Thursday, December 27, 2007

happy holidays

So who would have thought that I could completely eat like a maniac and still lose weight? Anybody? Well I can. Maybe not a lot, and maybe not fat, could be muscle of course, but I lost almost a pound in the last 6 days. Am I lucky or what? I did not hold back once if I wanted something. I was eating cake and candy and chocolates and giant plate fulls of suppers and juice and booze and dips and more. I do think that my tastes have changed a little bit. I let myself go nuts and have a few "free" days, but I didn't eat as much as I would have guessed. I had a couple cookies as desserts, a square here or there, a hard candy when I passed the bowl. Turkey suppers were 1 full plate, no refills. Really not all that different than I eat at a party or on a "cheat" day. So that's good news. Not to mention, it caused a loss. Go figure. (well I figure it's a metabolism thing and I'm just fueling my metabolism super hot because even after eating a ton at lunch, my stomach would still be growling and I'd be HUNGRY (not just want to eat) a few hours later. That means it's your metabolism right?

Anyway, I had a great little Christmas. Got lots of presents I wanted and a few that I don't (doubles and an inlaw present) so I get to return them and go boxing week shopping! yay! And my poor puppy is sick. She had an awesome time at home on the farm, exploring but she must have explored a bit too far and eaten something too exotic because she is barfing and not eating and having some troubles going potty. She woke up every 2 hours last night to go out and try and go but wouldn't so she'd come in. I'll probably look some stuff up online now. Anybody have ideas?

Also, completely annoyed with my MIL. We got her tickets to a national curling event that she watches on tv every year. 3 days of games and 2 nights in hotel. But all she did was complain about how is she supposed to get time off and can we take it back and just went on and on about how it's not what she wanted and how she doesn't know how she can go. Well one of my SILs offered to take the time off and go with her dad and pay the other siblings back for the ticket, MIL got pissed off like "no you'd pay me for it, it's my ticket. Why would you give them money" well because we got it for you to GO, not for you to have $200. What kind of mother would sooner take the money from her children than a gift that she really actually would like if she got over herself. But hubby was saying that there's never been a year when she's just said "oh thank you I love it." Anything you give her is such a burden to her. I hope I remember this next year and we get her a lump of coal or gift certificate at a gas station. Hopefully she'd use that. Boo her.

Everything else went really good. I got a video MP3 player that I wanted and am so excited about. Hubby also bought me DIAMONDS! I feel guilty about that. Since we could use the money in so many other places. But it's a life's journey necklace from people's. Sorta looks like this but nicer chain with it. The problem is I'm not the type to wear expensive jewelry except on special occasions. I've already got my tear drop pear necklace and earrings from my dad that I never wear and an anniversary present opal necklace from hubby and now this. I probably only wear fancy stuff like that at Christmas and maybe a wedding or something. But I guess things like this do make good heirlooms for kids. It's not that I don't like it, it's just something I don't need. I'm a practical person I guess.
Last night we stopped at Canadian Tire for something hubby needed quick and I bought a body fat analyzer pedometer for $7. I already had a pedometer and never used it. But maybe I will use this one this summer if I set the stride properly for my outside runs. But mostly I wanted the body fat analyzer. I'm not a strict believer in the technology. Like how does it know, throught my thumbs what body fat % I'm at. But at least it should be able to show me if it's going up or down. Also hubby's decided that he wants to lose weight and get in shape because he's tired all the time and when he saw his grandma the first thing she said was "oh you're putting on weight" in the way that just grandma's can get away with.
So anyway, it says I'm 30.5% body fat. and with my height (5'4) and weight (which is now 135.4 by the way, 20 lbs officially lost!) it shows an above average weight symbol. So again this I don't believe so much because I know it's thinking that at 5'4 you're supposed to be like 115 lbs which I have no interest in reaching.
Oh and MIL had no idea that I'd lost 20 lbs. she was shocked. But I guess I don't see her enough for her to remember that fat me. And I'm still wearing the same clothes. Plus this is more like what I looked like when she saw me all the time.
Oh also, I think I'm going to adjust my goals a bit more. I'm thinking that 5 more pounds will not feel bikini ready. So we're going to just leave the number open for now. but it might be more like 10 lbs left to go. 125? But I'll just take a look as I go.
Anyway, I'm so excited to hear about all your Christmases and everything it's probably going to take me a few days to catch up. I've still got holidays until after new years. Plus I'm filling it with boxing week shopping and a little bit of thesis work. Not to mention cleaning up all the Christmas mess that's everywhere. Anyway, hope you all are doing as good as me!


