Thursday, December 13, 2007


The scale was not as kind this morning but eh? what does it matter? The scale doesn't make or break me. ( you know that's for you ) ;)

Actually there is a weird disconnect lately with the scale. It shows I'm losing weight. And I do feel more comfortable and smaller clothes are fitting (I never told you about the awesome jeans I fit into now. 2 different pair that I'd given up on!) but just looking in the mirror it doesn't feel different. I still see too much lower belly budge and my legs aren't slimming down at all. Lost all my weight in my boobs. Boo.

I think what's happening is that I'm losing all over, so my whole shape is shrinking, that's why smaller clothes are fitting but I still look the same. It hard to compare to pictures even because you dont' know how close the camera is ya know? oh well. I'm assuming that if I keep this up my legs and belly will eventually shrink more in proportion to everything else. At least I really like my butt now. (stay on the positives)

So lucky little me gets to call it a day early today! Yay doctor app't! well it's only to renew my b.c. so I can say yay about it. hehe. In Jan I've got the less fun doctor appointment. boo.

So no gym tonight. But I think I'm ok with that. I had a really hard class last night. Since monday was canceled she decided to do the Monday strength stuff with the wednesday cardio. Normally we leave squats and leg stuff out on wed because with the step routines we do tons of squats etc already. But she put them both in. I could hardly stand when we were done lunges! boo! well yay. I do have to confess that I felt myself not really pushing it during the cardio though. I was pushing it HARD but not going for broke. I think that's still ok. I just wasn't having the energy for all the jumping. I don't know what's happened to me, but for weeks now I feel like I haven't had a really really good workout. They've all kicked my butt too hard. I guess that's good that i'm working hard, but it just feels like I should be able to work harder, or that what I'm doing shouldn't make me as tired as it is. I was thinking it had something to do with eating, as in I wasn't fuelling my body enough for the workouts, but I don't think that's it anymore. I was all carbed up before from supper. (which consisted of 3 toasts with pb and jam. I know, that's terrible. 3? ugh)

This morning I was the only one in my house who had to go to work. That sucks. But for some reason it inspired me to make eggs for breakfast. I don't know why, can't see how they're related but they were in my mind. So I made scrambled egg whites (I just poured a ton out of a carton, don't know how much, but egg whites are super low cal so I feel justified eating my face of of them). But I had to have 1 toast to go with. I don't know what's with me and toast! at least it's whole wheat!

Then I was late this morning because I couldn't get out of the garage. Dumb! But SIL parked her truck in the driveway which normally doesn't matter but she got to stay home. So I managed to wiggle my way around her truck, but I was backing up and straightening out and then running in to something (no dents or whatever, just the tire hit some garage tool thingy) and trying again. It took me probably 10 minutes. And must have been hilarious for all my neighbours to watch as they left for work at the same time. Boo.

so obviously don't have a lot to talk about today! Hmm. I guess I'll go then. I'm sure I'll have more to say tomorrow (or maybe later on). Tonight will be full of food since I'm making appetizers for a party tomorrow, plus I've got apples going bad so need to do something with them. Ideas and suggestions for both welcome!


eat like a caveman said...

haha your blog is awesome. i look forward to it everyday.

apples? puree, applesauce, apples in oatmeal, apple bake (w/ molasses, cinnamon, and granola or oatmeal crumbles, apple muffins with cinnamon, or just eaten plain!!!

CaRoLyN said...

You just had to get that little jab in didn't you?? ;)

I'm leaving work early today too but only because I ended up working through my lunch hour (boo!) So I'm planning on hitting up the gym and then heading home for a nice relaxing night.

Hmmm what can you do with apples? I have a recipe at home for WW apple crisp but I've never tried it so I couldn't tell you if it was good or not. How much help am I? ha. Applesauce is a good one though!

Tomorrow is Friday!

Adora said...

Gee, I wonder who that jab could've been for....haha.

by the way, I do SO love how your blogs where you "obviously don't have a lot to talk about today" are a novel's worth. :)

Tammy said...

Sometimes I really dislike my scale, but usually I dislike myself more because I insist on getting on the scale when I know it won't be good. That is why I am not weighing again until at least Sunday. I'm going to start using NSVs more often. Who cares what that little number says? I feel good and that matters most! Have a great Friday!

Crabby McSlacker said...

I love toast too, or any breakfast carb for that matter. Whole wheat toast is actually pretty healthy and filling--sure beats a donut anyway!

I don't feel too guilty about it--unless a whole bunch of light butter and jam come into the picture.