Tuesday, December 18, 2007

OMG I forgot about new years

Well I was saying before that by this friday I'd only have Christmas eve that I wanted to look nice for. Well I forgot all about New Year's EVE! The time when I get to dress up sorta cute and hang out with all my friends and I don't want to be fat for that! I hate trying to dress cute and hating all my clothes. I have nice clothes! I might want to wear one of my 2 year old black tops. One is empire waist sort of baby doll like but the belly part is sheer. Can't wear that with rolls. The other is a bit safer, black with cold glitter patterned into it, halter style, halter always looks nice on me. Or I could wear my other new shirt which is sort of ivory and the belly part on that is see through as well.

I'm going to hang the see through black shirt in the kitchen somewhere. I found my motivation for not going nuts over Christmas! yay! (not that I'll necessarily wear it, I've also got a couple skirts that are options, black with white polka dots, but what sort of shirt with that? boxing day shopping?)

oh yeah, what do you think about wearing white pants at new years?


Candace said...

Don't wear see-thru white pants with coloured panties - tacky. That's all.

Tammy said...

Ooh, don't forget about New Year's Eve! You definitely want to look hot! I almost wish I had someplace to go on New Year's Eve now. Just stay focused on that goal of looking cute and you will have no trouble sticking to your plan.

eurydice said...

i would say don't wear the white pants. but i'm traditional. sort of.