Monday, December 10, 2007

I am not getting ahead

In the blog reading that is. I was going to do a real post about my weekend after I caught up but it's not happening. What with sprinkling a little bit of work in there too.

So my holiday weekend was good. I had a happy WI on friday as I mentioned and then got busy shopping! I spent like an hour in this one store's change room because I loved absolutely everything and it all was looking nice so I had to go back and forth between a million options. I ended up buying a black skirt that is really similar to the one I sewed (only black not grey and just a bit more polished) and a satiny blouse kind of top (that normally I don't like, but just looked so perfect with this skirt). I wore it on saturday but we didnt' take any pictures. more coming up. I also had a massage which was awesome. Not to intense. But right afterward I was running around I think I ruined any relaxation that would have happened. We got the check from the insurance on hubby's car that was totaled off - $1600! So then hubby and I went back to the mall for more shopping spree! I also bought 2 t-shirts, a long sleeve t-shirt, 3 necklaces, 2 hats, a dressy tank top thing, and a shawl/wrap/sweater thing. That with my skirt and shirt earlier probably totalled $100. I am such a good shopper! And I was pleasantly suprised in all the change rooms, I was a solid 7 skirts, large for 3 shirts, medium for 2 and small for the sweater. (and it wasn't just one store was larges, one store was medium, it was both in 1 store, very odd)

I was telling hubby how I wanted a different color but they were out of my size in something and he joked "they ran out of 4XL giant porker did they?" because he's crude and jokes like that (seriously meant it lightly, he thinks I'm skinny) and I sort of pouted and was like "well I'm a large..." and he was all shocked and said that store must be a kids store or something. So I guess that was sweet of him in the end...

We ended up eating supper in the food court (oh yeah, I was running late for my massage so my lunch was bought at a coffee stand in the mall, a banana and a piece of banana bread with a bottle of water. I'm so proud of myself for resisting the cinnamon buns and paying stupid amount of money for a banana!) So I had a soup and sandwich. I was planning on getting mustard with my sandwich but she didn't even ask and put some kind of mayo sauce stuff on. I should have said something but I never. (and I really didn't want it and really did want mustard, not just a fat thing) oh well. And I had some kind of brothy soup that wasn't very good so I didn't eat much. Not bad at all. But then hubby and I went on a "date" to a restaurant for drinks (1 martini) and spinach dip. So again, not too bad.

Saturday I spent the day making another snowman for MIL, and cleaning up the house. Then time to get ready for hubby's christmas party for work. I looked smoking! (I learned how to use liquid eyeliner! lol!) and wore my new (black, high waisted, pencil) skirt and (lilac satin with rhinestone button) blouse. with my new necklace and old shoes. Plus my hair was cooperating. Love that. But not pictures because I wasn't having fun at the party (though I didn't over eat, I ate a very full plate of salads and veggies with some chicken and potatoes, so a big meal, but not stupid, though I guess I had 2 desserts...) because I don't like anybody we were sitting with. Not just that I don't LIKE them, but I DISLIKE them. So that sucked. So I basically sat quietly by myself all night. There was a magician/mind reader guy and he was good, but our table was the annoying one yelling stuff out all night and interupting his show. I hated that! So I'm explaining this to hubby on the drive home and he gets all pissed off at me saying how I always complain and couldn't I just accept that it was his night and not about me and just grin and bare it once in awhile? etc etc. (we always have this fight, about how I didn't have fun at something. But the thing is, HE doesn't like these people either! He tells me all the time - when he's complaining about work everyday!) Plus I was trying to explain that it was disrespectful for him to be flirting with everyone while I was right there. Yes he flirts with the (old) secretary at work and it's just sort of a joking thing, but she won a prize of a night in a hotel and my hubby was trying to convince her to take him. Yeah it was funny and not serious. But I still felt like it was inappropriate for him to do right in front of me or while I was sitting by myself at another table with people I don't like. Does anybody have any help for me on this one? (also, does anybody else hate being left alone at things like this? Yes hubby has to mingle, but couldn't he bring me?)

