Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Challenge Week 11 Results!

Carolyn's still having problems with posting these so we thought I'd do it. Here ya go! look at how good we're doing (by that I mean me for a change! hehe!) With just 2 weeks until Christmas let's all try and lose 1 more pound. How's that for a goal? Doable? You betcha! (except of course for those of you now on maintain - eh hem Shari, you just cheer us on)


Tara said...

Oh crap, it looks like I've been slacking! I haven't, I promise, I've just forgotten to email you my results. If you redo the list, here's my results from the last few weigh ins. Week 8: -2.1, Week 9:0, Week 10: -.2, Week 11: -1. Total I've lost 5.9 pounds! I'm sorry I've been slacking with the updates.

Sonya said...

Great job with the graph, but for some reason it's not showing up right on your blog :-(

I can see it though fine on google reader...weird!

I did notice that I need to update my stats. My actual total lost is 10lbs not 7lbs. Check out my blog for details if you want. I have put all my WI results on it.

Thanks for the graph once again. I know it has been probably a big pain in the butt!

Angie All The Way said...

Okay I've been avoiding the Christmas Challenge, I admit. Sorry guys :-( I lost my head and crumbled a little the past month or so. I'm back on track now, but still avoiding that challenge because I'm looking forward and hate reminding myself I sucked out!