Wednesday, March 5, 2008

thesis good, food not good

So I'm having a really good day thesis wise. My work has allowed me a lot of down time so in the last couple days I've managed to get it completely good copy. Just need to write the dedication and it's to committee! woo hoo!

However, I am currently stuffed and feel like I packed a bit of bad food for the day. breakfast was good, Kashi cereal. morning snack was berries and cool whip. It's been in my fridge for awhile so I thought I should get eating it. Not terrible nutrition wise. And very treat like. So not horrible. But then lunch here I just had leftover veggies and a pork chop. Full meal. But felt the need to finish it with 250 calories of greek yogurt. Ok so now we see why I can't buy that stuff any more. So really not TERRIBLE. Just feels very indulgent for being eaten by 12:30. Rest of the afternoon should be alright. Just carrots an apple and a cheese string left so won't be more than that. Supper's gonna be chicken strips (breaded with bran, sneaky health trick) and maybe some potato wedges and carrots.

Goal for today - no dessert! Easy peasy. Don't want to be too stuffed for step class. After class it's a glass of milk or nothing.

So at the gym yesterday I did some serious intervals on the treadmill since I only had 12 minutes on it. Then some more half assed intervals on the bike. I feel weird training for the bike part of my race. You don't need to be in shape to bike. You can pedal pedal coast the whole thing. Plus I don't know how to "train" on a bike. So I just have been floundering between high tension and fast speed. I think what I should be working on is maybe endurance since I have to run after the bike and don't want my legs all useless.

I also saw a poster for a triathlon this weekend that's just a beginner indoor one using exercise bikes not real bikes. Also the transitions aren't timed so you can actually dry off and change in between. That would be cool. However I found out like 4 days before the race, and I already made plans to go home (hubby's got a hockey tournament back home and wives are scrapbooking). So I was sort of choked about that. But I think I'll still be fine for mine in June.

Anyway, I ate up most of my lunch watching Colbert so back to work time!


Cara said...

I am planning on going to a step class as well tonight! As long as a certain meeting doesn't get in the way.

Jenn said...

Congrats on all of the great thesis work. You are going to be so happy when you are done with all of that!
Veggies and a pork chop isn't too bad for lunch. I've never had that greek yogurt everyone raves over. I think I'm not going to try it because I don't want to get addicted too!!!

Do you ever have a hard time going to workout after eating a full dinner? Even if I wait two hours after dinner I still have a hard time working out. I just feel super full - almost to the point where I want to get sick but not quite that bad. Yuck!

MizFit said...

checking in on you?

did you do class?

hit your goal of no dessert?

remember to have a good snack after class anyway to replensih yer stores and keep that metabolism going?

your glass of milk? PERFECT.


MizFit said...

yes I meant REPLENISH.


Sara said...

The bike for me will be the hardest. I can do the distance (have biked 50k before) but it is doing the distance in a reasonable time and on a Mtn bike!!!

I do lots of hills and lots of flats in my training for it and just push myself really hard to keep my RPM up. Now transferring that outside, I'm not so sure since I'm not really all that comfortable going fast.

Anyways - agreed that it is hard to train for!!

You can do a Mock Tri!! My training partner and I are doing one next weekend. We are going for a tour and then getting a free day pass at the Y here so we are doing half the distances and testing it out. Find a Y in your area or whatever and do one too!