I've got one of my major Christmas Look-Good-For events this saturday. Hubby's Christmas party. (followed by Hubby's hockey beer night with people I actually like). Since hubby said I look "old" in my skirt I sewed with my polkadot button up shirt I don't wanna wear it. (even though it's just a grown-up style compared to the holey jeans and hoodies I usually wear) Thanks hubby. I'm not gonna wear it. Plus frankly it's a bit tight for sitting for long periods of time. It's more of a standing or "perching" skirt (high waisted pencil skirt). So all that means is I'm gonna punish him with a little retain retribution and buy myself something to wear. So yay shopping at least!

Anyway, I'll probably post my WI tomorrow but since I'm not at work it might be a short post. HOLIDAY! remember to get your WIs to Carolyn or I tomorrow. There's like 3 WIs left for this Christmas challenge. Unfortunately since I suck, I'm aiming at 50% of goal by christmas. Have I mentioned how I hate Tammy and Sheri? (by the way I hope they don't take offense at this, but they're both mom's with teenager kids I think, in their 40's - I think? And again no offense to other challengers, but how many of us in our 20s are nowhere near our goals? Interesting to me. Maybe that's saying that typical 20 something things have got to go - drinking, parties, lack of sleep, eating out. The other thing that's important in this is that both these ladies really focus on exercise and fitness and do strength training exercises. IT'S IMPORTANT LADIES - YES I MEAN YOU CAROLYN!) ;)

Boy with that little post I might have insulted everyone of my readers and blog friends. Dangerous line I'm walking here Randi! A screw it - they know me and they know I don't mean anything by it and that I always stick my foot in my mouth anyways.


Wheebs said...

Grey's was a repeat last week so Part 2 is tonight!

Tammy said...

You crack me up, Randi! No offense taken whatsoever. Yes, I am an almost 41 year old mother of 3 teenagers and I am not at all ashamed to admit it. Honestly, I think the key to my success (for the record, I've lost almost 25 pounds since September 3rd) is really just determination. When I get focused I don't cheat. EVER. And that is not natural, LOL. Most people can't do that, but for some reason I can. However, when I'm NOT focused then it isn't pretty. That is why I have already decided that this is a lifestyle now. When I lose my last 6 pounds I will continue to eat healthy and exercise (and yes, strength training is a MUST) and mix things up, and as long as I, or anyone for that matter, can do that, then I/they will be successful. I believe that dieting is 90% mental. In fact, I say it, but really I'd rather not say the "D" word, because there is something about that word that makes you want to eat yourself out of house and home. It's mental--diet means deprivation. And heaven knows we hate to be deprived. Eating healthy and exercising just has to be a lifestyle. Once you get into that mindset it is much easier. Oh, and yeah, not partying with friend every weekend helps immensely! Hang in there sweetie, you will reach your goal. I have every faith in you! :) Sorry for the novel. Have a great night and a good holiday!

Christy said...

I agree - I love your posts and you totally crack me up!!! The best part is you FEEL skinny, who cares what the darn scale says!!! Have a great LONG weekend :)

Lindsay said...

hmmm ALMONDS! i love them and they are sooo good for you! one of those foods that i wish was a little lower in points :)

I loved your comment on my blog! its so true, I didnt have to much to loose in the beginning, yet because im so short, i was considered overweight! barely but still was, and i think because im so short, every extra pound makes that difference :) As well i want to do the best for my body!

sherijung said...

Yeah, what Tammy said. Heh! I'm 45, with two teenage boys. So it ain't easy to watch them pound back the food, and they aren't thrilled with all the salad eating going on. But I do have to say that I don't have the temptation to drink that most of the 20 somethings have. I decided to pretty much abstain for the duration, because I'd rather eat than drink!

But I totally agree with Tammy, it is 90% mental. And when I decide to do something, I go at it like crazy. But I also swear by mini goals along the way, and taking scheduled diet vacations, just to be able to start over fresh.

Have a great day off Randi.

Adora said...

Expect to be a little sore after your deep tissue massage. Drink lots of water to flush the toxins!

Shannon said...

you are funny, you just say what everyone else is thinking. :)

Swizzlepop said...

Almonds! I love then but never buy whole ones, I think I need to do that. I'm creating a list for shopping and almonds are definitely going to be on there. Yay for the early Christmas car present, that is great.
Feeling skinny is the best! Then you think skinny and I'm convinced that once you feel it and think it you become it :).

Wait, how do you go from feeling skinny to feeling fat in the same day and post? Only you Randi :P

ANd I don't think you offended everyone, you just tell it like it is that's all. When's your birthday?