Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Do you see what I see......

(turns out I've used that title before...)

Well I peeked at the scale this morning because I wanted to do some measurements and that just goes on the same day. Measurements - happy news! in the last month I've lost 1/2 an inch from some key areas, butt/hips, waist, even my thigh lost almost an inch. so yay! And what did the little old scale show me?


WHAT! That's my magic number in the ones place! a 5! After it became unrealistic to reach my full Christmas Challenge goal I tweaked it (in my mind at least) to be at 135 for Christmas. (that's only 5 lbs from my ultimate goal!)

So I'm looking darn good for my adjusted CC goal as well as for my overall goal early in the new year! Now if only there were occasions to wear bikini's at the end of January!

I am so pumped about this folks. I didn't really expect myself to be so successful with this go around of losing weight. Once I got out of the fat me and back into the comfortable me I was half expecting to get stalled here forever, like has always happened before. But now for the first time I'm actually seeing that not only CAN I do this (if I stay focused and try hard and blah blah) but I AM DOING THIS! How freakin' cool am I?

So now that I think I'm all freaky awesome, how much you wanna bet the scale turns mean for friday? though I'm not expecting any hiccups along the way. Today is class, might mean a gain due to the extreme muscle work we do. Should be gone by friday though. Thursday I've got a doctor app't at 3:00 that is playing havoc with my schedule though. I go to the doctor in my town which is outside the city, so gotta leave at 2:30. Guaranteed won't be done and out of there until 3:30, when are doctors on time? So do I then drive back into the city for 1/2 hour of work and needless kms on the car? or stay home and make supper etc (not to mention hubby has thursday off so get to see him even sooner). But that will interfere with my gym going schedule since I go after work on thursdays in the city. but I could workout at home and also get a jump on laundry and finish up Christmas baking.... dilemas.

I'm thinking I'll just stay home. But I feel guilty about the gym then. But I'll take the dog for a walk and maybe jog if it's ok out. (supposed to be only -9C, we've been in a deep freeze of highs -20 to -15 for the past week, boo) also might hit up some pilates/yoga during tv so it should be alright. I'll try and remember that when eating on thursday.

I was gonna say I could gym on friday but we've got plans to go to a games party and I have to bring appetizers so I need to make them friday after work so I don't really have time. but maybe I can make them on thursday night (not eat any) then gym on friday after work. Even if it's a short one. Yes that's my plan.

I don't think I'm gonna drink on friday again. I told myself it's ok to have a drink or two at holiday parties. Find occassions that are worth it and cut loose a little. But I really don't like the taste of any booze! I'm looking forward to drinking diet rootbeer all night. I like the taste of that so much more and it's still a special treat for myself. (I drink pop only sometimes, when I'm in a bar, or when I deserve a "treat" and don't want it to be food)

Plus I'm expecting a high cal weekend. Saturday I've gotta finish Christmas shopping. So that means being out an about and trying to avoid fast food. (anybody have a recipe for homemade protein bars? I bought vanilla protein powder but I don't really like shakes)

Then sunday my dad is having his "company" Christmas party. He's got his own business of tax consulting that my mom works for too, and there's an "associate" who basically is an independant guy, own charge rates own clients etc, but they share the company name. So there's 3 people that work for that company, and us kids used to help with shredding paper, filing etc for an hour here and there growing up to earn $5. So we were "casual" employees. Well he's having his Christmas party at a fancy restaurant in town which basically means he's taking his family and friend out for supper and gets to write it off as a business expense. But I was trying to convince him to do it like a real Christmas office party where there are bonus cheques and maybe door prizes and awkward small talk and a speech by the company president. Oh yeah, and free booze too. Not sure just what it's going to be but there will be a big restaurant meal maybe dessert and appetizers and maybe drinks. All courtesy of CSTP (his business). Should be fun. No real restrictions. This is in leiu of my Saturday night "cheat night". It will be sunday.

