Wednesday, March 26, 2008

An aside

So I was thinking about stress a little bit and being glad I don't have the stress-gene. Aka I don't get stressed easily at all. And it got me thinking about my MIL. We were talking about my SIL who is pregnant and said something about how being on bed rest will at least help keep her stress down or something. and MIL says, "oh what does SHE have to be stressed about". She also says this about my other SIL who is getting married in Oct and trying to find a new job and place to live. Also my husband always talks about how he can't deal with X right now because he's too stressed and there's too much going on. (hubby and MIL are scarily similar). But really what the hell is going on in their lives that is stressful? not much. If I say something like this to MIL she says "*sigh* Honestly Randi, you should just trade me days for just 1 week. The crap I deal with at work and with my sisters" or who knows what. She just recently got a job outside the home when her kids moved out. She now cooks at a small restaurant (think chicken fingers, or omelet breakfasts, seats about 30 or something). She's the head cook, so sure she has to deal with ordering or whatever. or complaining about the other cook not cleaning the kitchen after he shift. And her sisters just like to complain when they talk on the phone for an hour every single day. Oh not to mention how freakin' busy and stressful she gets gardening, planting 1000s of flowers in her greenhouse each spring. For crying out loud. There's nothing going on in her life, she's practically retired, she took up a hobby job! She's so freakin' stressed. Boo! if anything at least the preggers SIL can worry about her baby, and the other SIL has a wedding to plan etc.

Same with hubby, I wanted to start planning the bathroom for the basement because that's something that matters a bit to me and I'd like to think about for a long time (we're months away from actually building this part) but he said he didn't want to think about it yet because he's got so much going on in his life right now. Oh really? between your regularly houred job and playing hockey or baseball? sure. I can see how difficult that is. Oh and add in your nightly naps for 1.5 hours, I can see how you don't have time or energy for this. Boo you too!

I don't believe in stress. Oh I know it exists, these 2 are being honest when they say they're feeling stressed. But I don't think it's anything more than a bad attitude. I guess if you had some kind of crazy job with people's lives in your hand or something and worked 60 hours a week plus had to take care of a dying mother and a disabled child or something. But if you just have "a job" and not even any dependants to take care of, you don't have stress except what you make up.

Anyway, there was one aside, my second is about stuff I wanna buy that I'm thinking about since we're getting our big tax refund soon. (plus I have birthday money still!)

So here are some things I want (that are semi-big buys):
carpet shampoo-er
new dinner plates
expensive bathing suit
trip to europe (with sister in september)
trip to mountains (with hubby this summer)
personal trainer sessions
fence for the dog run
screen door for the front
fabric for all kinds of sewing projects

I'm sure there's lots more. Now here's a questions. If you all of a sudden had some money, what would you buy? (and don't tell me invest it or savings or something because I've already got that covered, this is fun money)


tash said...

I was more stressed when I worked at a casino than I was last summer working 70 hour weeks with crazy deadlines and all the pressure that comes with being a summer law student in one of the biggest frims in Toronto where one mistake can ruin a billion dollar deal. I do understand that some jobs can be very stressful - i think what may add to some of the stress is being in a customer service job.

Cara said...

i would say a new wardrobe.

Also... I get stressed with certain things and freak out, but usually it has to be a LOT going on for me to be stressed out. Usually I am the most stressed out when I am in transistion and don't have a plan. But when I was working 2 jobs, going to college, and keeping a relate with the boyfriend I was fine for the most part. But screw my schedule up and I go crazy. hahah.

Vanessa said...

Something like stress is not so cut and dry that you can assume people are "making it up". Kudos to you for getting through life stress free, but for some people that's just not the case. I don't work 60 hours a week and have dependents, but I still have stress. It's different for everybody.

whats the skinny said...

k-i just found you. can't help but notice those arms. hello?

you rock!

Jen said...

Ah, what wouldn't I buy??? Right now, a new vehicle...I want one badly!!

I THRIVE on stress...I actually like the feeling of stress because I find I work better when I have more than one thing to do (I think we talked about this before)...I get mad when my husband says "I don't want to deal with that now" or "can we not talk about money right now I am too stressed out"...he works 8-4:30, takes the bus to work (so he's gone 7-5:30) and then comes home and goes on the the time he gets home I have been to work (7-4), worked out, started supper and usually started laundry or something...argh!

Angie All The Way said...

Success in life in general is all about managing stress and putting things in perspective. Some people have never had life events happen to them to allow them to put "not so major things" into perspective with major things. I have built a resiliance to day to day pressures of my job and even major stresses in my life purely because I have been exposed to life pressures my entire life and it's a sink or swim situation with stress. I saw what it can do to people who let it rule their life and I decided very early on I wasn't letting that happen.

Kate said...

I do have some stress issues, but mainly they are caused by other people ha ha. And now that I live alone (without a roommate), it's amazing the lack of stress I have. Plus, I find going to the gym works wonders for me.