CaRoLyN said...

Glad you had a great Christmas!! I LOVE the necklace but I'm just like you, I'm more practical and would rather get something I use every day rather than something I only wear once or twice a year. But I'm not a jewelry person at all. I wear my wedding rings and a bracelet that hubby bought me like 3 years ago and I have never taken it off. It's the thought that counts right? & that's a pretty big thought! Nice. Good job hubby!

That thing with MIL would totally kill me. I would buy her a gift certificate next year for the grocery store. Doesn't get much more practical than that right? and she won't have to take time off work to use it. Geeez. Way to be appreciative eh?

I can't believe you lost a pound! You (swear word)! I jumped on the scale today and it was NOT kind at all. But I did have garlic fingers and pizza last night so I think a lot of it is water retention. I wouldn't be surprised to see a much lower number tomorrow. I'm not worried about it. My clothes are all still fitting nicely, although I do feel yucky. I'm back on the wagon today, you with me? I threw out everything!! Time to get hot for NEw Years!

Sonya said...

Glad to hear you had a great christmas despite what MIL had to say. I think a gift certificate next year is in order!

I also love the necklace, but know what you mean. I wouldn't get much wear out of it either. IT sure is pretty though.

Congrats on losing a pound! It must be all that muscle your building that is helping you burn the fat. Rock on girl!

sherijung said...

It's a beautiful necklace! Please find reasons to wear it. Don't think about it as fancy, think about how your hubby picked it out just for you.

Don't take this the wrong way, this is just an older, er, more experienced, woman offering advice--did you not see the irony in your MIL's gift reaction compared to your comments about the neclace? I'm hoping you didn't breath a word of your practicalities to your hubby. But I'm sure you didn't, you're very smart. I've just seen too many women stomp over their hubby's good intentions, it just breaks my heart. And I did it when I was younger too.

Angie All The Way said...

Effin MILs are all the same I swear! It's almost pointless to bother trying to get them something personal for them that you think they will like because you put thought into it and it only ends up being a disappointment because they either don't even bat an eye at it, or they pull crap like that! PFfffft!

That's a gorgeous neckless and I'm sure you'll find times to wear it. Datenights with the hubby and anythink you have to remotely dress up for. It's really beautiful and you should wear it more often than you think. I've started doing it because it's just like having nice china that never leaves the china cabinet (not like I do, but you know what I mean).

I'm super duper impressed that you managed to lose a I'm insanely jealous! lol j/k girl, good for you :)

katieo said...

Oh I'm glad you're back! I think I did ok over the holidays but am TOMing so I'm waiting til next week to check.
Good luck to the hubby, I bet that makes your life a little bit easier with him on the wagon.

Swizzlepop said...

Congrats on losing, maybe it is all hte muscle that is helping you burn more? Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas and got great gifts. Ignore yoru MIL, she sounds like nothign would make her happy so don't wast your energy on her or let her bring you down.

Tammy said...

Hi Carolyn! I just wanted to stop in and wish you a happy New Year! I hope 2008 is great for you!

Wheebs said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas. Awesome!

The grandmother thing is so true. My brother and I went to visit ours and she told him to stop eating so much because he was "bulging". Wow.

Your MIL was out of line. That was a very thoughtful gift. I think a lump of coal is definitely appropriate for next year!

Cara said...

Aside from the MIL incident, it sounds like you had a great time! Thats great to hear! Also awesome about losing weight with still being able to eat delicious goodness :-)