Monday, December 17, 2007


So that's what I feel like. It was an ugh weekend. I don't know what the problem is, I think I need my christmas holidays.

I used to be so productive and efficient on the weekends. This weekend sucked in that regard. It was kind of busy and had a few late nights that made me want to sleep in and be lazy. So that's what I did.

I can't wait for summer when I can run outside on the weekends again. Changes the whole day.

Anyway, friday we had a Christmas party with a bunch of friends. I brought some baking and the tortilla rollups. There were a bunch of other dips and stuff too. I had 2 slices of a small frozen pizza for supper (560 calories, totally fine) but still had the munchies at the party, and I didn't want to restrict myself at the party since it was one of the Christmas parties I was looking forward to. So I was eating when I wasn't hungry. and I realized it at the time and said "oh well I'll just be good the rest of the weekend".

The saturday I just did a bit of stuff around the house while hubby was at work. a bit of laundry or whatever. Went to visit hubby at lunch at work. So I brough a sub which we split (my half with mustard and no cheese) so that was a nice healthy lunch. good. Don't even know what went on the rest of the day. Just so blah, watched movies and stuff. Was supposed to be shopping and finishing Chrsitmas but I never. I did wrap presents at least.

Then saturday night we had another Christmas party/birthday to go to. Fun again. but we just grabbed supper on the way over. (I had 1 slice of pizza at 5, so like 300 calories-ish earlier) and hubby wanted mcdonalds. so I just had a fruit and yogurt parfait. But I ate half of one of hubbies double cheeseburgers. There were snacks at the party so I had a few things. Not to bad. But some cheese and a few cookies. I decorated a can of nuts and brought that over so I had some of those too.

Hubby and I had some sort of weird blow out fight on the way home from that one. It was the kind where hubby just was mad at me for everything and I didn't know what we were fighting about. So he's saying how I'm "always saying" whatever or "never let him" whatever and putting words in my mouth and so I say no I never said that, and he changes topics into something else and gets mad at me for something else. I was mad at him for fighting like a jerk. He slept on the couch and I cried myself to sleep. In the morning he was sorry and acting normal-ish but I was still really hurt that he was such a jerk. So when we made up I tried to figure out what the fight was about and you know "learn" something from it. But I basically boiled down to him saying that he was a jerk and it was all his fault and that he just wouldn't do it again and he'd stop being mean. Yeah, heard that one before buddy. You know I can't just say in the middle of our next fight "you promised you wouldn't be mean any more!". That would really go over. Boo hubby!

But then Sunday was more movie watching and house cleaning. I also made Frogs, (thank you Carolyn, very very good, and easy!) and then I made these spinach and feta triangles in phyllo dough. YUM! and pretty easy! very fancy seeming. I love phyllo dough! Makes me look like a pro chef! I'm not sure how well they'll keep without getting soggy. The plan is to have them at home over Christmas.

Then sunday night was my dad's Christmas party thing. I wasn't too hungry before it, because I had a couple spinach things at 3:30, supper was at 5. But I ordered chicken and pork tenderloin. Came with soup, and salad, and rolls, and I had a fancy umbrella drink (just 1). So I wasn't hungry at all for supper. But then I ate most of it. including most of the baked potato with sour cream and chives. AND about half a berry cheesecake dessert. Hubby and I went to Walmart afterwards and my stomach was just killing me. It was so stretched I felt like I'd pop. Bad form Randi. It's not like it was bad food and even half a cheesecake isn't terrible. But when you aren't hungry to begin with, it's no good at all.

I'm losing steam folks! That's why I think I need my holidays! weeks have just been flying, but I'm just not on top of it lately. Lack of gym time I betcha.

This week I've got my last class tonight. Then tuesday is a potluck (I think I'll try Angie's meatballs), so probably no gym. not likely enough time to get it done, get home and back in the city and not be all stinky. Wednesday I'll hit the gym since there's no class. Then thursday is Professional Development day at work, so just presentations all day (oh oh catered food!) so it's up in the air whether I'll make the gym after, not sure when it ends. Hopefully gym time. Then friday is work Christmas party starting in the afternoon (10 pin bowling so that's sort of exercise right?) then big supper and all that later on. no gym then. Saturday is paking and going home (or maybe sunday, depends how ready we are for Christmas).

I think starting when we get home I'm going to turn my brain off a bit, including the weight loss thinking. Like I said, I need a break. Some things won't change, I still try and eat veggies and steer clear of full fat foods etc, but I'm not going to feel guilty about food and just eat what I feel like. I seem to be slipping into that right now anyway so I just need a bit of a break where it's ok. So from Dec 22 until Dec 26th, it might be a bit of a free for all. Then when hubby has to go back to work and i'm at home again, it might be more structured, I'll try and get some more workouts in and eat more salads and stuff. Then January it's back to kick assing. Does that seem like a cop out or cheating? I think I need to not worry about sucking my gut in for a bit. Besides, the main things I wanted to look good for are over except for my work Christmas party friday (so really gonna try and be strict until then) and Christmas eve. Christmas day I wanna just stay in my pjs anyway all day.

Oh and to top of the ugh feeling. Our alarm didn't go off this mornign, making both hubby and I late for work (less of a big deal at my job, nobody really notices, but the billable time does!). Hubby has an incentive program at work where you earn a monthly bonus based on no missed days and being late (he works with a bunch of people who'll call in sick every friday after a thursday paycheck, so you need a doctor note now to still get your bonus) so he might have just lost his $400 bonus for December. But he also thinks it might only be when they're busy, so it could have ended in December. Boo to that anyway!


Cara said...

Why does TOM always have to ruin everything! Geesh!

I think everyone deserves a break too, and now that you have more habits of eating healthier and paying attention I don't think the holidays will be as big of a deal as they are for others.

And I swear boys get pms too. But only when we have pms. Maybe they go on our cycles too. hahah

Angie All The Way said...

So I used to be the person who wouldn't even entertain the idea of going on a "break" or accepting any excuses whatsoever for not sticking to the plan and staying on track. I didn't even let a head-on collision with a broken hip etc. stop me. But lately (last 6 months or so), I've been trying to re-gain that spark that I had back then. I haven't taken a break at all and I'm starting to feel the same way as you do. 3 or 4 days do not make or break success or failure in this process. But the one thing I can guarantee is that even though you are sort of allowing yourself to take the time off without feeling guilty, you still WILL feel guilty. And I'm not telling you not to do it, but just not to kid yourself in how it will make you feel after the 26th.

Gym time is few and far between this up coming week for me too and none at all next week while I'm away, so I'm actually a little scared about the extra food and little to no exercise! UUUUUUGGGGHHHH I hear ya loud and clear girl! But don't worry, when the holidays are over and done with, I see myself kicking some serious fitness ass and I know without a doubt that you will be too! Minor set backs - MINOR

eurydice said...

I think it's too hard to focus on losing weight during the holidays. There are too many parties and free-food-for-alls. Maybe it's too much pressure!