Friday, December 14, 2007

Why no comments today?

Oh yeah, because I haven't posted yet.

So I had myself a WI this morning, I won't dwell on it. It was only a 0.2 lb loss. I know that it had to do with muscle soreness and water and all that since I was still sore this morning from my wednesday class (that means it was a good one). And I did see a sneak peak of a magical number earlier. But that stupid magical number made me not satisfied with this mystical number that appeared today. 136.8. I've never seen that 136 before. It's still super awesome. But that 5 made me not satisfied! I've tasted blood and I want more....

wow dark.

So let's talk about my eating habits. I always have a small panick in the morning when packing my lunch that I won't have enough food. I always do, and I don't even eat everything I bring. But for the 1 time when I get hungry it makes me anxious every morning. Luckily I'm limited by the size of my lunch kit. It usually consists of a main meal type thing, basically some tupperware that barely fits - a salad, leftover supper, sandwhich or soup. Then another tupperware with fruit. Often grapes or pineapple. Usually a tiny yogurt and a cheese string. Then I panick. I try and pack an apple and an orange in there just in case. And then some almonds. or maybe carrots. Or maybe celery and dip (because who can stand celery plain). Sometimes I also pack a granola bar or protein bar if I'm extra panicky or think I'll be super hungry for some reason.
I rarely am.
today I had leftover mashed potatoes and meatloaf mixed together (approximately 1 cup?). Morning snack was grapes (I really only like seeded grapes, weird huh?) I also had yogurt with lunch. Now I'm sort of satisfied - but my mouth isn't. so I'll probably eat my pear. I've had an apple I left here all week (to make room in the lunch kit - just in case). I've got carrots for afternoon munchies when I just feel like doing the hand to mouth thing, plus my cheese stick. I likely won't eat my orange or my apple today. They were just in case. Same with the almonds and the big bag of emergency mixed nuts I keep in my desk (and NEVER eat).
I know a few months ago I would have replaced at least 1 fruit with a pudding cup or granola bar. So I'd say that's a victory. Plus I'm not particularly as hungry come snack time, nor am I eating as big of snacks as I used to. yay.
Breakfast hasn't changed much except to get rushed. So less toasts (boo) and more protein yogurts (eaten on the road or at work). More cereal as well (particularly Kashi crunch stuff or Special K vanilla).
Suppers however, haven't changed an aweful lot that i've noticed. SIL has been cooking lately but when I cook and plan meals, I don't really cook anything different than I ever have. I still can have frozen pizza for supper, or hamburgers or pot roast. I do eat a lot of chicken because I like it. But we still have smokies and other bad stuff. I guess I've changed my thinking on the whole "balanced meal" perspective. Growing up it was always, meat, starch, vegetable and milk. But I can live without the starch now. I rarely eat rice or potatoes with a meal unless it's the main thing (like spaghetti). I think my portions are smaller now too. I know that I'm less STARVING when I come home from work now. I used to not be able to handle it and eat crackers or something until everyone was home and it was supper time. Granted we are eating earlier in the winter. But gotta love afternoon snacks!
Ok, so I just realized that even I am bored writing that (and it's all about me!) So sorry.
So what's on my weekend? thank you for asking Carolyn! ;)
Friday - Christmas/games/birthday party. At my sister's boyfriend's. so basically like my sister is throwing a party. I'm bringing my spicy roll ups (tres yummy recipe below) and I was going to bring more but she said not to bother since the guys who live there just went crazy shopping and buying food for the party (guys aren't gonna cook!) We're gonna bring over a bunch of board games since one year for Christmas we asked for party games and ended up getting 7 different ones in that 1 year. So we'll probably bring over Scene It (movie, music and disney editions). Plus maybe Cranium or poker or Battle of the Sexes or Rumoli or Mindtrap or that word one with the buzzer. Everyone usually likes scene it but I like the other ones better. Seems too much like watching tv to me. boo.
I'm not sure how late we'll stay because hubby's gotta work saturday. We just found out it was one of his buddies birthdays today too but since he didn't plan as well, and the other folks told us first we're not going to his birthday. (it is however a birthday of one of the people who will be at the games party too). Since hubby's probably going to keep it tame, I may drink at this party. See how it goes.
RANT: When I volunteer to drive, I usually don't have a drop of alcohol. Maybe a drink with supper if we're not leaving until like after midnight. When it's hubby's turn to drive, he will drink light beer and he tells me he is still fine to drive. However I can sometimes tell when this isn't the case and therefore will quit drinking myself so I can drive us home. There was an extreme situation where I was at a stagette and hubby was going to drive. But he ended up going to a party with people he didn't know and getting so wasted he was passed out on our friend's couch (and had puked in their sink) and I literally had to slap him to wake him up. I said, "I thought you said you would drive" and he replied "I'm fine...where are the keys?" with his eyes closed before he passed out again. Ass. So that's happened once and I'm sure that hubby does have a very high tolerance to alcohol and can have more than I can and still be under the limit. BUT the first thing alcohol does to you is impair your sense of self and your ability to judge yourself impartially. So the first thing alcohol does is screw up your perception of how drunk you are. So even if you are fine, you'll never know if you just think your fine because the alcohol makes you think that, or if you really are fine. Anyway, that's part of the reason that I drink so rarely, because even if it's hubby's turn to drive, I may have to drive anyway. I'd rather drive with myself who I know is sober, than get drunk and trust hubby to drive even though he says he's fine. BOO HUBBY! Everytime they come with something on the news about making stiffer penalties for drunk driving I'm torn. Part of me really wants hubby to get a ticket or to be in a minor accident (MINOR!) so that he learns his lesson. And part of me wants a stiff penalty so maybe that will be enough to deter him. (first offense lose your license for a year and they impound and sell your car? Yes please.)
Anyway, rant aside.
Saturday hubby's at work and I am finishing Christmas prep. Try and finish shopping (parents and inlaws check and check, waiting on the mail) and maybe wrapping. Hopefully get some kitchen time in as well. I want to make a few more holiday treats so I can bring home an assortment for my parents (who aren't baking because they don't have time nor do they want all that food around when they shouldn't really have it much, high cholesterol). So I want to bring home SOME, so they can have a few treats, basically while we're home, but not be left with all this leftovers through January. Plus any that I don't want after Christmas I can always send to work and be a hero. Saturday night we may be getting together with hubby's friend who's birthday we're not going to on friday. up in the air.
Sunday, nothing until late afternoon. So continue the christmas stuff from saturday. Late afternoon is dad's company Christmas party. As I mentioned before this is just a family supper out at a fancy-ish place. But it should be fun. I love my family.
While yeah there's the possibility for some MAJOR over eating, I think I'll be ok. I'm going to be a little relaxed on myself tonight. Maybe have just a salad for supper (or maybe nothing) so I can enjoy the appetizers and baking at the party. no problems saturday, and sunday at the restaurant, I'll just watch portion and quit when I'm full. I can basically order anything I want though, I'm not really drawn to the super bad stuff, I like my salads and chicken etc.
Yesterday I made a mistake. Sorta. I was doing some cooking for the party. I made the rollups. And then I got creative with phyllo dough. I made these little cups that I'm gonna fill with coolwhip and berries or something. I'll take a picture probably. But I was reading the packaging and it had a recipe for apple strudel. Hey! I wanted to use up some apples! So I made it. With an adjustment to use up the rest of the cream cheese as well. Oops. THEY ARE AMAZING! tastes just like bakery strudels! OMG! apple, cream cheese, pastry, sugar. I know that I'm going to have it gone by monday. terrible me! I think I'll plan to have it as an indulgent breakfast tomorrow and then hopefully pawn the rest of on hubby or something. maybe freeze it. The worst part is that now I know I can make it and it's easy so I'll be asking myself to make it all the time!
Stop thinking of it and it will go away.
I'll eat my pear now.
here's the recipe for the spicy roll ups:
1 cup sour cream
1 cup cream cheese
1 cup grated cheddar or mozza
1/4? cup hot peppers from a jar, chopped up really finely (more or less depending how hot you like it)
5-ish tortillas.
garlic, green onion, whatever other little tidbits you want, not necessary though
You can use light or low fat whatever you want.
Mash up everything and spread in a tortilla, rollup, slice into 1 cm thick pieces. sometimes works better if you make ahead and leave in the fridge unsliced until serving. Super good, everyone will love you and make you bring it at every function and you'll feel guilty for how darn easy it is.


