Monday, December 17, 2007

oh I know!

Hey so why am I all ugh? Could it be TOM? could it have played a role in my lack of willpower? could it have played a role in that fight? could it have played a role in my lack of productivity and laziness on the weekend? Maybe. I have got to plan ahead a little bit better with this. I know it's coming! I always expect the bad things to start when TOM starts, but it starts the week before with me and I'm fine the week of. So 3 weeks from now I have to start making my life foolproof (premade meals, make gym commitments, start using zit zapper face wash ;) ). Then I won't be suprised by it all like I always am.


browneyedmaris said...

My TOM is the same way. The week before it actually comes, I'm a complete mess. And like you, I always forget about it until after 2 days of dealing with my whining, emotional self. I started the week before TOM on my calendar and that has helped a ton.

Sonya said...

I was wondering the same things the last few days. Why do I seem to have less willpower, why do I seem to be more lazy, why do I seem to be wanting more and more food.....and then TOM came! lol...
gets me every time!

CaRoLyN said...

Ohhh sorry your having a Ugh week. I hate those weeks. TOM always hits me too and I get super emotional and lovey with Hubby, like I'll tell him I love him about a million times in one day. It's hilarious. I think mine is coming up too so we can be messes together!

Hope the frogs turned out good. I am making another batch this week. Scott and my brother basically ate the whole batch between them. There are only like 3 left.

I HATE being late for work. I get super anxious about it. But at my work, everyone basically just shows up when they want to. We ar all supposed to be here at 8:15. I'm usually here at 8:00 and no one else shows up (except one other girl) until about 8:40! Some people aren't here until 9:00 every single day! That's the government for ya I guess.

Hope you have a great day!