Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Suzanna, don't you cry for me.....

Yes I often just turn sounds into the beginning of songs. You should have heard me after class on Monday when I started a song nobody has ever heard of except me ("I'm so 'appy, living in a sock drawer, a sock drawer." from a Robert Muench cartoon. )

So food-wise, things are back to normal. Except that there are cookies on my cupboard that call to me after meals. Yesterday I didn't eat until 8:00, way late for me, because hubby thawed the chicken, but didn't proceed to follow the rest of the directions I'd so nicely written on the bag. Oh well. It was lemon pepper chicken that was completely amazing. I'll do a big recipe post this weekend maybe. anyway, and a lettuce and veggie salad. Filled me up nicely if I could have waited 10 seconds. But had a small bowl of yogurt with flax seeds for "dessert". Good, healthy. get the calcium. But then I also ate 3 cookies and made my tummy hurt. dumb dumb dumb. Gotta remember that. you feel worse after eating them. (not because I'm a bad cook, they're really good. but my tummy had enough!)

Workout yesterday was fairly intense, but very short. 30 minutes of pretty high intensity cardio. the end. 15 on the bike (I could totally feel the burn in the legs, now that's the part of the tri I'm most scared of. it keeps changing) then jumped on the treadmill for 15 minutes of HIIT. Dude, I can run fast when I know it's only 15 minutes! I gotta start working up the overall time though. I just get bored, I had no music yesterday. Plus i keep doing the high intensity stuff because then I can get out of there faster, plus I heard it's the best way to blast fat (which is the real goal honestly behind this whole tri). But there is still a need for general endurance for this thing.

Ate some muesli for breakfast. I bought it from a bulk bin at the grocery store. Good, lots of fruit chunks which tricks myself into thinking it's dessert. I put a tiny bit of milk on and soaked it overnight. Then added more milk this morning. It was good, just sort of too flour-y. not chunky enough. when this is done I'll make homemade. I think this will be good in a baked oatmeal kind of thing. Plus if anybody has any awesome recipes for how they eat it let me know!

I also made quinoa last night (yes Cara you were right). It was alright. I think i needed a bit more water, it was sorta tough still. But I threw in some spices and stuff and it was good. Nothing fancy, but a perfect sub in for rice. Hubby didn't try it since he doesn't like couscous and figured this was the same. whatever.

Lunch today is leftover whole wheat crust chicken pizza (1 small thin slice, according to package ~170 calories). 1 minibagel with laughing cow light. apple. had some grapes already this am. also packed some carrots and baba ganouch and a kiwi and almonds.

But this afternoon there will be cake served for a dude's birthday. I may miss cake because of my eye appt and glasses buying, but if not I'll just have a small piece and skip the rest of afternoon snack, preparing for a sugar crash by having supper early. But the more I think of it, I might not be back yet so that's alright. (I know I could not eat it even if I'm here. But our office is only like 6 people so it kind of really stands out when you don't partake.)

anyway, pretty much lunch time. work is sort of stupid so I'm avoiding it a bit. then appt at 1:30 and glasses shopping with sister afterwards. (leaning now towards 1 pair regular glasses, 1 pair prescription sunglasses. I always think I'll do contacts and sunglasses in the summer but I just can't get used to contacts, plus I always get infections. If I want to look pretty for special occasions or something I can do the contacts, or just go blind, my prescription is pretty mild)

Supper unfortunately wasn't thawed out yet so might be some kind of smokies or tuna or something quick. We'll see. Then class tonight.

eating time!


Amuldoon said...

My claim to fame: Robery Munch used to shop at the pet store I worked at. He used to buy crickets for his tree frog!

Jen said...

ugh, I hate when you eat a little too much and would have been fine had you only listened to your stomach...(that was quite the run on sentence!)

I kind of forgot everything else...good job on the healthy snacks...I find it hard to avoid the cake here's a small operation with a LOT of food pushers!!!

Cara said...

Tell her husband it won't hurt to try new things! haha. JK.

how did you make it? I made mine in a rice maker, with the same measurements as white rice. It was definitely crunchy when I ate it though, but not hard. hmm.

Good luck staying on track with the eating and awesome job on getting the workouts in!!

You make me happy.

MizFit said...

did the cake call your name or did you resist?

I hate when my snickers bars get uber chatty :)
happens all the time here.

Inquiring minds and all,


Angie All The Way said...

If I could master that after supper snacking I'd never complain again I swear.

BTW I just learned that it's pointless to eat flax seeds whole - they don't break down in digestion, so you have to eat it ground up to get the benefits:

Nothing worse than making a healthy choice and not getting "credit" for it in your body!