So yesterday and today I found myself not too hungry at morning snack time. Maybe it's because i'm busy at work I'm not just watching the minutes tick by. But I ended up eating just a few almonds today at 11:00, similar yesterday. Afternoons, I just think of food at 2:30 so I eat something. But for the last 2 days at 3:30 I've had a diet coke. I don't know why. Just wanted a "treat" I guess. Not a fan of that though, we've got coke zero at work for non-coffee drinkers (and regular coke) but this stuff gives me an aspertame headache. Somethings do and some don't. This does. boo. None today thank you. pass the water.

Yesterday's gyming was good. A nice solid chin-up session. (I feel like I haven't gotten any better but I know I have. My hands get sore now, not my muscles. I can do more than 5 like previously, I just wanna quit then, I try and push through it though) And I had a super good run on the treadmill. I went fast and inclined. And for a full 30 minutes with a 1 minute warm up and a 1 minute mid way recovery of walking. My feet hurt! I'm planning on getting new shoes but I overheard that the running room in town is having a big sale in January so I'm trying to hold out. My current shoes are Walmart and just weren't made for the miles I'm putting on them. Not to mention, weren't really made for my feet since they never felt great.

I'm sure I'll post later today again so come on back now ya hear?


Tara said...

Congrats on the weight! That's so exciting!!

And you TOTALLY need to get running shoes fit for your feet. I swear you will be able to run miles longer with no pain once you get good shoes.

Keep up the good work!

sherijung said...

"(supposed to be only -9C, we've been in a deep freeze of highs -20 to -15 for the past week, boo)"

OH-----MY-----GOSH! I don't think enough warm clothes exist in the world that would get me outside in those temps. I am truly a wimpy California girl. You are super awesome indeed.

And WHOHOOOO for that 135 number!!! You are cooking now.

sherijung said...

Oops, I forgot--Corinne posted a home-made protein bar recipe on her blog a few months ago. It might be on her new website that I think has a recipe section. I printed it out (it's at home) and that's as far as good intentions got me.

Glam said...

135!! That's AWESOME. Great job. You've worked very hard to see that number!

Cara said...

Good job on keeping the weight off and getting some more weight loss :-)

You are quite the inspiration :-)

katieo said...

135's NOW WAY!
good job Randi!

Wheebs said...

135! WOOHOO! That's exciting, good for you :D.

I don't think I've told you before, but thinking about your blog is often what pushes me to go to the gym and strength train on the days that I just don't want to. Thanks for that!

dizzydazey said...

Great Big Huge Honkin Kudos for reaching those 135's. You're so incredibly awesome and I'd bow down to the Weight Loss Booty Kicker if I didn't have to drive for forty million years to get there.

and just as a side note - every time I look at your header and see the Christmas countdown I have to take a hit from an inhaler. As I'm not asthmatic that means I have to track down someone who is to use theirs. Sometimes the panic attack is from sheer exhileration and sometimes its panic, but either way you're getting a reaction from me. Just thought you'd like to know. :o)

Angie All The Way said...

Well a big huge fluffy congratulations on seeing that number this morning Randi! Yay! That's truly awesome!!!

I would have the diet pop for treats too and then I realized I was also getting aspartame headaches from them so I decided to cut it back big time and only for more rarer treats. But then I found a 24 pack of diet crush drinks made with Splends (diet cream soda, diet grape, diet orange and there was also the diet rootbeer, but that one is made with aspartame unfortunately). So I found that one of those now and then doesn't bother me like the regular diet pepsi's and cokes does. But you're right, it doesn't always give me the headache, but it does more often than not lately.

Good job again girl, you deserve it! Even if you don't have that number on Friday, you know that your body is making its way there for sure!

Angie All The Way said...

RYC: Yup, you're right, my goal will be to get to bed earlier tonight to be able to get up earlier. All depends on Greys, it's Thursday ya know! lol J/K

Yes I track my food. Every little thing. I do WW online and use the online tracker. I signed up for Sparks too, but can't keep up with both right at the momemnt. I'm hoping to transition to sparks for free eventually.