Friday, December 21, 2007


So I never posted yesterday due to a work seminar thing that lasted all day. I am reeling from it as well. We're going to under go major organizational reconstruction and they're gonna try and get everyone's billable hours higher. Basically we've become complacent at work and just put in the bare minimum so they're going to change that. When I left I felt like I'd been beaten up. they were commenting on how we only even are in the office 8 hours, with lunch and overhead how are we supposed to bill enough hours etc etc. At least it wasn't just me, everyone does the same thing. (we're just a small company, only 20 employees all over the world or so). So that's what i'm dealing with at work, but it'll be off my mind soon, I go on holidays after today! Need a vacation after that.

Anyway, I may post more about that later, but I might be posting less than before. I'm not to upset about it, we do need more structure and organization. Sorta like kids who are glad to be grounded because at least they know the score.

Foodwise, did A-OK yesterday. I had a muffin that wasn't planned but stuck to my one cookie, only 2 triangles of sandwiches. Seemed like not a full sandwich but it might have been. one diet coke. not enough bathroom breaks. (I was dying for awhile) I was wearing my black dress pants that I know used to cause muffin top, but now are too loose, except when I needed to pee, they were too tight then. I swear my belly increased by 4 inches. not exagerating.

WI - 136.4. So a loss of .4. Not too bad at all considering my attitude and everything the last little while. I guess 2 days on track (wednesday was really good too) can save you some times. Actually I'm darn lucky not to see a serious gain. I don't know about this body of mine. Seems to work backwards.

Anyway, I probably won't do much posting for the next week. If you'd like to get your final Christmas weights to me (this will be my final, not weighing at home) I can put together a final spreadsheet about the Challenge. If not, well thanks for doing this Christmas Challenge with me. I know that while I didn't always feel sucessful I did lose weight on it and organizing this thing has helped me to toe the line in at least a few places. So thank you very much for your help!

Merry Christmas!


Tammy said...

Have a very merry Christmas, Randi! I'll see you in the new year :)

Dr. Ding said...

Hey Randi!

Just wanted to thank you (very belatedly) for the Technorati shout out. I put you on my Blogroll today cuz I like your site! :)

Dr. Ding