Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wake up!

Hello Randi? Wake the hell up! How could you let TOM screw you so bad on this one? I dunno. I don't think it usually does.

I've hated my last like 5 posts. The whiney - it's too hard right now, I just need a break, I have no time. boo me. That is not Randi. That's something else. Randi says, "screw that, if it's hard it's worth it, time off equals pounds on and god damn make time."

I want Randi back.

So today I am hitting the gym after work. baby steps people. Hopefully just being back in there will flick a switch and I'll be all hard core and pumpy again. I'm not going to eat again this afternoon until I'm hungry in my tummy, not just in my eyes. I will not eat a single piece of cake or cookie or anything tonight. Yeah it's bad to deprive but trust me, I'm not deprived. Tomorrow I'm going to eat half a sandwich, bring some fruit just in case (work meetings all day tomorrow, catered), I can have 1 cookie tomorrow at coffee break. I will also go to the gym tomorrow as well - if not, do a Turbulence Training workout at home. (they worked all summer, why not now? basically squats and lunges and pushups etc) Friday is NOT a write off. It is possible to behave at a Christmas party foodwise and I will prove it. I can also fake it on the drinks, order my own pop so I can skip out when they buy rounds (bosses seem to try and get me drunk at functions like this. They can buy the drinks, doesn't mean I have to drink them.) Last minute trips to the mall etc will not make me eat junk food.
note to self - put some protein bars in the car. Eat those when you're dumb and get crazy starving.

Then it's home time boys and girls. And I think things will get easier. I'm gonna let myself enjoy *some* treats at home but as always I like to feel superior to other people (inlaws) and may let them stuff their faces while I sip my water. we'll see... Plus I'm looking forward to some sledding/snowman/snowfort/snow angel exercise with the neice and nephew. Maybe some hockey. Plus my mom and dad have a treadmill and tons of weights. and it won't be my house so there won't be chores to do. no excuses.

Any help cracking the whip is greatly appreciated over the next couple days.


eurydice said...

I like your no excuses attitude.

Wheebs said...

Great attitude. Sometimes the whole "it's not good to deprive myself" thing is used as a copout. You don't need the cookies or cake every day. You can get through today without them.

Have fun at the gym!

Cara said...

I love this quote from this post: "screw that, if it's hard it's worth it, time off equals pounds on and god damn make time." Inspires me :-)

Everyone gets into a funk every once in awhile. At least you know when its time to kick yourself out of it.

Consider the whip cracked.

sherijung said...

Whew! I was worried about you, but you're back!

I'll be keeping my eye on you, so watch out.

Swizzlepop said...

Well I can't say much because I haven't been blogging, logging or participating in the challenge anymore but I'm trying and I've lost. I have like 20+ of your entries to catch up on so I don't know what's going on but I know Randi and Randi is an arse kicker and needs to come back! You can make it through the week and holidays and come out on top. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

browneyedmaris said...

Yea! I've missed the kicking-ass-and-taking-names Randi!

Tammy said...

Sheri summed up my sentiments exactly! I was wondering what was going on with you. Glad to see that you are coming to your senses, haha! Yes, this is a hard time of the year to be serious, but with a little determination and will power, YOU CAN DO IT!! Just purpose to do it and you will find that it isn't that tough. Remember, weight loss is 90% mental. It's a decision and a commitment. Your plans sounds perfect. Now just DO IT! And keep us posted about how you are doing. Accountability is very important :) Go you!!

Emo Eater said...

Just came across your blog and I am all about the "No cop outs" attitude. Got to it, I'm sure you'll whip yourself into shape.

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