CaRoLyN said...

So much to comment on. First though, those spicy roll ups sound so good. I think I might give them a try. You could so se low fat sour cream and cream cheese, even low fat cheddar too and WW tortillas if you wanted to make them low point. Might not taste as good though. What kind of peppers do you use?

You have a crazy weekend ahead of you and SO many opportunities to over indugle. I don't envy you right now! But your kick ass so I know you'll get through it just fine. And if not, you'll work your butt of next week and still see a loss!

That would annoy the crap out of me about hubby saying he'll drive and then doesn't but my hubby just never offers to drive. I think he's been the DD maybe 2 times in the last few years. We usually just make arrangments to stay the night at our friend's place if we are both going to be drinking. I can stil have fun when I'm sober but when everyone else at the party is have a few drinks, I get cranky and think they're all making complete asses of themselves (whicht hey are) but I'm usually with them. I haven't been drinking much lately but the Holidays usually means a few bottles of wine for me. and New Year's is always a big drinkfest with my friends.

Anyway hope you have a great weekend!

sherijung said...

Your roll up recipe sounds super yummy--I'll have to try it out for our Sunday tea this weekend.

Good luck on finishing up for Christmas this weekend amongst all your other events. I am pathetically far behind on my shopping, and I don't even have much of a social life to use as an excuse. I haven't even decorated the house, because we're flying to NC for the holiday, so why bother?

I'll be sending you good vibes to see that 135 number again soon.