Monday, December 10, 2007

This actually has some pretty awesome stuff in it. A lot that I've heard already but I have found it worthwhile to download a few of the things (articles or videos etc). So check it out and so far I haven't found a catch. Just a bit of junk mail that you can unsubscribe to.

I thought I'd sum up one of the articles that I think would be helpful to some of you. I won't name names but I thought distinctly of 4 of my bloggy friends when reading it. Basically it's about cutting the crap and busting excuses. Here are the common excuses/thinking people had and why it sucks:

Lack of Initiative - start monday approach.
There's nothing special about monday. If you start TODAY (which happens to be monday but that's a coincidence) you'll see results that much faster. What if monday isn't "perfect" and there's something you didn't forsee, will you wait until next monday? Set yourself over a week back? Why not start now?

Search for easier way
Society has trained us to do things the easiest way and it's good for most stuff but not for fat loss. Switching to a new diet, or buying a new fitness gadget or drinking a new shake will not make you thin. There IS no easy way. Stop looking and just get working on the hard way.

Taking it easy on yourself
(I do this a little bit) Aside from injuries or being a beginner or something there's no reason not to give your full effort all the time. Doing "easy" exercise on the treadmill or skipping weights (eh hem) will not get me the results I want. I might as well not have put the time in at all. Same with food, just cutting back to 1 cookie a day isn't good. I quote "Stop babying yourself. Just because you are not totally comfortable with something does not mean you can’t do it." Again don't hurt yourself and go nuts.

(here I am again) one step forward and two steps back will not work. If you set up a plan you have to stick to it. You can only eat your points, or whatever calories or whatever. If your program is cardio 3 days a week, then 2 isn't ok. if you start slipping it will snowball. (hello how did we get fat to begin with?)

Feeling overwhelmed by what it takes
Feel like you'll never be able to lose all that weight? Scared to try out the weight room? So is everyone! But don't let it get the best of you. Think of all the great things people have done that must have been really scary and they overcame their fear and showed braveness, and all you have to do is go to the gym! You can do it. A journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step.

Easy frustration
(wow me) ever have a stay the same when you were expecting a loss? No reason to give up (or even change anything!). Scales don't tell the whole story. Some pounds really are harder to lose than others. Give it a few weeks minimum of being seriously on plan. Then if there's still nothing, maybe reevaluate your plan, reevaluate your expectionations. But this is a patience game.

I don't even want to talk to you if you're a pessimist. I hate you. You're dumb. Change your thinking. then I'll talk to you. (though the article says much better an inspirational things than this)

(ok me again) "Let me start this section by saying that there are no excuses for cheating on your workouts. You can always find a way to get something in, unless you become temporarily disabled by injury or serious illness, or unless there is a real emergency that you have to deal with." Ok ok. if it's a time problem, become more efficient, find time. prioritize. If it's energy, or a don't feel like it thing? tough, suck it up, it's not an option. Just don't think do it. Weather? stay inside, do squats. Comfort? tough one, but you'll gain comfort with time. Get instruction. no one is looking at you anyway. check your ego at the door. You're going there to look better so is everyone, everyone there is at a "before". Cravings? Set aside specific cheat times. Make sure they're small cheats. As in yes you can eat pizza but not a whole pizza followed with 2L of coke.

I love what he says about holidays and special occasions:
"Don’t worry if you have to cheat on your diet a little bit for these special days. You should never feel like your diet is robbing you of a good time....
However, do not create too many special occasions." Yes your birthday is an occasion to splurge, your MIL's birthday? not so much, your baby brother's birthday? no thanks.

I also like this thing he said about "weakness food"
"One of the toughest things you will have to do en route to ultimate success is learn to sacrifice temporary pleasure for long-term happiness. "

So that was in the make a new mindset article from the 12 days of fitness. Author was Matt Maresca.

Which of the above is the biggest stumbling block for you? What do you have to change about your mindset?


eat like a caveman said...

I don't know which one it falls under, but for sure my #1 fallback me feeling guilty to go workout when others (relatives/sis who rarely comes home) are home. I feel so selfish and bad for leaving them while I go "do my own thing for a while." I'm sure when i have kids i will feel this way. Arg...

tash said...

My stumbling block is excuses for not exercising. I have health issues, I have too many exams to study for, I'm tired, etc. I need to suck it up and just do it. Life never gets an easier . . .

CaRoLyN said...

I think mine is easy frustration (basically why I am taking a break from the scale right now.) & excuses. I can make up an excuse for not going to the gym in no time flat. I can justify just about anything. But I'm getting over it. I'm paying for a gym membership so I better get my butt there and get my money's worth!
This week is a new week and it only takes 21 days to create a habit right? I remember last summer when I used to walk every night after work. Power walk for about 50 mins or so every single night. I didn't even dread it. I enjoyedthat time to myself and the challenge of the hills and just being ourdoors. I want the gym to be like that for me. Not an option or an obligation but something I can enjoy. I don't know if it will ever be that way but it all starts today so we'll see!

Thanks for the great post! Really got me thinking!!