So we were fighting on the way home so I couldn't exactly ask him to pose for a picture of us looking all nice. Then hubby goes and brings it up in front of roomie SIL so she knows we're fighting too. boo. And sunday was just us avoiding each other and doing our own thing. I was making cards but then went to some friends for games and stuff. I ate a bit too many treats there but really for me, it was a successful weekend. Supper was only toast.

Oh yeah, that reminds me, I made homemade veggie spring roll things! Like cold rolls wrapped in rice paper (sort of see-through, white, sticky wrapped things) They taste great and are nice and low cal yet filling. Plus I made spicy peanut sauce to go with them. I'm awesome.


Cara said...

boys can be so clueless sometimes. I am a needy person in social situations where I don't know the people, so I would definitely be on your side :-)

Candace said...

I have your back on this one Randi. Hubby is more social than I am, but he always checks to make sure I'm OK and will come get me if not. As for his behaviour, I'm very liberal but have let hubby know where the 'flirting' line is. He hurts my feelings and it's not good for him. I think whereever YOUR line is is the line he should respect. I would respect hubby's line, but have never and likely will never get there.

tash said...

What's your recipe for the cold spring rolls and the peaunut sauce? They sound like Thai fresh rolls which are my favourite and I would love to be able to make them at home!

sherijung said...

If hubby ditched me at a pary of HIS coworkers, he would definitely hear about it. And I'm afraid to ask, how 'old' is the secretary? If she's grandmotherly, then it'd probably be no big deal, but if she's a cougar, then that might have bothered me when I was your age.

katieo said...

I think whereever YOUR line is is the line he should respect.
Really. If it bothers you (and uh. I think it should. I get joking, but if it's not funny to anyone but him, it's not joking, it's just rude), you draw the line. In a "in the future, fyi, that's NOT funny" kind of way maybe?
Good luck. congrats with the WI!

eat like a caveman said...

I agree with everyone else. It wasn't your fault at all...but you should be the bigger person and give him a smile and go back to being normal again if you haven't yet...cuz then he'll really realize he messed up. As for what I'm making for x-mas this year, I'm ripping out little word phrases and pictures from magazines that describe my 2 best friends + our little inside jokes...then I'm making a frame collage of our friendship. I'm also making chinese takeout boxed holiday goodies for my not so close pals, and i'm making all my christmas cards using special calligraphy pens and embossing n such. =)

CaRoLyN said...

I hate that! I hate being left alone at a work thing. Hubby and I usually make an agreement before we go to any work functions that we won't leave the other hanging out in the corner alone. so we are both pretty good about that and he usually brings me along with him to introduce me to his co-workers. But he has done it one occassion. As far as the flirting thing goes, that would drive me nuts. Not that I am a jealous type at all but really it's a respect thing. And I'm with Sheri, just how old is this "old" secretary? Scott isn't really one of those flirting tyoes, I don't think I've ever seen hime even check out another woman, I'm sure he does but either he's really good at it and I just don't notice or he doesn't do it when I am around. I'm hoping for the latter. haha

The thing that got me was the 4XL giant porker comment. Literally Randi, my jaw dropped! I can't believe he said that! I'm sure he was just kidding and every relationship really is different but I can't even imagine those words coming out of Scott's mouth! I'd slap it. I guess though that that comes from being overweight most of my life and I still find it a very sensitive issue. I guess I always will! Even when I'm skinny minnie!

MMM Homemade spring rolls...we want the recipe!!!

browneyedmaris said...

I hear you on the being left alone by a significant other. My boyfriend did this to me when I was meeting 10 members of his family. He left me alone with all the adults and went to play with the kids! I was so upset and his aunt even called him out on it. He had a hard time even seeing that what he did was wrong. I tried to talk to him afterwards about it and I think he kind of got what I was saying but who knows? But I'm with you on it...he can mingle with you and it was disrespectful to leave you sitting there, particularly if he knows how you feel about those people.

Angie All The Way said...

Yeah I gotta agree with you on the friendly flirting thing. You know it was harmless and so does everyone else, but if you're sitting there and he knows your not having a good time, it would only make you feel worse. If you were there mingling and having a great time talking to other people etc., maybe it would be a bit different. BUT guys always have been and always will be slightly dumber than we would like them to be ;-)

Good job for kicking ass on the food front btw, that's tough!