Tuesday, December 11, 2007

fyi about my hubby

Oh yeah, the secretary is totally cougary. She's all skinny and wears young person clothes (almost inappropriately) and is really giddy and life of the party kind of person. (though she is very nice to me anytime I've seen her). It exactly the sort of thing that any normal person would be upset about and see where it's wrong and everything. But my husband doesn't see what normal people see. He's completely missing the part of the brain that tells him where lines are and when it's ok to cross them. He always sticks his foot in his mouth. I was saying before he'll say the exact thing to avoid saying to certain people (I'm pretty sure I warned him not to mention "dave" to this woman but he goes and asks "so how's your husband?" and they just got divorced and she was now dating his brother. awkward!)

Another time he was describing me to a bunch of my friends as a "butterball turkey", but all he meant was cold fingers and toes all the time. Our couple friends will tease him about it and say "ok, this is when you shut up" and he'll say something else and they'll tell him "no buddy, dig up, you're in deep enough...". It's partly my fault for letting him get away with this for almost 10 years (yes we've been together this long). Now trying to put my foot down is confusing to him, I get that (I'm training a dog here, the similarities are eerie!). But I've told him before how certain things bother me and to not do it again, even if it's harmless in his eyes. But he never remembers. I think we need to do a couples class. Like how you have to do before you get married, (at least in our church) and it's like a weekend class with worksheets about chores and kids and sex and all kinds of stuff. Seemed dumb at the time but did help (for awhile...).

Hubby is very spoiled, I am a very easy going laid back kinda wife. I remind him of this constantly, saying "you know, if you were married to Erin, she would not let you get away with that" but all he'd say is that Erin is anal and a spoiled princess and thank god I'm not like her. Seems he thinks I'm the norm and everyone else is a ball busting overbearing wife. Little does he know. I'm too good to him...

Oh just so you know, we made up. Hubby said sorry and I said for what, and he said that I didn't ruin his night like he accused me of and that he was just in a bad mood. So it wasn't for leaving me alone or for fighting with me about nothing. But at least he appologized.

Stay tuned for a more interesting post later. I'm sure I'll think of something.


Angie All The Way said...

It's funny cause my Dad's kind of that way where he doesn't always get it when he's saying something inappropriate. He thinks it's funny and is trying to tease the person or whatever and the person gets offended and Dad has no idea! Might explain why he's a bachelor now! lol

Glad you guys made up....men are a bit dumb, but they do come around...slowly! Not all hope is lost at working on him I'm sure. ;-)

eurydice said...

well, your husband sounds better than one of my ex-bfs. he wouldn't invite me to parties saying that i wouldn't have any fun. not cool, especially when i love fun! and he flirted with other MEN.