Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stolen thoughts on thoughts

I stole this from Swigg's blog because I love it. Not just the fit and healthy part, but the anti worry part. I hate worry. I don't do it and those who do drive me nuts.

"I think a lot of people screw up because they picture themselves eating the leftover cake in the kitchen, and how good the cake will taste, and what they could have with the cake, and when they'll be able to eat the cake uninterrupted. You can use your visualization powers for good or evil.

It helps to remember that anytime you worry, you're visualizing. You're taking the worst possible scenario and playing it over and over again in your mind. You're giving powerful emotion and energy to what you DON'T want. Most of the time it's a totally subconscious thing. You can do it for hours and never realize it. If you learn to pay attention to your thoughts and direct them in a positive way, that's a huge step toward achieving your fitness goals or anything else."


eurydice said...

sounds like "the secret" haha

Angie All The Way said...

Sounds like it's straight from the "Weightloss and your mind" podcasts! YUP!

MB said...

That was the big "Secret" everyone was going crazy over. Think positive!